Sunday, October 4, 2009


Miss Vero is swelterin' hunnies, it's 85 degrees with a heat index that makes it feel 91. Forecast for this week - highs of 93 degrees and an extra dose of humidity. Oh, and by the way y'all, it's October. So here we are in the "dog days" of Autumn, not wanting to celebrate Hot-oberfest, a little "staycation" might just be the remedy. After all, it's not quite season, rates are low and the beach area is at it's slowest. Vero Hotel and Spa would just be the answer to our problem and guess who got invited to go along for the ride?

"RIDE???!!!" Who said ride???!!! I heard RIDE!!!!!!!

Pardon my rude outburst, my instincts seem to get the better of me. An introduction is in order, my name is Pupmander Maximillion Moet Pomadour, or, as I am know to my intimate acquaintances, Pup-Pup. Miss Vero has been kind enough to let me have the use of her computer in order to tell my story to her loyal readers. However, I must admit, this has been an arduous labor, taking days to snout out the keyboard, for alas, I am not in possession of opposable thumbs.

A few years ago, I found myself unfortunately incarcerated for what I believed to be youthful indiscretions and a series of unfortunate misunderstandings. Not being able to secure the legal council of one, Mr. Robert Guttridge Esquire, (my financial resources being somewhat unavailable at the time, as my trust fund was far from the point of liquidity) I found myself at the mercy of a local, well, shall we say, "holding pen" with other canine individuals of regrettable circumstance.

It was there that the lovely Miss Vero saw my predicament and secured the necessary funding and documentation for my liberation. Her timing was impeccable, as the atmosphere of the institution had adverse effects on my personality. I had begun to call my self "Taylor" and screamed "Get your hands offa me, you damn dirty human!" each time I was forcibly escorted into the "yard". I was beginning to rally my fellow guarded brethren and had planned an escape, to be executed in two days time, having procured a tunnel and cleverly camouflaging it with a Beverly Hills Chihuahua poster.

Indeed, Miss Vero's fateful interception and subsequent treatment brought me back to my senses and returned me to the manner of living in which I had been accustomed. Over the past few years, we have traveled extensively together and Miss Vero has been adamant in providing me luxury accouterments of my own. Appreciative as I am, it has somewhat puzzled me, as to her insistence of not being able to share the furniture. I have come to accept this practice, as I believe she is somewhat territorial. Previously recognizing this characteristic in others, I find the best way to solve the issue is to let one "have their space".

On hearing that we would be traveling lightly, just a few blocks away in our neighborhood, I was overjoyed with the idea of fresh scents and new opportunities for sharing my distinguished marking patterns. I whole heartily jumped in our classic convertible and off we went!

We arrived in the late afternoon at the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa and after valeting our vehicle, were immediately greeted in the lobby by a lovely woman, Robin Miller, who directed us to easily accessible bowls of fresh spring water and treats. First impressions do count and how enchanting it was to be welcomed as if the American Express had a paw print instead of a signature!

Escorted to our suite on the 4th floor, I was again overwhelmed by the forethought and hospitality extended, as a bed my size and a gift basket of treats were waiting when we entered the well appointed and luxurious accommodations. I was left alone briefly in the evening, while Miss Vero attended a ritual I believe known as "Yappy Hour". I perused through my gift basket glancing over a welcome card that read - ""First things first, relax and let us take care of you. Second, Little Pup-Pup, jump on the bed and sit on the balcony and take in the fresh salt air! Enjoy!" - it was signed, Joanna Bayley, Director of Sales and Marketing.

Although tempted, my impeccable reputation as a good dog, left me unable to partake in the jumping ritual, but indeed, the balcony proved to be an endless source of entertainment and distraction.
Miss Vero found herself very comfortable with her own sumptuous bedding and the massive marbled room provided for business purposes seemed to hold many delights for her. My own business needs were satisfied on the long walk we enjoyed together that evening. Along Ocean Drive, we stopped to take a touristy photo by the Hotel entrance, she insists on these things and I humor her.

By morning, well refreshed and ready to bid Adieu to our hosts, I requested an audience with the pet Ambassador of the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa, a chap named Oliver. I recognized him immediately from across the lobby. He had the air of a well born individual, familiar with the taste of misfortune that I myself, had as well, experienced.
We conversed briefly knowing the pain of incarceration and the unspeakable humility of our shared past, finally commiserating and then rejoicing in our good fortune as the privileged pets we were destined to be. We spoke of politics, spirituality and Dogmanity. If only all the deserving, who are virtuous and unconditionally loving, could realize the existence we have! If only more humans could find it in their hearts and homes to adopt us...

We said our farewells and vowed to meet again...

I was reluctant to leave my new friend, until Miss Vero uttered the unspeakable....TREAT!
Yes, I buckled under her influence of the word! The mere suggestion reduced me to a slobbering beast! Off we went to an establishment called "Cravings", where, once again my base instincts overwhelmed my sense of reason and I caved upon the doggie delight presented to me!

My short term memory loss will be my undoing. Yet, I am truly content, indeed!

Well anyhoo y'all, as we were sayin, it was sweltering and we took our little dog to Vero Beach Hotel and Spa for a little rest and relaxation, but haven't had a chance to post much. Ever since we've been back, the darn dog has been yappin' and a whinin' for a coupla days now. Can't understand what he's yelpin' about, maybe he needs to go to the vet or somethin'. We'll check it out and let y'all know.

We did mention the Vero Beach Hotel and Spa, didn't we? They have the most fabulous happy hour from 4:30 - 6:30 with $3 appetizers and $5 martinis! Tom is the most wonderful bartender there. Oh!, and they are totally pet friendly and have great specials right now before season, just check out their facebook page for great local deals, right here.


Miss Vero


Countess du Roseland said...

I am compelled to agree with your dog. Yesterday Maximillion looked at me without saying a word. Though I cannot remember a single occurrence of Pomadour ala Pup-Pup saying anything, I continue to wait in anticipation for his input. I suspect that the first thing he will ask for an Alpo Martini and insist "I should be living with the Eskimos," and I will be duty-bound to agree with him. He should be living with the Eskimos as long as they are willing to relocate to Florida and handle your impressive social calendar.

Miss Vero said...

Ah Countess, so good to see y'all have returned safely from the Peru expedition! Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to comment at the Beach House. We adore you indeed!