Sunday, December 13, 2009


Now if y'all think it was easy to get our ole leg this high up in the air, think again hunnies! Let's just say that Miss Vero is not as limber as we used to be. Of course, y'all will notice that we are wearing a pair of Bonanno Sandals even though it was snowing in Vegas! Yes, snowing! Honestly we didn't mind cooling off a bit and getting to see some of our famous friends in FABULOUS Las Vegas. Y'all know that any town that describes itself as "fabulous" is our kinda place.

So we've had a couple days to get adjusted to the other "V" town- Vero and we can tell y'all that there's nothing like leaving here to put all the pettiness of local politics in perspective. As y'all can probably guess, Miss Vero has a little somethin' to say about these matters and well, just click on over to to see for yourselves, it should be up shortly if it isn't already.

If politics isn't y'all's thing, perhaps a little shoppin' might be better. The day before we left on our little vacay, we spent some time with the lovely Miss Cathy at Bonanno Sandals. We were so happy to come back and find out that y'all can still get a custom pair in time for Christmas. Here's the details:

Order by December 21st for a Christmas Eve store delivery! Call 772-219-8008 or visit to place your order!

Of course Miss Vero would love another pair, but why don't y'all get some for yourselves? You have been good this year, right?


Sunday, December 6, 2009


...go to a little ole place called "Sin City", where Miss Vero's behavior is considered quite normal.

But don't worry hunnies, we'll be back real soon. Let us know how it goes for poor ole Charlie Wilson, we can't bear to watch the courtroom theatrics, contemplate the Chihuahua conspiracies or hear about Mr. Tom White's "heartburn" any longer. We thought Las Vegas would be a better place to get a dose of reality.


Friday, December 4, 2009


Wednesday evening's wine dinner at Undertow was the most fabulous dinner Miss Vero has had in all of this year. Honestly hunneys, it was fabulous! It doesn't hurt one little bit that the wine pairing was perfect, the service was paced accordingly, the setting was an intimate dinner party, the music created the perfect mood, the company was fun, interesting and fabulous, oh and the food - kids the food was the best we have ever seen in Vero. True, all true.

The Seller to Cellar guys - Bob and Bob from TV10 taped their show before the appetizers arrived. Miss Vero has to say that they are just the sweetest, most wonderful local TV stars that we've evah met!

Our good friend and Designer, Miss Holly Brennan was seated at Miss Vero's table. Her amazing husband, the internationally famous artist, is away doing a commission for the Kingdom of Qatar...

Funny and charming, our favorite architect Mr. Peter Jones was also in the mix...

Wine consultant Kelly Brown, Citrus Grillhouse GM Bob Moulder (enjoying some fine dining before he hits the ground runnin'!) and Howard Imber of the C. Donatiello Winery...

And our fabulous host... Miss Kitty Wagner! Thank you so much Miss Kitty for a wonderful, unforgettable evening! MWAH!!!! Miss Vero adores you.