Thursday, July 31, 2008


Can y'all guess where this is? We'll give y'all a hint there's a beautiful Walgreen's there now. Look familiar yet? It's the corner of 58th Ave and State Road 60. Really, take a look:

The idea that growth won't happen in Vero, Indian River County or Florida is ridiculous. Y'all can put your head in the sand, but what we're experiencing is history repeating itself.

"It was a time when almost anyone could get rich, and Florida land was one of the ways. If one didn’t have cash, credit was easy to obtain. Many who bought land in Florida never visited the state, but purchased property through ads. Forbes Magazine warned that Florida land prices were not based on anything solid such as the value of the land. All that was needed to price a parcel was someone willing to buy it. And in 1925, the inevitable began to happen. Land prices had soared to such heights that people stopped buying and those who held land wanted to sell."

Read that again kids, this was not in 2006, but in 1925.

"On the heels of the land bust, the hurricanes, and the collapse of the stock market in 1929, many of the large cities in Florida were devastated. Vero Beach and Indian River County were not as affected by the 1928 hurricane as areas to the south. And while the land bust reversed the fortunes of many residents and businesses, the area was still a haven for many from the misery in other parts of the state."

Land bust? Hurricanes? Stock market crash? Why does this sound familiar?

Miss Vero wishes we could just put the no growth, slow growth, whoa growth, joe growth, all in separate corners for a time out. Today's editorial in the PJ by Kenric Ward is like a rolled up, wet towel snap in the locker room instigatin a fight.

So another spitball has been lobbed. Now we expect to see many more letters, back and fourth, regarding Common Ground, IRNA and charter. Enough! While y'all are arguing about who's bricks are better to build the dam, we're already drowning!

Quick Test - Match the mission to the group:

A. "We acknowledge that growth is desirable within the constraints of character and infrastructure. We believe it can be fairly and sensibly managed to preserve the low density and low-rise tradition of our county. We advocate a vibrant, business friendly environment and encourage light industry and wise commercial growth to support both economic viability and job creation."

B. "We support active cooperation between all citizens, community leaders and government on issues that affect our economic welfare. We stand for carefully managed growth protecting both the environment and the unique character of our area. "

Hmm, not so easy to tell the difference is it ? Ok, we think we have a solution, how 'bout a contest and here's the prize - A date with Miss Vero! That's right! Miss Vero will personally treat y'all to lunch in person (we purposely buried this offer deep in the article to see if y'all are paying attention, but we sincerely mean it).

OK, here's the rules.

The Florida Bar issues a pamphlet tittled "Legal Guide for New Adults" which answers legal questions and outlines adult responsibilities for kids turning 18 who are now, well, new adults.

Let's say y'all have to explain your mission to an 18 year old who plans to live in Indian River County permanently and is voting for the first time. In 50 words or less explain - really explain, no marketing goop or legalise - why they should favor your organization.

We'll publish both responses and have a vote. For the record, Miss Vero is honestly on the fence about these two groups, we have reason to like and dislike both sides.

Contest is open to everyone. Sunday, August 10th, 2008 deadline.

Here's the answer to above quiz:

A. IRNA -Indian River Neighborhood Association
(Not to be confused with IRNA - The Islamic Republic News Agency or, good thing we're not a conspiracy theorist, huh?)

B. Common Ground

Write soon, can't wait to hear from y'all!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008



"Yellow journalism, in short, is biased opinion masquerading as objective fact. Moreover, the practice of yellow journalism involved sensationalism, distorted stories, and misleading images for the sole purpose of boosting newspaper sales and exciting public opinion. "

We're sure y'all have noticed lately, that we've been behaving in regards to Mr. Lemmon. Well children, not today. His column with his Gloria Estefan " interview" is extremely fishy and another prime example of the Press Journal's continued political propaganda. Buckle those seatbelts hunnies, it's gonna get rough.

It is so unfortunate that we are subjected to receiving news from a single source with a definite agenda. Miss Vero's watchful eye has notice the all too obvious pattern of the PJ endorsing candidates and then a week or so later releasing a "story" that tears down the rival.

Not only is this practice irresponsible, it is dangerous. The (limited) local news has a obligation to inform and educate it's community, yet the Press Journal continues to look more and more like a special interest flier. The process of reporting political information related to upcoming elections, should be fair and unbiased, yet the PJ continues to push their spin forward. The Press Journal not only disappoints, but miserably fails it's readers.

Not to mention that local business is being held hostage. How can a newspaper that relies on advertising alienate merchants who may disagree with the paper's politics? It certainly makes us wonder where the true source of the PJ's revenue well is located.


Let's take a good look at the "interview" that Mr. Lemmon reports with Mrs. Estefan.

First- Mr. Lemmon writes "In a recent interview at her Costa D'Este Beach Resort..." Which suggests to Miss Vero that Mr. Lemmon did not conduct the interview himself. Please correct us if we are wrong. No where in the article does ole Russ say "when I spoke with" or "I asked" or any other language that he so often enjoys using and would verify that he actually talked with Mrs. Estefan in person or, even with his much used "via phone" tag.

Second- If the PJ and Mr. Lemmon's intent was to serve the public, somehow it turned into a comment posting riot beginning at 2:36 AM and will likely continue to grow, what a wonderful way to generate interest in your rag. Heck of a job there, Brownie.

Third- "A special-call meeting on Nov. 10, 2004, will live in infamy." how 'bout postin a link to that reference? No, that's all right, allow us to get that:

Fourth- According to those minutes it was Mary Beth McDonald and Not Sandra Bowden who suggested that the concert be held outside of Vero. Mrs. McDonald's valid concern was that the event was overwhelming for the city. Mr. Lemmon's article asserted several misrepresentations.We ask that you please read the minutes and FORM YOUR OWN OPINION.

Fifth- Yes, Miss Vero has previously stated our disappointment with the local gov for not accepting the gracious offer of Mrs. Estefan, but let's be realistic. The city of Vero Beach knows nothing about large scale entertainment production and the stipulation by Mrs. Estefan that the concert be free for attendees would have brought perhaps tens of thousands into the hurricane ravaged county. It would have been like hosting a cotillion an hour after you'd been mugged.

And Finally- If you were living here in the fall of 2004 (we believe Mr. Lemmon, that you were not), you'd remember what it felt like to be a zombie. After weeks of no electricity (ours was out for a month), unbearable heat, curfews and the sight of military occupation distributing food, water and ice, it was a wonder that more people did not break down. It's so easy for an outsider to look at that time and tell us what we were experiencing, but if you find pleasure in that task, we politely ask you to go back to where y'all came from.

Miss Vero is very happy that Mr. and Mrs. Estefan have chosen Vero Beach as a second home and should be rightfully proud of the Costa D'Este. We only hope that their privacy will be respected and not continued to be sensationallized by the likes of Lemmon.

We will now officially medicate with a strong libation.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Or, as Mickey Roarke in the movie Barfly would say " A drink for all my friends!" - which of course is based on one of Miss Vero's favorite writers, Charles Bukowski and would certainly be somethin that we'd say!

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that there are a few features of the Beach House that need to be clarified. We've had many questions and frustrations so we thought we would just give y'all a few tips.

If y'all are looking to see if Miss Vero wrote about a place or person, at the top on the left, y'all can type in what you're lookin for in the white space next to "Search Blog". Most of the topics now appear on the right side and if y'all click on one of them, it will bring up all of the posts related to that topic.

  • Look way down at the bottom of today's post. Do y'all see the little envelope? Well, if y'all click that it will show y'all how to email a post to other folks.

  • Now just to the left of that it says COMMENTS and if y'all click that, y'all can post a comment. Some folks have given themselves google accounts with cute names and we like that, but if y'all don't want to open another account, we completely understand, so just post anonymous. If y'all want to sign a name at the bottom of the anonymous post y'all can.

  • When y'all click COMMENT, a box will appear and it will say "Leave your comment". Write what y'all want then the next step is to squint your eyes and figure out what the squiggly letters are. Type the squiggly letters into the box that says "word verification"

  • Then click on the little circle next to anonymous and then click the orange bar that says "publish your comment" Wha-la y'all did it!

There will soon be some changes to the Beach House, a little redecorating as it were and some new features in store, so thanks so much kids for checking in and remember Miss Vero is only one damn person. We are so weary to the bone children, what with our social schedule and all, that we are seriously considering asking some friends to help out. Now it's really time for your two cents, see that poll up in the right hand corner? Miss Vero doesn't believe y'all need instructions for that, but this is Florida innit?

Good things are a-comin!


Sunday, July 27, 2008


OK, now any of y'all that have been a fan of Miss Vero know that we usually high tail it outa here any chance we get, but this weekend we decided to staycation in our own little town. Lots o'stuff was a happenin kids (y'all would never know it from readin the PJ) but yes, there were places to go and people to annoy!

First things first, New Channel 5 and their staff are the absolute best! Miss Vero loves, loves, loves them! They were super sweet, competent, professional and did a top notch job on covering all things Vero. The Channel 5 News was broadcast live from the Driftwood Inn Friday evening with a small but enthusiastic crowd. We spotted the Vero Chickys doing their chicky thing and snaging a promo with Channel 5. They have the best pics and videos for y'all to see. Check out the Vero Chickys!:

Not to mention that when one of our correspondents asked for an autograph for Miss Vero, Chandra Bill gasped "Miss Vero??!! We love Miss Vero! we read her blog!" Of course it helped kids, that Miss Vero sent them a welcome to Vero note before they arrived, which is only good manners.

Speaking of good manners, where was the Press Journal???!!!
As polite as the staff and crew were, every question concerning the where abouts of the Press Journal was met with downcast eyes and "I dunnos". One member of the production crew told us "It's like having a relationship with a step-sibling, even though we're family, sometimes we don't talk to each other" and he made us promise not to print his picture or tell his name, so we won't. Very strange indeed, considering that the PJ and WPTV are both owned by Scripps and are partnered with TCPalm.

Miss Vero thought that this kind of media hoopla would bring out a few local politicians. Now, we did spot a few people that had already served in office or had run for office (Don't quibble, vote for Bibble - and if y'all get that reference, check yourself off for being here way too long). But the only current running man in sight was our favorite, handsome Bill McMullen, and hunnies he is still as sweet as ever. Points to Bill for showing up!

After all the hub bub and heat, Miss Vero's posse made our way cross the bridge to the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow! We had the pleasure of being served by the Cutest Boy in Vero and Miss Kitty took a moment to tell us about Undertow website updates and the local Barack Obama campaign group meeting there on Saturday.

So y'all know we showed up. Miss Kitty said she only expected about forty people, but children that place was packed. We're talking standin room only and a lot of folks in Indian River County are excited about Mr. Obama. It was truly a news worthy event, so again we have to ask - where was the Press Journal??!!

We had saved up enough energy to keep going on Sunday, when we attended the fabulous soiree at the Count and Countess du Roseland's beach front estate. We are so happy when the Royal couple is in town because of the spectacular parties they host. And yes, we returned the silver spoons.

We did have to skedaddle early however, because the lush-ious boys at the Long Branch put us on the guest list for the male review Sunday night and well, Miss Vero doesn't like to disappoint.

Oh, my. If we tell y'all that it was hot, that would be an extreme understatement. DJ Silvio and his crew put on an ultra fabulous show and if y'all missed it, well.. let's just say everyone was havin so much fun that we probably shouldn't post any of the pictures. If y'all are lookin for a party the Long Branch is the only game in town. They have one more party coming up on August 3rd and kids if y'all have any life left in ya, get yourself there!

Miss Vero is now officially exhausted!

But doing it all for y'all...


P.S. A big shout out to the most wonderful Lee Dee who should not blame his headache this morning on Miss Vero!

Friday, July 25, 2008



Is this man...

  1. Shredding paper
  2. Voting
  3. Both

Answer: #2 Voting! - although #3 could possibly be true.

A couple of weeks ago, Miss Vero was flippin through the channels and saw Indian River County Elections Supervisor, Kay Clem, doing a demonstration with the new voting machines that we'll be using in the up coming elections. We wondered if the demonstration would be on the Election web site or TCPalm, but try as do, we cannot find it. We thought maybe TV 10, but getting information from there is like collectin hen's teeth. The TV 10 website has been "under construction" since before we started blogging:

The Vote Indian River County website does not show a demonstration, but tells us that it is a voters responsibility to "Familiarize himself or herself with the operation of the voting equipment in his or her precinct ."

Now, we don't know about y'all, but Miss Vero is mighty skeptical about these types of things and sure 'nuf after a little checkin, some other folks with the same Sequoia voting machine are not convinced either:

Another blogger in Connecticut, even suggested that the similarity to a paper shredder was all too obvious:

Even the PJ ran an article about our voting machines that was met with overwhelming apathy:

What do y'all think? Should we be concerned about the candidates, the charter issue or just plain concerned that our little ole vote is even counted? Miss Vero sure do wish Gubna Charlie would stop gallivantin around and provide us with that paper receipt he promised:

Oh my goodness is right! This election year has got our head spinnin! Now y'all know that the only party that Miss Vero subscribes to is the cocktail party, that being said we believe it's time for a little party action of our own!

Have a good weekend kids, we hear WPTV will be broadcasting the news from the Driftwood at 5 o'clock today, maybe we'll see y'all there...


Thursday, July 24, 2008


Miss Vero has been busy lately with not enough hours in the day and while we've been driving around town, doing our errands, we have passed the Patio and noticed the yellow tape and orange mesh fence, makin the whole thing look like an unfortunate crime scene.

The Patio was not only a restaurant that Miss Vero frequented, but it is also a treasure chest of our county, thanks to the vision of Waldo Sexton. Here's a fabulous article, that everyone who lives here should read, documenting his love of the artifacts of Addison Mizner and how Palm Beach's trash became Vero Beach's treasure:

We were concerned for the beautiful antiques, stained glass and wrought iron inside, so we called Miss Hildie Tripson, of the Sexton family to put our fears at rest.

Miss Hildie was especially gracious and took the time to assure us that nothing in the interior is being removed and the original decor will remain with all of the wonderful quirkiness that Waldo intended.

"We're just remodeling the kitchen" she promised. "and the restaurant will be opening again in November with a new tenant."

Thanks Miss Hildie, now we can breath a big sigh of relief. So there y'all have it, something to look forward to.

Oh and by the way, today's Press Journal restaurant review is about the Ocean Grill. Now y'all know we have something to say about that, but we promised someone that we would mind our manners and not say anything nasty today. Don't worry kids, we'll be back to our ole vinegar veined self tomorrow!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Secret Squirrel strikes again!

Our very favorite correspondent -Secret Squirrel - just zapped us a photo of
the groundbreaking this morning at Pointe West!

Look at that! A politician shovelin' sumthin!

Anyhoo kids, we told y'all about the new medical center being built at Pointe West in our June 23rd post "All roads Point West" and we hear that later on this year, there will be another ground breakin for the shops and restaurants that will turn this community into Vero Beach's own "mini-Tradition"

Check it out:

Are we excited? Heck yeah.

Why? Because this is a perfect example of development done right.

Now, Miss Vero has never been too involved with the politics of it all, we just know what we like and we sure do like Pointe West.

Since this county growth issue seems to be the main topic of the year, what do y'all think?


Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So we're sitting at our computer last night at our midday, which is 3Am to y'all, and the power goes out for the third time since midnight. We had started on a little side project that we wanted to show y'all today, but that didn't happen so we'll just put it on the back burner for now.

Anyhoo, we had to run around Vero this morning pickin up this and droppin off that and when we finally got home and back online and what the! -power goes out again!

Yup, we got two kinds a'weather here, hotter than Hades or a flatulent cow p-ing on a flat rock, take your pick.

Miss Vero took the time offline to catch up on friends, family and other folks. Since we feel so bad about not posting a fabulous piece in a timely manner, we'll share our mundane day with y'all.

The South Beach Queen called us and wondered why we haven't been down to Miami for a while, we wondered the same thing. Every time we try to get the beautiful South Beachers to come and visit us they just laugh. We do try to sell Vero Beach as the "Hamptons of Miami" but they laugh harder and having been to the actual Hamptons, we agree.

When we last spoke to the Palm Beach Playboy he had been kicked out of the Hard Rock Casino for arguing with a pit boss and he wanted us to do a story about how they just got new blackjack tables but don't know how to run them right. Let us just say that we remember when he got kicked out of Waldos and a few other places and we love it when he calls and asks us - Is my wallet at your house? Those are better stories.

The Count and Countess du Roseland have returned from California and shared wonderful tales about wine tastings and mud baths! If it weren't for their personal assistant, Miss B. Havior, weeks would go by before we heard from them. We are told that they are not happy with just ruling Roseland and establishing a weekend retreat in Indian River Shores, now they are also focusing on Fellsmere. Our burning question was answered - Jason Nunmaker is really cute and well liked and the Royal couple are dismayed at his treatment by the Indian River County Commission. This should be interesting.

One of Miss Vero's dearest friends (who should be family as we often refer to her as Sisterwoman) is getting married! She is a famous film and TV star who now resides near Athens, Ga, which y'all know is the birthplace to southern hip bands, R.E.M and the B-52's. Hey - maybe we'll do an Athens, travel guide for y'all when we go in September.

Another close friend, Miss Taffi, just got back from Mel Fisher Days in Key West or as she can say "My Dad Days". She was happy to tell us that over $8,000. was raised for the Michael Christopher Abt foundation, an extremely worthy cause. Miss Taffi also has something to share with the Beach House after she unpacks and gets settled in. We'll keep y'all posted.

Oh, and finally - we agree with Carl Hiaasen:

Miss Vero will be dining this week with a former Vero Beach politician and attending a public ceremony, see if y'all can spot us!


Monday, July 21, 2008


Guess what? It's a day of celebration! As y'all know, Miss Vero usually high tails it outa town on the weekends. Last weekend we were in Savannah and yesterday we just got back from a little jaunt up in Cocoa Beach. Imagine our surprise when we read our emails and found this comment:

Anonymous said...
"Miss Vero - what a joker! Blogs are places where people who cannot get legitimate journalist jobs go to play at being journalists. Your comments just reinforce that point. Write on honey. Hope you have a real job to fall back on. Meanwhile those of us who love the PJ columnists--the 'real deals' in the world of local journalism--will go there for better copy."
July 20, 2008 3:05 PM

That's right kids - our very first negative comment! Y'all know, when it comes to blogging, if you're not annoying someone, you're not doin it right. Apparently we are successful!

We just howled with laughter about the "real job" part. Don't you worry nothin about that sugar, y'all can keep that all for youself. Miss Vero is just too busy travelin, partyin, cocktailin and being all around happy, we could never figure out how to fit a "real job" into our schedule.

Hmmm..., which "real deal" journalist do y'all think posted? we joked about it being Russ Lemmon, but it was prolly Miss Diana Foote herself, since it was posted after an intense search for all things labeled Diana Foote and then attached to an older post about her. (A Connecticut Yankee in Miss Vero's Court, June 26th).

In case y'all haven't noticed newspapers are not having such a good time.
So we certainly understand the "real journalist" running like a scared rabbit from big bad ole Miss Vero.

Listen, it's nothing personal, we are just tired of being insulted by the level of "real journalism" that the PJ continues to defend. They are severely behind the times and out of touch. Most newspapers have several online bloggers. The PJ has three kids at the watercooler that talk about pop culture. Chris Arnold is quite good and has a fresh take on entertainment, but that just isn't enough.

On the other side of the bridge, VeroBeach32963 gets better all the time! They just broke a story about Monte's and Rip's closing:
It will be interesting to see that publication pick up steam when season starts and all the beachies return to the island...

Can't wait to mix a martini and sit back and watch the fireworks!


Friday, July 18, 2008


First of all, let Miss Vero thank y'all for the wonderful emails and comments yesterday. We loved the suggestion of being linked to the PJ, but kids, y'all know that 's not gonna happen, besides that would just raise their stock and send ours plummeting. We are achievin our goals right here, thank y'all very much.

We sent an email to Miss Marilyn Bauer at the Press Journal, wondering why someone local isn't hired (cause y'all know the job will be filled by a newcomer, oh yes hunnies, mark my words), but she hasn't responded yet. hmmm...

Now today children we are going to talk about a place we swore we'd never review - Captain Hiram's. So stop groaning right now, y'all hear?

Since Miss Diana Foote is reviewing places she's never been to (and we all have) and since she saw fit to write about Hiram's yesterday and the PJ saw fit to print it and her other drivel (not our word, the one lone comment to her last two articles - and no, we are not providin the link).

We thought, well, we should take a crack at it.

Miss Vero has a long history with Hiram's going back 20 years or so. Now it's a giant tourist trap run by a management company, but back in the day it was the coolest partyin place this side of Key West. As Miss Foote found out, food is, or has never been the reason to visit, except if ya'll know what to order. Hiram's was once known as a raw bar and one of the original owners, Mr. Martin Carter, would fix you up a dirty oyster if he happened to be around the bar. He also had a very good recipe for Maryland crab chowder and a little unassuming guy called Captain Jimmy made the best crab cakes. All of these items made it onto the menu, but we much prefer the days when Captain Jimmy would come out of the kitchen himself with the crabcakes or Martin went behind the bar with Roxanne to get oyster fixins. We were there recently and glad to see Roxanne still behind the bar.

This is our favorite place to sit inside, probably because of all the great fun and fishin pictures. Miss Vero is sad to see that the great Don Ray art has been taken down to provide room for some lame flat screens spewing out sports programs. Our favorite was always "Snook in the Mangroves" (any idea what a snook is Miss Foote? good eatin, that's what). And that was how y'all got the best fish at Hiram's, y'all caught it and brought it in and they cooked it up.

Now the place got a bit a popular and Mr. Martin and his partner, Mr. Tom Collins (yup that's his real name), decided to pretty it up a bit and send the fishin boot wearin locals out to the dock area, so as not to disturb the genteel customers they were trying to attract. They put a little outside bar in the back, it was real cute with only seven seats, they called it "The Sand Bar."

There were two women who worked there, Miss Kate and Miss Margaret and they wore bikinis and sarongs and Hatmon hats and they kept the locals very happy and business boomed. There was Captain Terry, Cokie, Joey and Marcia, Scott and Leslie, Captain Buddy, Bobby, Captain Gus, Captain Bruce, Doug Moss and his dog Malei, Uncle Bill, Pete Harris, George and Dr. John, just to name a few.

Hatmon was "imported " from Seacrets in Ocean City Maryland, (now y'all know where the Maryland Chowder came from) and it was on the success of local business and the idea to replicate Seacrets that Tom Collins built the Sand Bar y'all see today. In fact if y'all take a look at the Seacrets website, it will look strangely familiar.

There were so many great stories and people that were present at the birth of the Sand Bar. Sadly some of them are gone forever. We already told y'all about Pete Harris in our June 18th post "Mad about Micco" and one of these days we promise to tell y'all about Doug Moss, but one person y'all should know about is Dr. John. He is the only original regular that has a plaque at the Sand Bar.

Now first off, don't get any fool ideas about pesterin Dr. John with stoopid questions or askin him about Miss Vero. As we told y'all in previous posts, he is one of the smartest people we know ( there's only a handful) and he is a Doctor of psychology, so he can see your BS from a mile away. And if that doesn't deter y'all, he's a feisty Irishman from Newark, NJ. who will make that very clear to anyone who annoys him. Y'all might have heard him on the Love Doctors, he's a guest quite frequently. We are still wondering why WZZR doesn't give him his own damn show.

Dr. John Dispensing Wisdom

We suppose the reason we chose to tell y'all about Hiram's is because it no longer exists, not in the way it used to. It's like Sebastian and Vero Beach, still there, still thriving, but not as folks who have been here a while remember. New people come along like Diana Foote and Russ Lemmon, who haven't lived here long but get paid to tell us old timers about our own surroundings. We know it will never be the way it was and that's life kids, things change. But what we need is something to hold onto while we make that transition. We need to build that change on the foundation of the past. We need the new folks to know who the plaques belong to and why. Miss Vero sincerely hopes to give y'all that. We'll do our best.
Now let's mix up a cocktail and start the weekend! See y'all Monday..


Thursday, July 17, 2008



Imagine y'all - the Press Journal is lookin for some one to do the following:

"You've heard the term over and over by now. Staycations - what to do when you choose to spend your vacation at home but still want that time to be special. We are looking for a Treasure Coast Staycation expert who will report on all the treasures found in our backyard. We want the tried and true - stories on the Elliot Museum (Who is Elliot anyway?), the Manatee Center and McKee Gardens. We also want stories on off-the-beaten- track activities and attractions - a stick swamp tour, a frog leg festival. We're looking for an experienced freelance writer and reporter who can seek out special places and write about them with a fresh perspective in a clear and engaging style. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, send your resume and cover letter explaining your qualifications to: Marilyn Bauer, Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers, 1939 S. Federal Hwy. Stuart, FL 34994. No calls please ";_ylt=AosDDZVoYAeSbEuQxQoLgM_6Q6IX?search_url=%2Fjob-search-l-Stuart-FL-k-Scripps-m-1-h-Scripps

Oh really. How original, wished we 'd thought of that.

Go ahead Miss Marilyn Bauer, throw us another cat toy, we sure are gettin tired of those ole Lemmon droppings and stinky Foote reviews. Miss Vero is lookin forward to a new plaything.

What do y'all think children? Is it time to kick it into high gear? The Beach House has become very popular and we have some statistics to share. Everyday we have over a 120 visitors. Since we started countin in June there have been over 5,800 "hits" to our little blog. We think this is pretty darn good, considerin that we are only one damn person with our only goal being to inform and entertain y'all.

We have received many e mails and correspondence from local politicians, media people and folks who are just as fed up with the PJ. Even Mr. Milton R. Benjamin from Vero Beach 32963, was a gentleman and sent his kind regards and encouragement. Miss Vero admires his good manners and sincerely thanks him.

So now we must ask, what would y'all like to see? Should we continue to pick up where the PJ leaves off? Do y'all like to hear more about political parties or cocktail parties? Restaurants or remote waterin holes? And most important, do y'all just like being entertained or would y'all like to contribute? Miss Vero needs to know - Beach House Guests! Is it time for battle?

Miss Vero looks forward to your response, don't make a lady wait.


P. S. If y'all are the lazy type, and we perfectly understand, just do one thing for us, share the luv with your friends. E mail the Beach House to someone y'all know, just click the little envelope below and it'll tell y'all what to do. Spread the word kids!


Here's a little sumthin else for y'all. Miss Vero just received our copy of Vero Life magazine and on the cover is a picture of a room of the Costa D' Este, which Beach House guests have already seen in our June 30th post.

Miss Vero also had the pleasure of postin the first (serious) review of the hotel and restaurant on tripadvisor:

Which was also posted on


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


If y'all are wondering, the map is referrin to a New York Times article in 2007, that marvels at the capacity of Florida to absorb our many visitors:

Which has nothing to do with the recent Time magazine article, describin the doom and gloom of the Sunshine State:

But is somewhat related to this article about how realtor's should market to Brits:

Who really like our beaches and post pictures that we should be seeing:

And get exclusives with Gubna Charlie, who is visitin (at our expense) with his Finance-cee (supposedly at her expense):

Which brings us, as they say, to the bit about Vero, which is that the place for all things British will be missin out because it closed last year:

There will be a test, Miss Vero hopes y'all were payin attention.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Let's just say that Miss Vero is not a big fan of sports, but we have been keepin on eye on the Dodgertown saga because, well, it's in Vero. Now that we've all gotten the official word that the Dodgers are leaving and word on the street in Baltimore seems to agree:
Looks like we're gonna have to get used to the idea that there's a new boy in town.

Well hunnies, we gotta tell y'all, it just feels like we've been dumped by our forever boyfriend, LA and have to settle for our only prospect, Baltimore. We did try flirtin with Boston, but he mighta been just too far outa our league, so to speak. Big Daddy Joe Baird and Uncle Bubba Jim Gabbard, kept insistin that we keep company with this new boy, Baltimore. All they care about is baseball, but we wonder if they know anything else about our new beau.

The birthplace of Nancy Pelosi and Tupac Shakur, Baltimore seems to be far more diverse than Vero Beach. Baltimore is also the home of John Waters, one of our favorite peculiar people. In fact, not too awful long ago, we happened to run into him in Monterey, California and we also happen to know Mink Stole, a famous thespian from the John Water repertory. So with that in mind, we were thinkin, on ways to make this new baseball boyfriend a little more lively.

Wouldn't it be fun to have John Waters night at Holeman Stadium? We could all dress up like characters from John Waters movies and wave pink flamingos at the team. We were thinkin that Mr. Wheeler would make a fabulous Divine, but we doubt he has the energy for it. Perhaps our own Wesley Davis might step up to the plate, you know, takin one for the team. And Miss Sandra Bowden! Don't y'all think she would be a classy Edith Massey? Maybe Vero Beach could become famous for that! And wouldn't that just make Miss Vero happier than Divine with a plate o'pooh!

We could start practicin this camp dress up idea when the Rocky Horror Picture show comes to town on August 1st and 2nd (can y'all imagine?) at The Riverside Theater:
Y'all know we'll be there, right?

We are feelin so much better, at least now we have somethin to look forward to, this Baltimore boyfriend is given us a whole new outlook. Thanks Big Daddy and Uncle Bubba!

Mix up some cocktails and pop in the Hairspray CD, we feel a party comin on!


Monday, July 14, 2008


... and behold, the angel of pets came down to Vero Beach and proclaimed "There shall come to be in the western area known as the route 60 corridor within the square mile, a Petsupermarket, Petsmart and Petco and lo, the holy trinity of pet supplies is complete and henceforth Divine"...

Seriously, do we really need three cotton pickin pet supply stores in one place? Miss Vero also noticed a new mattress store being built just steps away from The Mattress Barn and Mattress Market. Nothing like mediocrity in triplicate.

Speakin of Mediocrity, we could talk about Russ Lemmon, but we won't. It seems that the commentors to his articles are doing a good enuf job pointing this out and Miss Vero's services may no longer be needed in this department:

The Press Journal once again fails to inform it's readers. Here's another example of Indian River County news that y'all won't find in the PJ, from the Palm Beach Post. A Vero Beach man gets a new trial when it's discovered that he was represented by an intern from the public defenders office:

Is there anything else to be in Vero besides mediocre or incompetent? Sure! there's always counterproductive:

The ongoing identity crisis continues in Vero Beach. Viewed as a "laid-back city by the sea" and according to Vero Beach mayor Tom White in his interview snippet with The Orlando Sentinel, "We're very protective of our little city.",0,3854193.story
So basically "Yeah, it's great here, now go away."

While the Hometown News reports that the Chamber of Commerce has a new marketing tool for economic growth:
"A location central to your success." And since this is an election year, maybe that should be the motto for the small town republican candidates who don't actually want to cultivate economic development but like having a marketing tool that gives the perception that they do.

Ok kids, we are way too serious and cranky for a Monday morning, so we're just gonna go and get a little attitude adjustment in the form of a bloody mary...


Friday, July 11, 2008


Yesterday children, Miss Vero was a little, well let's just say frustrated. We sure do like to spend time on the internet playing connect the news stories and find the cool graphics and especially look at how stoopid something/someone is, to share with y'all, but honestly we just couldn't find anything worth our time and that has been happening more and more lately. Especially when it comes to Vero Beach. More often than not we are t'd off and steamed about big time politics like this:

Thanks a lot Senator Mel Martinez and Senator Bill Nelson (a Democrat!) and even you, Mr. Barack Obama for bringin that frog to a boil! And y'all know what that means, right?:

Anyhoo, we get all riled and then we forget to have fun or we find ourself having to self medicate with the appropriate alkeeholic libations. So we've decided that we should digress and regress a little today and remember happier Florida times, all of which have nothing to do with Vero Beach.



When Miss Vero was a little thing, our Granmamie would take us to My-am-ah to go shoppin at Burdines, which was the biggest and best damn department store in the world, as far as we were concerned. It was pretty big in those days and since Burdines was founded by Confederate war veteran, Mr. William Burdine in 1898, we thought it had been there forever, when actually it was opened only two years after the city of Miami itself was established. And of course when we traveled down there from the remote and bucolic Broward County we passed the Coppertone sign that was animated by moving lights, the little dog tuggin at the little girl's britches. For us and many other folks, seeing that sign meant that you had arrived in Miami.

This is what it looks like now.

And that's pretty much how we've been feeling. It's why we're frustrated with Florida, why we know that growth is going to happen, why we're so mad at Carl Hiaasen for playin golf at Quail Valley and why it doesn't feel like Florida anymore.

Imagine living here without air conditioning like Miss Vero's Grandmamie. It weren't no bother, the uncovered terrazzo floors were always cool on our bare feet. The ceiling fans were forever thumpin and we slept with the jalousie windows opened to let in the scent of night blooming jasmine breezes. We really did pick oranges off the trees to juice them and coconuts hung from the palms before the blight took the them. It was the paradise that the postcards promised.

Too many places are gone now, Florida doesn't have a sense of history for those that don't remember it. The Trains and routes that brought everything here have been forgotten like the little towns passed over for interstates and worship of our car culture. Our downtowns are still there, most built around the discarded train stations, but we can't or won't see the value.

There is some good news after all, the sign might be saved by some concerned preservationists. Maybe by some one like Barbara Capitman, who lobbied Washington to get Art Deco buildings in Miami Beach on the National Register of Historic Places. No small feat considering her opponents to her preservation plan were The Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, The Board of Realtors and the Miami Beach Resort Association. She has been credited with saving the treasures of Miami Beach's art deco district one of which is the Cardoza, purchased in 1992 by none other than Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

Our little Coppertone girl just needs a little nip and tuck and hunnies, we sure do know what that feels like:

Thanks so much for all the luvin! Y'all have cheered us up and reminded us why we're bloggin. Have a groovy weekend kids we'll be back again on Monday!


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Don't worry kids, Miss Vero is just fine (and no that doesn't mean F.I.N.E. -F'd up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional), we're just tryin to get our alkeehol soaked brain to contemplate a few things. Sometimes it's better to let things set a while before we comment on them.

It's nice that y'all are looking for us and y'all know Miss Vero never likes to disappoint, so we'll tell y'all now, just set tight cause we're workin on a little somethin and trying not to focus on ridiculous politics and boring local not- goings- on.

We really love it when y'all send emails, so don't stop, but a few comments would be nice. Hint, hint.

Oh and by the way, we sure do miss the Count and Countess du Roseland and wish that they would stop havin so much fun on the other side of the world and come on home and cheer Miss Vero up! And Uber-fabulous friend in Europe hasn't sent us a post card and Secret Squirrel is too busy workin that cute furry tail off and we're just gonna hafta call the Avon lady to paint some red on our pouty lips:

But Wait!!!
Oh, here's our problem:

Lemme go put on my glad pants and fix a up a cocktail and wait for the Avon Lady...


Wednesday, July 9, 2008


While everyone around here is still fussin and fightin about charter gov and bemoanin the lack of economic development, privatizing waste transfer and pointing fingers at dirty developer deals, a big green monster will be rising from the swamp and cattle pastures in the west. Just 30 minutes on the newly refurbished state road 60, as soon as y'all get to Yeehaw Junction, 41,300 acres were acquired in 2006. The largest single parcel of land purchased in Florida since Mr. Disney's deal. Call it Destiny.

If that real estate bubble hadn't burst we woulda seen some signs of it already. And being that it professes to be a green sustainable community, we're sure that there will be all kinds of incentives and grants to help this project along. Besides, it sounds like the developers have a coupla pairs of egos about the size of the acreage.

Let's also not forget the major land acquisitions of Fellsmere:

So Miss Vero asks those who profess to know what's right for Indian River County (our local gov) - when are y'all gonna wake up and stop the ridiculous infightin and wrap your heads around the fact that inevitably things are changin, it's up to y'all to make sure they go in the right direction. Oh wait, since this is an election year maybe it's up to us.


Time and time again when we read the comments posted on the TCPalm, one reader puts everything into focus for us and we'd just like to know, who is LDouglas?

Posted by LDouglas on July 8, 2008 at 12:59 p.m.
"You don't need growth to have good jobs and businesses. Growth the way we know it can be a vicious circle. You only need to look at Orlando and other cities to see that. Look at all the growth Orlando has experienced and yet their still crying for more and crying for more jobs- to the tune of trying to hit up the taxpayers for over a billion dollars to "attract" them. While they're still paying off debt from other job attracting schemes.
All "growth" for the sake of growth has accomplished is over crowded or huge outlays for new schools, constant road construction, minimum wage retail jobs, higher cost of living and higher property taxes. There are ways to have growth economically without attracting people growth. (That's not to say that there wouldn't ever be any people growth- that's just to say you aren't attracting them unnecessarily.) The trick is finding the balance.
BTW, Charter does NOT make or allow people to vote on everything. It only allows them to initiate a citizens petition. If they get the proper amount of signatures then EVERYBODY who is registered to vote can decide yea or nay. There's no way 20% of the people can have things their way unless the other 80% gives it to them.
Read the charter draft for yourself here:
On the left hand side click on the PDF file."

Posted by LDouglas on July 6, 2008 at 6:54 a.m.
"As far as the rich and poor in Indian River County, it's no different than anywhere else. The best you can do IMO, is work to make sure that we have the best educational system and that the poor of all people make best use of it. All the other good programs to help are like building a house without a foundation. It's only so long that it will remain standing."

Miss Vero will assert that this is the wisest thing ever uttered in Indian River County.

It's a bloody mary morning kids, with extra Tabasco...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


What ever happened to her?...

The Saint Petersburg Times ran a story in May 2007 about Gubna Charlie's romance with former beauty queen, fear factor contestant, divorcee and mother of two:

But last week, we hear that Gubna Charlie is engaged to another recently divorced mother of two, who in December 2007, denied any romantic involvement with Crist to the Saint Petersburg Times:

Lisssen Charley, Imma gonna haffa haff a
few more of feese to go fru wiffit...

OK children, according to The New York Daily News,
this woman is a spendaholic socialite, who we predict,

But wait! There just might be another single mom with two kids on the horizon-

Miss Vero senses we should keep on eye on her,
it's like a day at the race track and this political pony
is the dark horse chompin at the bit.

But the big question is -

who is it that Gubna Charlie's really interested in?...

Damn it! Why doesn't he call, why?!


Monday, July 7, 2008


Miss Vero will be the first to admit that we didn't know nothing about the PJ entertainment writer, Mr. Bill DeYoung. So last week, when he announced that he would be relocatin to Savannah, Georgia, we became curious about him. For one, he is the local entertainment writer and Miss Vero does happen to know a little bit about the business of show. And two, because kids, Savannah just happens to be one of Miss Vero's stompin grounds, y'all might even say it's one of our many second homes.

Now that picture above is of a younger Mr. DeYoung from his own website:
Miss Vero just loves that photo with Tiny Tim, we are not only old enough to remember Tiny Tim, but even remember him from the Uncle Floyd Show, which is as obscure of a show biz reference as y'all will ever get.

After writing about music for quite some time and many notable interviews later (loved the one with Yoko), It seems that Mr. DeYoung has him some unfinished music business of his own. Check out his myspace page that features the sample of his new CD:
Hunney, ya'll can't fool Miss Vero, hidin out behind them fake sunglasses.

In his pursuit of all things Savannah, we expect Mr. DeYoung will find a lot more to write about and participate in. We could never fault him for any lackluster columns in Vero, Lawd knows there's no big time show biz to report about round here.

Now we don't exactly know, Mr. DeYoung's relationship with Savannah, but since Miss Vero has a thing for the Sultry City, here's a few tips if y'all wanna go visitin;

#1 Stay away from anything that has the name "Paula Deen" attached to it. Y'all would just save yourself a lot of time, if you'd just find her house and slip the cash under the door. At least that way you wouldn't have to eat her food, listen to her cackle or watch her lick her fingers. eeew.
Hunnies puh-leese, she ain't even from Savannah.

#2 Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is the absolute best Southern meal y'all will ever get outsida somebody's home.

#3 Tybee Island? Seafood? Shrimp? There's a sign goin out to Tybee that reads somethin like "You didn't come all the way here to eat shrimp from China" and that's what Deposito's Seafood is all about. A favorite local restaurant of the Secret Squirrel, we found this review, oddly enough, by the "Squirrel Squad".

#4 What would a tip list from Miss Vero be like without alkeehol? Here's an idea - how bout a pub crawlin ghost tour! History, spooky stuff and bars, oh my! Let it be known that y'all can carry an alkeeholic libation all around town, just like N'Orleans. Gotta love Savannah.

#5 And if this isn't the best Southern town ever, we don't know what is. Once a month like a full moon, one of our favorite Drag Queens of all time performs! For anybody who didn't read "The Book" (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, children!) and especially for those that did, no trip would be complete without the Doll, the Queen of Savannah, the Lady Chablis!

So Miss Vero extends warm Savannah wishes to you, Mr. DeYoung! -and please, dip deep into the Artillery Punch for us!

All this talk about Savannah makes us just wanna jump in the car and get outa town, but then that's pretty much how we always feel. Maybe ah, we should fix up some of that there punch, let's see...


Friday, July 4, 2008


This was a big day in Sebastian...

where a patriotic flyover started the morning...

and patriotic floats set the mood...

to remember those that fight for freedom...

and continue to believe...

that we can pursue our dreams...

with liberty and justice for all...

that we should be kind...

and preserve the past while nurturing the future...




Ok kids, what in the heck is going on with Jeffery Barton's pants?

And since David Snell always comes in last,

we thought we might feature him first for a change...

and Ed Glaser was freakishly not perspiring...

and there seems to be a write in candidate for Sheriff...

Kent Campbell's crew took up half the parade,
but had some really cool recycled floats...

Anthony Consalo was better looking than his picture...

Deryl Loar tried to look like his car...

But Bill McMullen is still a sweetie pie.

Cool cars...

but Gene Billero was even cooler...

The Sebastian River High School marching band...

always makes for a great parade...

Wesley Davis, once again, wins the wet dress shirt contest...

just as sure as a Shriner has a little car...

and don't mess with this guy...

if you're a skeeter...

An old polished beauty...

and Sandra Bowden.

Cute chiropractor Dr. Matt...

and his big daddy Gary Parris...

Babies gettin ready to be kissed...

by Carole Jean Jordan...

but since she's running for two offices,
she might as well get two pictures...

and besides, she brought her own bass playin brother
to rock us through the morning...

There was Honey...

and Bea...

Kay Clem lookin surprised...

Colman Stewart, rightly lookin suspicious of us...

and Cathy Hart just lookin good...

Bob Solari ran too far ahead of his group...

and Gary Wheeler was wisely put in the passenger seat,
because the one time they put him in the back, the car popped a wheelie...

Wesley finally found a way to cool off...

and the message is "Heritage, Not Hate"
Besides these ole Confederate folks are just plain cute...
(and hopefully harmless)

and we were luvin us some Dixieland in the park...

and happy to see young people doing good work...

and fixin to get some good food...

while everybody had a great time.

But when we went lookin for our ole pal Russ, he was no where to be found...

Miss Vero sure hoped y'all had a good time perusin the pictures,
Happy 4th!