Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Secret Squirrel strikes again!

Our very favorite correspondent -Secret Squirrel - just zapped us a photo of
the groundbreaking this morning at Pointe West!

Look at that! A politician shovelin' sumthin!

Anyhoo kids, we told y'all about the new medical center being built at Pointe West in our June 23rd post "All roads Point West" and we hear that later on this year, there will be another ground breakin for the shops and restaurants that will turn this community into Vero Beach's own "mini-Tradition"

Check it out:

Are we excited? Heck yeah.

Why? Because this is a perfect example of development done right.

Now, Miss Vero has never been too involved with the politics of it all, we just know what we like and we sure do like Pointe West.

Since this county growth issue seems to be the main topic of the year, what do y'all think?


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