Saturday, February 27, 2010


That's right kids, the weather should be sunny and it'll be a great day to help Mayor Kevin Sawnick clean up the beach. Also, a little after party at Mulligan's sounds like fun!

check out the event page and let them know y'all are attending:


"Join Vero Beach's Mayor, Kevin Sawnick and the community for the 2nd Mayor's Beach Clean up. The event will start at Mulligan's Beach House. Meet at 11am, clean the beach for about an hr. and meet back at Mulligan's for food, refreshments, and a mingle with the Mayor.
The last one was allot of fun and we cleaned about 175 lbs of trash off the beach!"


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hey y'all, can you help a doggie out? Click on this pictures to get all the details. We all need to be at Ti Amo Sempre Sunday afternoon to help our good friend (and groomer to the stars), Mr. Martin Lavender of Blue Ribbon Boarding and Grooming.

Now here's the important part - Miss Vero has last minute tickets for the unbelievable raffle for sale! That's right, here's y'all's chance to win a fabulous weekend getaway at Vero Beach Hotel and Spa with dinner at Cobalt or the Epic Hotel in Miami, courtesy of Kimpton Hotels. $10 for 1, $20 for 3 and $50 for 10! Just e mail us and Miss Vero will deliver them personally. That's right hunnies,we will bring the tickets to you!

We just love the Vero Beach hotel and Spa and so did our little Pup-pup, y'all may have seen his post "Dog Days..."

So please e mail us immediately! Do it now! Doggies need vests!


Thursday, February 18, 2010



Any of y'all notice that Mr. Kenric Ward is missin'? Where do y'all think the kanoodlin' Mr. Ward will be found?


Monday, February 15, 2010


* cartoon source - Jeff Stahler

Well hard to believe hunnies, but little ole Miss Vero has been hangin’ around the cyberspace cocktail party for almost two years now. Y’all may have noticed that our blog,, has some changes and additions in the form of youtube videos, facebook badges, myspace updates and a whole bunch of other such stuff and not too much actual bloggin’.

And y’all would be justified in askin’ “Miss Vero, just what in the H. E. double toothpicks is goin’ on?” and we’d have to remind y’all just how fast our world is changin’. Now some folks are really good at adaptin’ to change and others, well… not so much. Let’s just say that Miss Vero is always ready for the next big party.

Just remember when Miss Vero started there wasn’t much competition in terms of challenging the daily newspaper and its opinion columnist that claimed to represent Indian River County. Just how a local newspaper could appoint one of their insiders to speak for us, who had no idea who we were, ruffled our feathers a little too much and that started the whole blog ball rollin’.

Way back then in May of 2008, there weren’t no 32963 newspaper showin’ up in y’all’s mailboxes. There weren’t no to check out every morning and there weren’t no facebook with folks beggin’ for fans and attention. There was just little ole Miss Vero with some clever photos and our take on local politics, gossip, restaurants and parties. Now it seems everybody’s got a blog, a facebook page, or a half baked agenda.

We are actually thankful that Miss Lisa Zahner has taken over the political muckrakin’, that Keith Carson instantly posts videos on Veronews, that we run into Miss Mary Schenkel at almost every fun event and that it’s easy for new businesses to promote themselves with facebook. Even our once guest blogger Max Newport has his own forum. Shoot, we have to get in line to be snarky to some folks these days, but kids, we don’t mind one bit. In fact, now that the party’s in full swing, it’s time to start another party!

We would never want to be a passenger on a media Titanic and that’s where daily newspapers and radio are headed. Now we know some of y’all will argue, that there are those that still tune into there favorite radio show or like to get ink stains on their hands, but we bet that these are the same folks that still have “I like Ike” buttons in their sock drawer and when they’re gone…Well, let’s just say we don’t expect any children (anyone under forty these days) to fill up the gaps in the audience.

Our good friend Dr. John (who, we have a sneakin’ suspicion is over 40) asked us once, “Who in their right mind would pay for radio?” referring to the new subscription radio stations. Of course Dr. John and I can remember listening to radio programs, watching just five TV channels and getting up off the couch to change those channels. The answer is that cable TV changed all that and you’ll find it hard to find anyone who’s not paying’ for something that we all used to get for free. So yeah, paying for radio is not a strange idea for anyone that doesn’t remember those days.

By offering young folks exactly what they want in news, radio, TV (tivo and hulu!) and especially WHEN they want it on the internet, why should anyone waste their precious multitaskin’, textin’ time on any old media content? Can y’all image anyone cozyin’ up to the radio to listen to “The Shadow Knows” or waiting patiently in front of the TV for “Lassie” to return after a word from our sponsor? Nope, neither can we, those days are long gone, hunnie.

As much as we fondly remember old Florida, the smell of citrus groves, night bloomin’ jasmine comin in through the open jalousies, cool terrazzo floors, train travel, white gloved cocktail parties and Miss Lucy and Miss Alma Lee’s store - those things are behind us on our journey but certainly not forgotten. Someday kids will look back and remember the turn of the 21st century, the days before computers, when cars ran on gasoline that only cost $3 a gallon and those will be their “good ole days”.

The other night at a party, Miss Vero offered to write down some information and asked for a pen. “I never carry a pen anymore” Our acquaintance announced as his thumbs quickly typed our email info into his blackberry.

“What’s that thing called, y’all know what we mean, I’ma have to look that up.” A second later our assistant had googled on his Iphone and provided Miss Vero the answer to the question. If my phone chirps it’s a text and when it rings it’s an old friend. These days it’s doin’ a heck of a lot of chirpin’.

Well, this is now and we love livin’ in the now. Maybe we’re not the fastest to adapt but we sure are willin’ and that’s what’s important. So look for some changes and some “new media” at the Beach House. Let's just say we like to look at things from a different perspective. Miss Vero won’t mind one bit when the kids take over, it’s their world after all and the best we can do is offer some wisdom and a cocktail! We’re not sure they’ll take the advice but the cocktails nevah go to waste!

See y’all? Some things never change.


Friday, February 12, 2010


Well then look no further than Downtown for a perfect trifecta of an evening:

BODEGA BLUE - Our favorite Blues Boy, Ben Prestage, will be preforming tonight at 8pm. Ben always commands a standing room only house and it's a miracle to us how the staff at Bodega greets everyone and makes sure that the drinks keep a comin' without missin' a beat!

- Rock star Karaoke and Drink Specials! Caroline and Billy guarantee fun every Friday night, so why aren't you there, sugah?

And of course y'all can always find some action at the Epicenter of Cool- Undertow. New boy on the block, Justin Gillespie, will be playing. It's his first Friday night gig there and he's a little shy so be gentle with him, kids!

Have Fun y'all and...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We suppose we have some 'splainin' to do...

Well looky at those pretty pictures that Miss Vero posted yesterday with absolutely no explanation at all! What has happened to our gin soaked brain, have we finally hit our limit? Well, let's just say we are busy beyond our wildest imagination and hit the "publish" button instead of the "save" button and there y'all have it.

So let's get started catchin up...

The first picture was taken from a recent trip to the gorgeous city of Savannah, Georgia, where we were visitin' with some kin but always make a point to do touristy things. Since Savannah's liberal alkeehaul policy requires that y'all follow the local open container law strictly - meaning that you must have an open container with you at all times while wakin' around, we consider Savannah and New Orleans the only two great Southern cities outside of Florida (in our little ole humble opinion, which requires a good time be had). We'll get to some N'awlins pickins in a little bit but for now, back to Savannah.

As y'all can plainly see we are indeed wearing yet another pair of gorgeous and always fashionable, Bonanno Sandals! Since we missed our favorite show at Club One with the famous and fabulous Lady Chablis, we thought we'd take a touristy picture outside of Mr. Jim Williams' Mercer House. Now iffin any of y'all don't know the story of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" by now, for pity's sake get yourself down to the library or order it up on netflix, there's just no dang excuse!

After having the most delicious lunch at The Pink House (a tourist destination that should not be classified as such and because Miss Wilkes wasn't open), we stopped into yet another hot touristy spot, The Pirate House. Sitting at the bar and visiting with folks and who do y'all think we run into? Some kids from Vero, that's who! They were doing the incognito touristy thing too. Vero's own cutey pie, Miss Katie McKenna is second from the left!

We finished the evening in one of the greatest dive and hole in the wall bars of all time -Pinkey Masters! A whole lotta history just oozes out of the walls along with the nicotine and whiskey.
"The Pinkie’s clientele is also varied, hosting an assortment of incognito powerbrokers, drunken partiers, roughnecks, gays, SCAD students and professors, lots of news reporters, and an occasional off-course tourist." Our kind of place.

We 've written about Savannah before, so if y'all are thinkin' about makin' a trip - the links that we've just mentioned plus our previous post (just click on "Savannah, GA at the left on the "List") should provide all the info one would need for fabulous food and a rip roarin' good time.

When we got back in town, Miss Vero got a call from our good friend, best blogger, facebook conqueror and favorite real estate Queen, Miss Barbara Martino-Sliva, who invited us to the opening of the new Surf Club last Thursday night. Miss Barbara said this event was right up Miss Vero's alley and boyee, was she right! Yet another fabulous boutique hotel has opened up on our beach and the party was heavily attended. Spotted among the myriad of realtors and go-getters were County Commish, Big Ole Gary Wheeler with an entourage including the first-to-leave-'causes-he's gotta-get-up-early, Mr. Rhett Palmer. Another political dynamo in attendance (insert appropriate sarcastic tone), ex- Mayor and office squatter, Mr. Sabe Abell.

Open bar and fantastic food! We especially loved the bacon wrapped filets, enormous sliders and turkey coquettes. Our friends, The Ryan Larson group (perhaps you've seen them in this video?) provided the perfect music. Miss Vero can't wait to get back, we adore the decor of Dukes bar and the extraordinary rehab and magic that owner, Mr. James Clarke, the gracious Mr. Gary Hughes and their partners have performed to bring this property back to life. Check out their amazing website!

We had a lovely tour of the resort and we spotted two publications prominently featured in the rooms (hence our unexplained photos). Y'all might recognize the ultimate source for local news verobeach32963!

Speaking of vb32963, we have a little more to say about news and bloggin and will deliver that post to our friends at as quick as we can.

But for now, let Miss Vero fulfill at least one promise and give y'all a little bit of WHO DAT! from a good friend of ours in N'Orleans. As y'all probably know by now, we detest the sport of football, but even our ole vinegar veined self could not help but watch The Saints win the Superbowl. Miss Vero knows many folks in NOLA and sure does love that town. It is takin all our strength not to get in the convertible and drive to that party right now! But alas, hunnies, there is plenty goin' on right here in our own little town and while we get our vodka bottles in a row, straighten out our mixers and get down to takin' care of some serious business, we will leave y'all with this fabulous video done by our good friend Mr. Carlo Nuccio to help celebrate their victory and the indomitable spirit of the deserving City of New Orleans!


Monday, February 1, 2010


In case y'all are wonderin' what to do with yourselves this evening...

Miss Vero suggests y'all make it to see Tim tonight. That's Tim Dorsey kids, Miss Vero's favorite Florida author. Mr. Dorsey will be at the Vero Beach Book Center to tell y'all about his new book, we love us some "Serge" so y'all know we'll be there!

Click HERE for details!

Or catch up with SERGE!

And if for some reason y'all can't make it, there's an Amazon book thingy on the right and y'all can go ahead and buy a book with that. Convenient, huh?

Now Hunnies, Miss Vero just got back from yet another trip, so let us unpack and we'll be back a little later to tell y'all about it.