Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So we're sitting at our computer last night at our midday, which is 3Am to y'all, and the power goes out for the third time since midnight. We had started on a little side project that we wanted to show y'all today, but that didn't happen so we'll just put it on the back burner for now.

Anyhoo, we had to run around Vero this morning pickin up this and droppin off that and when we finally got home and back online and what the! -power goes out again!

Yup, we got two kinds a'weather here, hotter than Hades or a flatulent cow p-ing on a flat rock, take your pick.

Miss Vero took the time offline to catch up on friends, family and other folks. Since we feel so bad about not posting a fabulous piece in a timely manner, we'll share our mundane day with y'all.

The South Beach Queen called us and wondered why we haven't been down to Miami for a while, we wondered the same thing. Every time we try to get the beautiful South Beachers to come and visit us they just laugh. We do try to sell Vero Beach as the "Hamptons of Miami" but they laugh harder and having been to the actual Hamptons, we agree.

When we last spoke to the Palm Beach Playboy he had been kicked out of the Hard Rock Casino for arguing with a pit boss and he wanted us to do a story about how they just got new blackjack tables but don't know how to run them right. Let us just say that we remember when he got kicked out of Waldos and a few other places and we love it when he calls and asks us - Is my wallet at your house? Those are better stories.

The Count and Countess du Roseland have returned from California and shared wonderful tales about wine tastings and mud baths! If it weren't for their personal assistant, Miss B. Havior, weeks would go by before we heard from them. We are told that they are not happy with just ruling Roseland and establishing a weekend retreat in Indian River Shores, now they are also focusing on Fellsmere. Our burning question was answered - Jason Nunmaker is really cute and well liked and the Royal couple are dismayed at his treatment by the Indian River County Commission. This should be interesting.

One of Miss Vero's dearest friends (who should be family as we often refer to her as Sisterwoman) is getting married! She is a famous film and TV star who now resides near Athens, Ga, which y'all know is the birthplace to southern hip bands, R.E.M and the B-52's. Hey - maybe we'll do an Athens, travel guide for y'all when we go in September.

Another close friend, Miss Taffi, just got back from Mel Fisher Days in Key West or as she can say "My Dad Days". She was happy to tell us that over $8,000. was raised for the Michael Christopher Abt foundation, an extremely worthy cause. Miss Taffi also has something to share with the Beach House after she unpacks and gets settled in. We'll keep y'all posted.

Oh, and finally - we agree with Carl Hiaasen:

Miss Vero will be dining this week with a former Vero Beach politician and attending a public ceremony, see if y'all can spot us!



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