Sunday, December 13, 2009


Now if y'all think it was easy to get our ole leg this high up in the air, think again hunnies! Let's just say that Miss Vero is not as limber as we used to be. Of course, y'all will notice that we are wearing a pair of Bonanno Sandals even though it was snowing in Vegas! Yes, snowing! Honestly we didn't mind cooling off a bit and getting to see some of our famous friends in FABULOUS Las Vegas. Y'all know that any town that describes itself as "fabulous" is our kinda place.

So we've had a couple days to get adjusted to the other "V" town- Vero and we can tell y'all that there's nothing like leaving here to put all the pettiness of local politics in perspective. As y'all can probably guess, Miss Vero has a little somethin' to say about these matters and well, just click on over to to see for yourselves, it should be up shortly if it isn't already.

If politics isn't y'all's thing, perhaps a little shoppin' might be better. The day before we left on our little vacay, we spent some time with the lovely Miss Cathy at Bonanno Sandals. We were so happy to come back and find out that y'all can still get a custom pair in time for Christmas. Here's the details:

Order by December 21st for a Christmas Eve store delivery! Call 772-219-8008 or visit to place your order!

Of course Miss Vero would love another pair, but why don't y'all get some for yourselves? You have been good this year, right?


Sunday, December 6, 2009


...go to a little ole place called "Sin City", where Miss Vero's behavior is considered quite normal.

But don't worry hunnies, we'll be back real soon. Let us know how it goes for poor ole Charlie Wilson, we can't bear to watch the courtroom theatrics, contemplate the Chihuahua conspiracies or hear about Mr. Tom White's "heartburn" any longer. We thought Las Vegas would be a better place to get a dose of reality.


Friday, December 4, 2009


Wednesday evening's wine dinner at Undertow was the most fabulous dinner Miss Vero has had in all of this year. Honestly hunneys, it was fabulous! It doesn't hurt one little bit that the wine pairing was perfect, the service was paced accordingly, the setting was an intimate dinner party, the music created the perfect mood, the company was fun, interesting and fabulous, oh and the food - kids the food was the best we have ever seen in Vero. True, all true.

The Seller to Cellar guys - Bob and Bob from TV10 taped their show before the appetizers arrived. Miss Vero has to say that they are just the sweetest, most wonderful local TV stars that we've evah met!

Our good friend and Designer, Miss Holly Brennan was seated at Miss Vero's table. Her amazing husband, the internationally famous artist, is away doing a commission for the Kingdom of Qatar...

Funny and charming, our favorite architect Mr. Peter Jones was also in the mix...

Wine consultant Kelly Brown, Citrus Grillhouse GM Bob Moulder (enjoying some fine dining before he hits the ground runnin'!) and Howard Imber of the C. Donatiello Winery...

And our fabulous host... Miss Kitty Wagner! Thank you so much Miss Kitty for a wonderful, unforgettable evening! MWAH!!!! Miss Vero adores you.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Bob Roth is going to shoot a
Cellar to Sellar episode during dinner!

This is it Hunnies, the wine event of the year! Intimate, exciting and not to be missed, if y'all have never been to one of Miss Kitty Wagner's wine dinners, y'all haven't lived. It's at Undertow, of course, the Epicenter of Cool! Miss Kitty has a serious following when it comes to these dinners and they fill up fast, so please call now, y'all do not want to miss this event.

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 at 6:00pm

Undertow restaurant and bar...

Welcomes you to a special Dinner featuring Rare and Limited Production Wines

Presented by Howard Ember of

C. Donatiello Winery

Pleased to Meet You

Passed Hors D’ouevres

C. Donatiello Heldsburg Ranches Chardonnay

Go Fish

Herb – Seared Wild King Salmon

Spinach and Shiitake Mushroom Sauté, Roasted Butternut Squash

Rhubarb Gastrique

C. Donatiello Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 2006

2750 cases

Duck Season

Crispy Chinese Five Spiced Duck Leg Confit

Spicy Chevre Polenta Cake, Baby Arugula Salad

Michigan Sour Cherry Coulis

Bradford Mountain Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel 2005

1950 cases

Where’s the Beef?

Classic Boef Borguignon

Roasted Root Vegetables, Classic Potato Gratin

Red Wine Jus

Bradford Mountain Grist Vineyard Syrah Dry Creek Valley 2005

500 cases

Just Desserts

Champagne Laced Lemon Thyme Sorbet

Fresh berries, Hazelnut Shortbread Cookie

Chocolate Truffles

Dessert Wine form the Chef’s Collection

$ 65 per person excluding tax and gratuity

Reservations Required please call 770 – 0977

Limit of 50 guests please

If y'all have any questions or trouble, Miss Vero will be happy to help y'all out, just send us an e mail and we will personally see to it that your reservation is guaranteed !

See y'all there!



What evah is Miss Vero up to? Well hunnies, y'all will just have to be patient because our next adventure is comin' soon...

... ooohhh and it's a big one kids!

Just like Christmas, y'all better watch out, cause we are makin' our naughty and nice list, so now's the time to start askin' yourselves - which list are y'all on?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Miss Vero is here hunnies! And not with any namby-pamby, can't spell an actors name correctly review, no! Miss Vero is here with 10 very good reasons why y'all should see The Vero Beach Theatre Guild's production of Cabaret.

#10. So we should never forget.
The history lesson of the time period, leading up to the Nazi reign in Germany and the human emotions - pride, fear, indifference, is a lesson that unfortunately needs to be reinforced and remembered. In a short interview with actor Greg Harris, he recounted how an elderly woman came up to him after the show sobbing, with her memories of that time resurrected. Yes, this production is that powerful.

#9. The lighting team of Cabaret.
Perfectly guides and shadows the actors, through gut emotions, nightclub hilarity and frequent venue changes in a seamless and vibrant way.

#8. Choreography and Costumes.
Broadway worthy, sharp, professional dance routines. Honestly, they are that good.
Costumes that make the dancers look comfortable through some difficult moves. Not to mention the integrity of the historical pieces and essential details.

#7. Miss Caitlin Harris.
Remarkable presentation when she belts out the highly emotional "Tomorrow Belongs to Me", first as an innocent Edelweiss Fraulein and later as a corrupted Third Reich recruit, the transformation is amazing.

#6. Mr. Greg Harris.
For his eleventh hour, save the day, step into the lead role of character Cliff Bradshaw without missing a beat. As Mr. Harris so humbly put it, "The show must go on".

#5. Mr. Robert Johnston.
Adorable and naughty, just the way we like 'em. Now we can't imagine any one else in the role as the Emcee. Joel Who? One day, when he is very famous and we tell folks that we saw him in a little ole play in Vero Beach, no one will believe us. We are sorry we didn't get his autograph, because this boy is going places.

#4. Miss Danielle Ferretti.
Lucky for Vero Beach that Miss Ferretti's marriage moved her here. Otherwise hunnies, you'd have to go to New York or Las Vegas to see her incredible talent. Lucky for us indeed. When she sang the title song we got a little teary eyed and swore she was channeling Miss Liza, until we recognized her own voice in the number. She brings a welcomed freshness to a familiar character.

#3. The Meet and Greet.
One of our favorite things about a Vero Beach Theatre Guild presentation is that on your way out, y'all get to meet and greet the entire cast and thank them for their hard work! This is what reminded us that it's community theater, because the quality of the production made us forget.

#2. Mr. Mark Wygonik.
For bringing an adult play to this timid little town, must we elaborate? Really, must we?

And the #1 reason to go see Cabaret? Because it will be performed during Thanksgiving weekend and if y'all need a great place to take the visitin' kin (or escape from them) this is the must do event of the week.

Tickets are still available, but hurry, call them now! 772-562-8300 or visit their website, because after the 29th, y'all will be kickin' yourselves for missin' it.

"I used to have a girlfriend
known as Elsie

With whom I shared
Four sordid rooms in Chelsea

She wasn't what you'd call
A blushing flower...
As a matter of fact
She rented by the hour.

The day she died the neighbors
came to snicker:
"Well, thats what comes
from to much pills and liquor."

But when I saw her laid out like a Queen
She was the happiest...corpse...
I'd ever seen.

I think of Elsie to this very day.
I'd remember how'd she turn to me and say:
"What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.

And as for me,
I made up my mind back in Chelsea,
When I go, I'm going like Elsie."

The Tao of Miss Vero, wouldn't y'all say?


Monday, November 16, 2009


Check in with Miss Vero's facebook and myspace pages to see our snapshots from Saturday!


Friday, November 13, 2009


Well at least at the new GreenHouse Cafe. The crowd was estimated at over 500 folks and with an open bar and free fabulous food, y'all know Miss Vero was in attendance! One of the more interesting things on the American menu was the mashed potato pizza, a savory combination with onion and rosemary. We did manage to get a copy of the new menu and prices and we think y'all will be pleasantly pleased. Appetizers from $3.95 -Deep Fried Pickles! to $11.95 for Lobster Mac and Cheese. Entrees start out at $12.95 for old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie to $28.95 for a 16oz. Angus Rib eye. Looks good kids, plenty of open space, wonderful staff, full bar ( y'all know we like that) and beautiful courtyard. Oh, and gracious hosts and owners who obviously know how to throw a party. Congratulations Olske Forbes and partners, on a wonderful addition to downtown!

Miss Bea Gardner had the best quip of the evening when she observed that it would be nice to get this many people out to vote in local elections. Local politicians on the scene included the ever present County Commissioner and Mrs. Peter O'Bryan (who we now believe can give Miss Vero a run for the money in party attendance) and Mayor Kevin Sawnick. Y'all know Kevin Sawnick, right?

He's the mayor of Vero Beach. Perhaps we should call Mr. Sabe Abell and remind him of that fact. Here's his phone number - 772-978-4700 office, or 772-231-2258 at home. Miss Vero wants everyone to read "The Political Junkie" and then call Sabe Abell. Call Now, he would love to hear from y'all, call and tell him that Mr. Kevin Sawnick is the mayor because apparently he didn't get the memo and it's always good to help our elected officials, especially when they forget who they work for. Oh wait, who does he work for?


Newly elected City Councilman Wilson has been served with a time and money wasting, court cloggin', somebody got a burr in their britches, lawsuit. Why? Because good Ole Charlie Wilson has the potential to uncover some dirty deeds at City Hall and a few folks are just not havin' that. Notice how the City of Vero Beach ( has NOT updated their website with a new picture of the city council? Apparently the photos they took on swearin' in day were for posterity. Mr. Tom White and Mr. Sabe Abell need to stop their childish behavior now! This is about a transfer of power all right and not the power plant. And just so y'all know, Mr. Ken Daige has informed Miss Vero that he is in no way a part of this suit. Let's face it folks, the status quo has got to go!


The big guns were out and about Wednesday when State Road 60 was dedicated and renamed "The Stan Mayfield Memorial Highway". Y'all couldn't swing a cat and not hit a major Florida politician. Noticeably absent, Mr. Gary Wheeler, the lone dissenting vote on the proposal to rename the highway. Funniest faux pas? When big ole Bob Solari sat in Mrs. Mayfield's front row reserved seat. Musta been the glare of that mouth metal, blinded his sight for a minute. Are those braces or a jaw wirin' to lose weight? Just wonderin'. These are the thoughts that pass through our gin soaked brain, should we say them out loud? Let's face it hunnies, y'all wouldn't be here if we didn't.

In all seriousness, Mrs Mayfield was very dignified and lovely and it was heart wrenching to learn that it was her late husbands birthday that day. We can't tell y'all how much we actually do appreciate that road, every time we are driving to the turnpike, over to Tampa and especially comin' in to town late at night from one of our many road trips. Learning that the project came in five years ahead of schedule and the genuine emotions displayed at that ceremony melted Miss Vero's heart and we have cottoned to this issue, so let's give credit where credit is due and appreciate Mr. Mayfield for a job well done.

Did y'all see the video on and read the article of our Congressman, Mr. Bill Posey touring homes in Vero with Chinese Drywall?

"Rep. Posey said that not much has been done on the various government levels since complaints started pouring in regarding the material..."There's so much unknown," the congressman said....Rep. Posey said that President Barack Obama would be traveling to China soon and is expected to discuss the drywall issue with officials there.... What might come out of that discussion remains to be..."It leaves us with a lot of balls up in the air," the congressman said."

Let's just say if Miss Vero lived in a house with Chinese Drywall and Mr. Posey came a callin' and had so little to say about how to remedy this situation... Hunnies, y'all know we would have lured him into a closet with the promise of an Obama Kenyan birth certificate and kept him captive until he could come up with a decent answer. Pussyfootin' around award to you Mr. Posey, now get to work on a real issue and give these folks some peace of mind.

Who can turn a restaurant review into a political rant and make you laugh along the way? Only Miss Vero kids. Remember keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy the ride!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Miss Vero has had a special request to give y'all an update on what's happening this week. So, if y'all are ready to keep up here's the rundown:

Tonight, Wednesday November 11th, an opening party for a new downtown restaurant, The Green House Cafe. Just across the street from the main post office, from 5:30 - 7:30. Check out this website for more details. Actually just check out this website anyway, it's very clean and cool and we like that.

Thursday, November 12th, again from 5:30 - 7:30 at Ti Amo Sempre 1517 S. Ocean Drive,Vero Venture Networking (formerly Martini Network), bar-hopping with a purpose, no cover, no membership, no fees...Just Networking. We hear that last month's meeting was a success and we think this group may be fun, after all, we have to love an organization that gives a purpose to "bar-hopping".

Friday, November, 13th (FRIDAY THE 13TH!!??), oh well, not to be one who is superstitious, we are looking forward to the "Fest-of-Ale and Fine Cuisine" and the 6th annual Firefighter's Chili Cookoff, Saturday, November 14th, at Pointe West. Click here for all the details:

Also Saturday, November 14th, at Holman Stadium there's sumthin called the "Celebrity vs. Government" softball game. Details have been sketchy on this event, but it might be worth it to see a few ole boys, like Rhett Palmer and Mr. Joe Baird running around the bases or chasin' a foul ball. Here's what we know:

Now of course, y'all know Miss Vero saves the best for last. Saturday night, 7pm, if y'all would like to attend one of the most FABULOUS shows in all of Vero here's the scoop. There will be a special dinner and show with Miss Kelli Randell, Ruler of all Fabulocity and Drag Queen Extrodinare! And if y'all would like to get in on the fun, not to mention some amazing food, call this number, ask for Curt at Culinary Capers and tell him Miss Vero sent you. (772) 562-9194.

Go 'head call, we dare ya. Be real brave and ask to sit our table.

P. S. Hunnies, y'all know we got us a new camera. Comin' soon, pictures of all, some or maybe a few of the above events, depending on our alkeehaul intake and gin soaked brain remembering to bring along said camera.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


At the City of Vero Beach 90th anniversary celebration, back in October, Miss Vero took a total of two pictures before our little camera conked out. The first photo, which y'all have already seen, was of a man and his possum. And the other photo? Well, take a look, it's Brian and his magic shirt!

We had all but forgotten about this picture until we saw Mr. Heady's smiling, winning photo in the today and there he is, wearing another magic shirt! Those patriotic polos have apparently done wonders for his political career. Congratulations, Mr. Heady and don't change your wardrobe.

Now, Miss Vero has to ask - "Ya kin afford to buy her, but kin ya afford to keep her?" That was a question put to us by our uncle Bubba, when as a youngin, we saved up some money and purchased a pony that was destined for the glue factory. That was a very valuable lesson. Sometimes we can afford to buy something, but don't understand what the real cost is over time. So our question is - Did Mr. Heady work all his magic on gettin' elected and does he have enough magic left for the work ahead? I guess we'll find out.

Of course, y'all may have seen the first photo of City Councilman elect Mr. Charlie Wilson and his proud mama at What-A-Tavern last night. Mr. Wilson had a gathering of supporters, including County Commissioner, Mr. Wesley Davis and Vero paparazzi!

Mr. Wilson was genuinely concerned the entire evening, he never once felt that there was a sure outcome until the results were finally revealed (sarcasm alert!) by the magnificently efficient Kay Clem. As a testament to his good manners, Mr. Wilson's first comment to Miss Vero was "My heart goes out to Ken [Daige] right now". Indeed, that topic of conversation circled the room, as most of us had assumed that Mr. Daige would also be congratulated.

It is so unfortunate that the City of Vero Beach has not recognized the dedication and hard work that Mr. Daige would have brought to the city council. We know that Mr. Daige's time away from the council (and new perspective from the outside lookin' in, attending all those meetings as a concerned citizen) gave him a unique understanding that would have been quite a change from his previous position. We are convinced that Mr. Daige learned quite a lot in the past year and could have made the city the beneficiary of his learnin' had he been given the opportunity to serve again. We also know that we will continue to see the Daige's out and about and caring passionately about Vero Beach. Ken and Deborah Daige will continue to be involved in the issues of the city, Downtown, Osceola Park and the historic elements of the community, and for that, we thank them.

Now y'all will have to excuse us. Miss Vero must concentrate on more important issues, like beauty, fashion and liquid libations.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Miss Vero publishes the first picture of newly elected City Council Candidate, Mr. Charlie Wilson, with his proud Mama!

Vero media paparazzi clamorin' for Mr. Wilson's attention!

Now y'all check back tomorrow, when our gin soaked brain has fully grasped the reality of Mr. Brian Heady comin' in second, but y'all told us that didn'tcha? Just take a look at our little poll, pretty accurate huh?

Gotta go find some aspirin and mater juice...


Monday, November 2, 2009


Since tomorrow is our local election day, let's catch up with the candidates for Vero Beach City Council, shall we kids? Now y'all know that Miss Vero is just bein' generous with an opinion and in no way assumes to "Power Rank" those running for office. We like to think that with all the brouhaha about the utilities issues, that a certain blogger used the term "power" to be clever, but we've nevah seen any previous signs of cleverness to indicate that. Oh, and by the way, thank y'all very much, if that writer was not being clever, then who in the heck gave y'all the power to bestow on anyone, huh? So there, glad we've straightened that out.

Once again, Miss Vero will state the obvious, as our opinion hasn't changed since our post of September 25th, when we asked - Who will be "Vero's Hero's"?

Mr. Bill Fish and Miss Debra Fromang - Unfortunate incumbents that have had their opportunity to lead, follow, or get out of the way. Seems like they chose to follow and now, it's time to get out of the way. Sorry, but listening to both of them at many gatherings over the last few months, only reinforced our thinkin' that they were just coasting along on the Tom White/Jim Gabbard Circus Train.

Ya'll see that's the problem right? See Miss Vero has a hunch - a very unsubstantiated, we don't know nuthin from nuthin hunch, so let's be clear on that-that there's somebody drivin' the train and mostly the City Council goes along for the ride.

That is why Mr. Charlie Wilson has been challenged. He would be a very pesky thorn in Mr. White's and Mr. Gabbard's side. He has the dangerous combination of competency and tenacity to change the direction of the council and confront the powers that be.

As for Mr. Ken Daige, he brings a tremendous amount of sincerity to the job. He's focused on the historic value and small business concerns of the community. Say whatever y'all want about Mr. Daige, but we do know this - Mr. Daige and his family genuinely love Vero Beach and his commitment should never be in question. We admire the way he has taken the time to answer every comment and criticism. With his military background, Mr. Daige would be the perfect army of one to back up an forceful leader and lovable loudmouth like Wilson.

As for Mr. Shupe and Miss Viviano, we don't like to repeat ourselves, but we must. The issues facing the city are too severe and historic to allow for time to catch up. They both seem like real nice folks, bless their hearts, but we do not have the luxury of more time to study things or form committees for review. And to be real honest, we think Miss Viviano is too sweet and will be chewed up and spit out faster than y'all can say "Good Ole Boys".

And finally Mr. Brian Heady. What can we say?, we really like Mr. Heady. It's unfortunate that he isn't able to affect the change he desires. Perhaps City Council is not the place for Mr. Heady, perhaps Mr. Heady would be better off forming some sort of citizens concern group and challenge City Hall that way. Mr. Heady can form the "sandbag party" or sumthin, Lawd knows he has his own group of followers. Heck, it works for Mr. Toby Hill and those teabag folks, it can work for Mr. Heady.

Miss Vero endorses Mr. Wilson and Mr. Daige for Vero Beach City Council. Now y'all go make up your own mind and vote, cause that's the important thing really, we all have a choice.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is a book.

A real honest to goodness book you can buy on Amazon, In fact y'all can just click over on the right side of the Beach House here and there's a little box to make it all easier. Now why would Miss Vero advertise a book? Well, if y'all know anything about us at all, y'all know we love our Florida collectible what-nots and dew-hickeys and touristy pre-disney memorabilia. We love to remember Florida in the days of old and this book cover just caught our eye. Just look at those happy folks frolickin' on the pristine beach!

Now, we know that Florida will never be the same as it was in that time and things sure do have to change and progress and keep up, but one thing that has NEVAH changed is that somebody's always willin' to do sumthin STOOPID just to make a little money. Only, maybe these days it's not a just a little money, maybe it's a whole pile o'money.

With that in mind, let's play a little game we like to call "Connect the internet dots"!

For those of y'all that don't want to play, just skip to the summary at the end, but seriously, unless y'all have a party goin' on, what's more important than gettin' a little education?

Now, why are we havin' to read about Florida things in the Chicago Tribune? They posted this story about potential oil drilling offa Florida's coasts:,0,364955.story

And why is our little munchkin, happy-birthday-post-card-sendin', State Senator Mike Harridopoulus (District 26, that's west of the barrier island, so some of y'all can go head and stop reading now) wanting to support this drillin' business?:

Even that-guy-who-used-to-be-funny-but-lost-his-fool-mind-when-he-started-playin-golf-at-Quail-Valley noticed:

But wait! Let's not let those of us on the barrier island be forgotten. Please congratulate our new State Senator, Joe Negon, he got his first assignment!:

"Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, R-Miami, will take King's place leading the communications, energy and public utilities committee. His wife Claudia Diaz de la Portilla lobbies for many clients including the telecommunications industry and Florida Energy Associates, the group pushing for oil drilling. Negron, who won the seat formerly held by Ken Pruitt, also will serve on the energy committee."

Ah yes, Florida Energy Associates, who they y'all ask?:

And why didn't we hear more about the reason President Obama was in, of all places, Arcadia, Florida this week?:

"Florida Power & Light, the state's largest electric utility, won a $200 million grant and will install 2.6 million smart meters in homes across the state. The units enable homeowners to monitor their electricity use online by the hour, day, week or month."

"The [Obama] administration's announcement of 100 projects across the country that won federal money to help modernize the power grid comes at a pivotal time for Florida. The state's 11 percent unemployment rate is the highest since 1975, and it has lost nearly 170,000 jobs since February."

"This is what the stimulus money was intended to do: Create jobs and improve the nation's infrastructure."

"As the nation focuses on renewable energy, an army of lobbyists and consultants hired by a secretive oil-drilling group are joining with incoming legislative leaders to push for lifting the ban on drilling in state waters in the gulf."

Read the full article from "The Best Newspaper in Florida" and we tend to agree:

And Gubna Charlie didn't have a clue?

Y'all know this is the Sunshine State right? So, why oh Lawd, why are we even talkin' about drillin' for oil off the Florida Coast? Who's puttin' money in who's pockets, hunnies?

And don't that just get y'all to start thinkin' about our local energy sit-che-ation? Honestly kids, why hasn't anyone asked the big question in our own back yard? If a big contract was made quickly with a utilities provider, that would not be in the best interest of the City of Vero Beach, who do y'all think benefited the most?

Would it be ?

A. The City Manager who presented the deal
B. The Ex-Mayor currently on City Council who OK'd the deal
C. Or...?

Cause y'all know this deal like any other energy/politician deal has one thing in common - somebody benefits, and it ain't us kids.

Miss Vero has been interested in this issue and we decide to take a look at the redacted (that means parts that they don't want y'all to read are blacked out) contract. We find it interesting that there's a part that says that a committee should be formed with the OUC at a later date and that perhaps someone like, oh, we don't know, a person involved in the contract negotiation could get a position on that committee, for a yet to be determined sum. A pile o'money sum that might be a whole heck of lot more than a City Council or City Managers salary.

Now, of course, Miss Vero don't know nuthin from nuthin and is pure speculating before our morning bloody mary, which can be dangerous. Perhaps we are some sort of alkehaul savant and can see things picture perfect before the first round, y'all decide, OK?

As we promised - THE SUMMARY:

Florida is the Sunshine State, we should harvest our obvious sunshine and not our perhaps oil underwater.

Gubna Charlie hugged Mr. Obama when he received his "Stimulus Package" but was no where to be found when Mr. Obama came around for a second date.

Politicians take y'all's money when ya ain't lookin (and anybody else that'll give 'em any).

The City of Vero Beach City Council, or maybe just a few specific individuals, are up to some serious shenanigans

Vote the incumbents out of office and start askin' questions.

Fix a martini and order a book to soothe our nerves, been thinkin' too much lately.

OK, that last suggestion was for us.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


Leave it to Miss Vero to get one picture before the camera breaks. A fella with his pet possum! Yup, that's about right. To see more fabulous photos of folks and read all about the festivities, check out our big time society friend Miss Mary Schenkel's article at


P.S. Charlie hunney, yes, we stole y'all's joke, but since we made it better, it's ours now!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


...just another day in Vero.

It's official, the heat has melted our brain and no amount of any cool libation is makin' us any happier. Miss Vero did beat the heat at the fabulous Majestic theater this week. What did we see? Zombieland with Woody Harrelson and Mr. Michael Moore's, Capitalism, a Love Story. One made us laugh hysterically and the other one scared the beejeebees out of us!
Now here's what we want all of y'all nayayers to do. Before we hear one word of criticism concerning Mr. Moore's movie, please have the gumption to actually see it first before you make any snide remarks. Miss Vero promises, that if you pay attention, you will come out of that film a little wiser.

Now on to local politics, yesterday was the big day for City Council candidates. Miss Vero has already told y'all what we think about these folks in our "Vero's Hero's" blog (Sept. 25th). The only thing that's changed is that Brian Heady is actually picking up some steam in the race. No matter, we stick to our original prediction and wonder, how anyone can think that Mrs. Fromang should be reelected. Especially anyone who comes in late and leaves early, as some other bloggers do. Does that mean he only gets half the story?

And speaking of coming in late and leaving early, doesn't this election deserve the attention of our County Commissioners and the seated City Council members? Musta been an all y'all can eat early bird special, cause ole Wesley Davis headed out the door with an hour to go. Mr. Gary Wheeler attended the taxpayers luncheon, but also headed out early and Mr. Flescher was not seen at either event. Perhaps he attended, we just didn't see him. Anybody catch a glimpse of Vice Mayor Tom White? Mr. Solari and Mr. O'Bryan get a check mark for attendance. We don't know about y'all, but we like our elected officials to be present at these type of events, takin' notes and at least pretendin' to be interested. Call us crazy, but we think it's their job.

Funny, but with all the local media hype about stormin' City Hall over utilities, we thought there would be a heck of a lot more folks at both events. Have we all turned into political zombies? Yesirree, Mr. Moore's movie makes a whole lot a sense.

Perhaps the weather will cool off just a little bit for the 90th anniversary festivities tomorrow. We'll be looking for y'all downtown, there's a new place ironically named "Snowballs" where we plan to try out some Cajun food (and perhaps a snowball, if they have martini flavored).

The party starts tomorrow evening at 5:30, click HERE for all the details.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Citizens of Vero Beach! Step away from the hypnotic air coolin' device that has y'all ransomed and come listen to your City Council candidates. Two, yes two opportunities to meet all the candidates. But hurry, this offer is for one day only at the following locations -

The Taxpayers Association of Indian River County
Wednesday October 14 at the THE CLUBHOUSE BAR & GRILL - 4000 Atlantic Blvd., Vero Beach. Speaker: City of Vero Beach Council Candidates
No Reservations - Open to Public.MENU:
Your choice of a hot or cold lunch. COST: - $10 - Members; $15 Non-Members / Guests

And in the evening -

The Indian River Tea Party, in conjunction with the Vero Beach High School Government classes, will be hosting a Vero Beach City Council Candidate Forum on Wednesday, October 14 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. The event, which is free and open to the public, will be held in the VBHS Performing Arts Center, 1707 16th Street, Vero Beach.

Seating capacity in the auditorium is 1000, so there will be plenty of seats for everyone and reservations are not required.

All seven of the City Council candidates have accepted invitations to participate in the forum, which will be moderated by a representative of the Indian River Tea Party.

After introductions, the moderator will ask the same question of each candidate. Each candidate will then have an opportunity to ask another candidate a question.

Only three short weeks till election day!


Thursday, October 8, 2009


Lot's startin' to happen these days, even though the unbearable October heatwave won't quit. With three events in one night, it almost looks like season!

Tonight -

Join Richard Coulter owner of


1865 14th Avenue in Downtown Vero Beach

Thursday October 8th

6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Bring your questions to the candidate

Refreshments will be served





And also at the Pearl -

It's all about connection, and FUN!.
On the 2nd Thursday of each month, join us at one of our wonderful Vero Beach "hot-spots.

This month: PEARL
Featured Martini, well drinks, house wine and draft beers 2-for-1.
Chef's choice appetizers.
No Cover, No fee, No Membership...Just Networking!

Bring a door prize and make an impact.
50-50 drawing.

October 8 event only:
Raffle for 2 tickets(value, $300) to the upcoming March of Dimes Signature Chef Auction. $25 per chance

And of course, there's the wine tasting at the Vero Beach Museum of Art, click here for details.

Perhaps Miss Vero will see y'all around tonight!



Oh, wait! FOUR events tonight -

Announcing the return of Splash!

When: Thursday October 8th 2009 5:00 PM - 9:00PM

Splash Description: Remember when you and your loved one, wanted to enjoy an early evening out! Ladies wanted a night out and something fun to enjoy! Dinning was an experience all its own! WOW! The Sight, Taste, Smell & Sound of SPLASH! The awakening of romance and old world charm! Join us for SPLASH @ Costa d’ Este...........You will have a Ball! Fashion show by BEDAZZLED!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009


Plenty o'staycation pics over at Miss Vero's Facebook. Just remember, we've never claimed to be a photographer...

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Miss Vero is swelterin' hunnies, it's 85 degrees with a heat index that makes it feel 91. Forecast for this week - highs of 93 degrees and an extra dose of humidity. Oh, and by the way y'all, it's October. So here we are in the "dog days" of Autumn, not wanting to celebrate Hot-oberfest, a little "staycation" might just be the remedy. After all, it's not quite season, rates are low and the beach area is at it's slowest. Vero Hotel and Spa would just be the answer to our problem and guess who got invited to go along for the ride?

"RIDE???!!!" Who said ride???!!! I heard RIDE!!!!!!!

Pardon my rude outburst, my instincts seem to get the better of me. An introduction is in order, my name is Pupmander Maximillion Moet Pomadour, or, as I am know to my intimate acquaintances, Pup-Pup. Miss Vero has been kind enough to let me have the use of her computer in order to tell my story to her loyal readers. However, I must admit, this has been an arduous labor, taking days to snout out the keyboard, for alas, I am not in possession of opposable thumbs.

A few years ago, I found myself unfortunately incarcerated for what I believed to be youthful indiscretions and a series of unfortunate misunderstandings. Not being able to secure the legal council of one, Mr. Robert Guttridge Esquire, (my financial resources being somewhat unavailable at the time, as my trust fund was far from the point of liquidity) I found myself at the mercy of a local, well, shall we say, "holding pen" with other canine individuals of regrettable circumstance.

It was there that the lovely Miss Vero saw my predicament and secured the necessary funding and documentation for my liberation. Her timing was impeccable, as the atmosphere of the institution had adverse effects on my personality. I had begun to call my self "Taylor" and screamed "Get your hands offa me, you damn dirty human!" each time I was forcibly escorted into the "yard". I was beginning to rally my fellow guarded brethren and had planned an escape, to be executed in two days time, having procured a tunnel and cleverly camouflaging it with a Beverly Hills Chihuahua poster.

Indeed, Miss Vero's fateful interception and subsequent treatment brought me back to my senses and returned me to the manner of living in which I had been accustomed. Over the past few years, we have traveled extensively together and Miss Vero has been adamant in providing me luxury accouterments of my own. Appreciative as I am, it has somewhat puzzled me, as to her insistence of not being able to share the furniture. I have come to accept this practice, as I believe she is somewhat territorial. Previously recognizing this characteristic in others, I find the best way to solve the issue is to let one "have their space".

On hearing that we would be traveling lightly, just a few blocks away in our neighborhood, I was overjoyed with the idea of fresh scents and new opportunities for sharing my distinguished marking patterns. I whole heartily jumped in our classic convertible and off we went!

We arrived in the late afternoon at the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa and after valeting our vehicle, were immediately greeted in the lobby by a lovely woman, Robin Miller, who directed us to easily accessible bowls of fresh spring water and treats. First impressions do count and how enchanting it was to be welcomed as if the American Express had a paw print instead of a signature!

Escorted to our suite on the 4th floor, I was again overwhelmed by the forethought and hospitality extended, as a bed my size and a gift basket of treats were waiting when we entered the well appointed and luxurious accommodations. I was left alone briefly in the evening, while Miss Vero attended a ritual I believe known as "Yappy Hour". I perused through my gift basket glancing over a welcome card that read - ""First things first, relax and let us take care of you. Second, Little Pup-Pup, jump on the bed and sit on the balcony and take in the fresh salt air! Enjoy!" - it was signed, Joanna Bayley, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Although tempted, my impeccable reputation as a good dog, left me unable to partake in the jumping ritual, but indeed, the balcony proved to be an endless source of entertainment and distraction.
Miss Vero found herself very comfortable with her own sumptuous bedding and the massive marbled room provided for business purposes seemed to hold many delights for her. My own business needs were satisfied on the long walk we enjoyed together that evening. Along Ocean Drive, we stopped to take a touristy photo by the Hotel entrance, she insists on these things and I humor her.

By morning, well refreshed and ready to bid Adieu to our hosts, I requested an audience with the pet Ambassador of the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa, a chap named Oliver. I recognized him immediately from across the lobby. He had the air of a well born individual, familiar with the taste of misfortune that I myself, had as well, experienced.
We conversed briefly knowing the pain of incarceration and the unspeakable humility of our shared past, finally commiserating and then rejoicing in our good fortune as the privileged pets we were destined to be. We spoke of politics, spirituality and Dogmanity. If only all the deserving, who are virtuous and unconditionally loving, could realize the existence we have! If only more humans could find it in their hearts and homes to adopt us...

We said our farewells and vowed to meet again...

I was reluctant to leave my new friend, until Miss Vero uttered the unspeakable....TREAT!
Yes, I buckled under her influence of the word! The mere suggestion reduced me to a slobbering beast! Off we went to an establishment called "Cravings", where, once again my base instincts overwhelmed my sense of reason and I caved upon the doggie delight presented to me!

My short term memory loss will be my undoing. Yet, I am truly content, indeed!

Well anyhoo y'all, as we were sayin, it was sweltering and we took our little dog to Vero Beach Hotel and Spa for a little rest and relaxation, but haven't had a chance to post much. Ever since we've been back, the darn dog has been yappin' and a whinin' for a coupla days now. Can't understand what he's yelpin' about, maybe he needs to go to the vet or somethin'. We'll check it out and let y'all know.

We did mention the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa, didn't we? They have the most fabulous happy hour from 4:30 - 6:30 with $3 appetizers and $5 martinis! Tom is the most wonderful bartender there. Oh!, and they are totally pet friendly and have great specials right now before season, just check out their facebook page for great local deals, right here.


Miss Vero

Friday, September 25, 2009


Who will be Vero's Heros? Who will save us from the villains of high electric, water and sewer rates? Who will rescue us from the threat of losing our beloved Royal Palm Pointe fountain? Who will dare mention the astronomical unemployment rate and the incredible increase in food stamp requests? Who will leap to meetings, but more importantly listen to the people of Vero Beach? Who will do it? Who will it be???!!!!!

Well Hunnies, so glad y'all asked ' cause Miss Vero is about to tell y'all.

For those that aren't payin' attention, let us be the first to remind y'all that there is a little ole city council election goin' be happening real soon. Now we know, y'all haven't had much time to get well acquainted with the candidates, so we're here to give y'all the run down.

There are two seats on the city council that seven people are hoping to get themselves situated in. We have a few words to say about that.

Regarding incumbent Debra Fromang and incumbent Bill Fish;
With the education and qualifications they both have, we expected some results. Lot's of "let's study this and Let's talk about that" and not enough action. Well, party's over, time's up, had a turn, can't recall a dang thing good y'all did, NEXT!

Regarding newcomer Jack Schupe and newcomer Susan Viviano;
Y'all seem like real nice folks, bless your hearts and we're sure you mean well and all, but politics in this town and especially in this county, will eat you alive! Run away now, while y'all still have a chance. The current issues in town are too urgent to provide y'all a learning curve.

To 14 times a charm, Brian Heady;
Run Brian, run! Again. And Again. Jack and Susan take note.

To good ole Charlie Wilson;
They keep knockin' him down and he still keeps getting up. Charlie's good for this town, good attitude, cares about the city and has the political chops to get things done. We just love it when he riles up the county commissioners, especial big ole Gary Wheeler - who happens to scare the beejeebees out of us. We can just imagine the steam coming out of Mr. Wheeler's head as he's talking to Charlie. It can only mean that Charlies hitting a nerve and getting to close to Mr. Wheeler's comfort zone. We also like the way Charlie deals with adversity, like pesky dinosaur newspaper men that write slanted opinions and folks who are just plain irritated with Charlie and call the State's Attorney to find out where he lives. Charlie's the kind of guy who likes a good challenge and the City of Vero Beach is exactly that.

To the perfectly qualified Ken Daige;
Y'all just have to respect a man that lost his seat at the city council, but remains loyal to the process and business of the city. Mr. Daige has attended every city council meeting and has paid close attention. As a former military man, we can see that he may have lost a battle but he is not willing to lose this war. He deeply cares about his home, Vero Beach. Ken and Deborah Daige are exemplary citizens of this community, have a wonderful family and are both dedicated to the local process of government. If there's any thing we can complain about, it's that he cares too much. No joking around here.

Oh, but don't take Miss Vero's word for any of this. Just sit through the wonderful videos provided by and we're sure y'all will come to the same conclusions. We'd love to hear what y'all think.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


*with apologies to Stephen Sondheim and especially Elaine Stritch.

Have y'all heard? The Economy has recovered so says our Federal Reserve Chairman, Mr. Bernanke. Oh really? Asks Miss Vero, well, oh well and nevahmind, we were planning on doing some shopping and lunching anyhow. Now Hunnies go on and mix yourselves a nice cool libation and get all sitch-e-ated 'cause Miss Vero has a whole heap of goodies for y'all today. Go on, we'll wait.

Y'all back yet? Good, now pay attention there's a whole heap of good info here today.

Aw'right now, for starters we've decided to name names and give up some propers to all of our lady friends who we love to lunch with. If y'all may have thought that you've seen Miss Vero out and about these days y'all may be right, because instead of lollin' about feeling bad about our lack of current cabbage, we have decided that the best thing to do is to stay connected with our friends and get out even more!

Y'all may have seen us sipping bloody marys at the Patio Restaurant with our society pal and Veronews contributor, Miss Mary Schenkel. Also in attendance the evah stylish and young Vero royal, Miss Charlotte Tripson. As we ordered another round, Chef Chuck Lamm stopped by our table and told us about the new Patio Express. Located directly next door, the flash in the pan gift shop reopened last Friday as a brand spakin' new 30 seat cafe. They are specializing in flatbread pizzas and sandwiches, take out and delivery -wow, we love havin' things brought to us!

Or perhaps y'all may have caught a glimpse of Miss Vero having a happy hour cocktail at Riverside with the hottest realtor in town. Whom may that be, y'all ask? Well, Miss Vero is pleased as punch to say we know talent when we see it and way back in May of last year we predicted that Miss Barbara Martino-Sliva was destined for big things and well, hunnies, we are right! Just google her or friend her facebook page and treat yourselves to the most fabulous inside Vero info. Nobody works harder or blogs better than Miss Barbara! Nobody, not even Miss Vero. Miss Barbara's Blogs are mighty significant, mark our words, just wait and see...

Have y'all been to Vero Beach Hotel and Spa recently? We have. Nevahmind their enormous facebook fan campaign with over 4,000 fans -and what is it with all these facebook obsessions, anyway? The big news is that since Kimpton has taken over they have made a point of getting all of us, who were not too enamored with the Indigo Room and the sporadic service, back in the fold. Well, we must say that their devious plot to win our heart has worked! We lunched recently with our good friend Miss Kitty Wagner, owner and Chef of Undertow and our recently returned from Paris pal, "Muse of the World". Service, food and cocktails were perfect and a little table side chat with Chef Matthew Dewey put our mind to rest that COBALT will be right on target for season. And we are so pleased to report that they may even have the best happy hour in town! $3 appetizers and $5 martinis - Get Out! Miss Vero loves, loves, loves that!

We've also had some out of town guests that we have sequestered there and they were very pleased with the accommodations. Now, not havin' personally spent the night we can't say too much about it, but hearin' that they will accommodate our little pet pup-pup, Miss Vero is strongly feelin the urge of a Staycation comin' on. We'll let y'all know.

Our ole pal, Muse, loves to shop and always points us in the direction of fabulous finds. After our lunch, we found ourselves in the cutest little cupcake shop on Cardinal called Frosting. Honestly, we contracted Diabetes on the spot. It was so sugary sweet, but in oh, such a a good way. Muse bought us the most scrumptious delish red velvet cupcake and it was put in a special box with a pink ribbon and we all could have died, 'cause we all felt like kids in a candy store. The selection of gifts and retro candy was so fun and fabulous, the only thing missing was Anthony Newly singing Candyman and showering us with Wonka Bars. No foolin' it's a magically little happy place and (of course) they have a facebook page with almost 600 fans! Ohhh...and Krispy Kreeme doughnuts too!!!!

Did we mention they make specialty cakes too? For weddings and such. And speaking of Weddings and such, how nice is it that Miss Deb Daley decided to celebrate her wedding this weekend with a singles sale at Decorative Arts? All single lamps, prints, pillows, chairs, garden stools and side tables will be 40% off! Thanks Deb, Congratulations and big MWAH! to you Hunney.

And finally in our shopaholic roundup, what could be better than a sale on handmade in Florida, never go out of style shoes? We're talkin' Bonanno's Sandals, of course and Miss Cathy Riggs, proprietor of said fabulous sandals, has just sent us an e-mail that the sale will be extended one more week. $20 off any instock or custom shoe. Miss Vero stopped in and bought 3 pairs!!! We just couldn't resist.

We have saved the most fun for last. Our dear friend Miss Karen Mechling of Pointe West, is competing in the Co-Host Idol contest on WGYL93.7 The Breeze. She sounds fabulous and we all need to send her our votes on the WGYL website, so y'all just stop reading now and vote for Karen.

Well that's it for today y'all and we think that's quite a bit. We are feeling extra generous this week so since today was a "Ladies day" perhaps next time we'll talk about some men folk. There's an local election and some gossip floatin' around and well, we'll see y'all soon.

Did we mention we have a facebook page?