Sunday, February 1, 2009


Now we know y'all were lookin for us on Friday, but Miss Vero was busy, busy, busy, kids! We told y'all our schedule for the weekend - which at this point we are only half way through - and so many of y'all showed up and went along for the ride, but a few have dropped off from the pack and that's completely understandable. Miss Vero has spent years developing the unique combination of fabulous fun, alkeehaul tolerance and devastating dance moves, it would be difficult for anyone to keep up without the proper training and endurance, so don't feel too bad if y'all can't hang.

First things first. Thursday night, Eliot Kleinberg's lecture. At the end of his speaking engagement Mr. Kleinberg apologized for insulting everyone. Y'all just have to admire someone who insults a full house of 800 people and then has them purchase books and wait patiently to meet him. What is it with these Palm Beach Post boys? First Jose Lambiet and now, Eliot Kleinberg. Both smart, entertaining and completely down to earth. Miss Vero contacted Mr. Lambiet a few months ago by email and he sent back his cell phone number and a generous invitation to chit chat, which we did for a good twenty minutes. Then last week Mr. Kleinberg did the same. How charming and gracious these Palm Beach Post journalist are! Perhaps the PJ boys could take a few lessons in manners.

And speaking of Press Journal boys, who do we spot CANOODLING up in the balcony? Mr. Kenric Ward was getting all frisky with ____ (who knows? Fill in the blank) before Mr. Kleinberg's speaking engagement! Thank goodness he calmed down during the lecture, we certainly hoped he was paying attention to Mr. Kleinberg's insightful concept that we all are indeed Floridians.

Friday, after lunching with yet another truly artistic new Veroite at Bobby's II or Bobby's West or Dockside Grill or home of the fabulous Barbara Sharp chimp masterpiece collection (which Miss Vero imagines as are exact replicas of prominent Vero citizens), we ended our luncheon just in time to run home and change into cocktail attire. A collection of strange, unusual and fascinating friends joined Miss Vero at the Packed House gallery opening on 14th St, only to later migrate over to the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow.

We are soo happy to welcome Lady Diane, home after her recent whirlwind escapades, jet setting through Hong Kong, Australia and a quick nip back to the U.K. before arriving in Vero, joined by the always debonair Lord Albert.

Mr. Ken Daige should be Mayor! He's everywhere! Not only do we see him faithfully attending the city council meetings, but we seem to spot him at all the social functions that we attend. And no matter how silly the rest of us may behave, Mr. Daige always conducts himself in a very reserved and dignified manner, besides keeping his ear to the ground and looking past all the BS that seems to be swirling around the local political scene. Yes, a man that can be for the people and OF the people gets my vote, so hopefully we'll see him run for office again soon!

Speaking of the local political scene, Miss Vero seems to have our own personal stalker and guess who it is? Mr. Charlie Wilson! Mr. Wilson showed up on Friday night to get the lowdown on Miss Vero once and for all! And we couldn't have been more pleased! We treated him like a little cat toy, pawing at him and playin with him to the utter disgust of our more liberal minded group. Y'all woulda swore he had leprosy or something! At one point we looked over at one of our friends, who was scolding us and saying "Eeewww, don't do that!", every time we touched him. Mr. Wilson must have had enough of Miss Vero's shenanigans, because he left rather early in the evening. We promised we'd call him on the Rhett Palmer Show on Monday morning, but who are we kidding? Y'all know we don't get up that early and we only catch the rebroadcast in the afternoon, if we happen to remember.

Now here it is, Sunday afternoon and we must get ready to attend a party at the home of the lovely artist Miss Rene Guerin, who had the incredible foresight to schedule something interesting on the same day as the Stupid Bowl. Yeah!

Still more going on this week, so pace yourselves. If Max doesn't recover by tomorrow, we'll take the blame.



Anonymous said...

I used to back Ken Daige, but he supported the switch from fairly clean natural gas-produced electricity to a contract with the OUC to supply Vero with energy from coal. Short-term ploy to get re-elected (keep people happy with slightly lower bills) but long term higher costs. Watch the city sell off the power plant to a developer. Ken also enthusiastically endorsed deep well injection of the city sewage. Alas, he was no better than the rest of the councilmen, just less well-connected.
Also, the author of "Three Cups of tea" will be at the Emerson center feb. 10

Lola said...

Canoodling! Ooh Oooh.... Hehe, isn't that what Miss Vero herself was doing with Mr. Charlie Wilson?

My, my. What a hair cut and a new suit can do for a man. No wonder he left early. No telling what might happen... ;-)

BTW, Miss Vero. It sure is good to know you have tolerance. Alkeehaul has been discriminated against for far too long. :-* :-*

BlessUrHeart said...

Nobody can ever hope to keep up with Miss Vero, of course, dear you set the standard! And you go ahead an paw and toy with anyone you want, dearest. Go on, squeeze a lemon.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the work of Rene Guerin, a real artist.

Anonymous, I am sure we all want to have a perfect politician some day -- Until then, however, judge by the whole book, not just one page. Getting out of the utility problem is a mess, and you shouldn't judge by that vote. Don't dump Daige for that. He is the ONLY one of the bunch who has voted for the people on so many issues, especially protecting neighborhoods and not handing over public land to private individuals for commercial purposes.

And yes, I agree about the injection wells. But . . .

PLEASE NOTE, they will not be injecting untreated SEWAGE into deep wells. It is treated water. Just to be clear.

Daige is very much better than any of the other hacks that now sit on the council, more knowledgable and certainly more caring. The others only care for themselves. His many one-vote-versus-four decisions on items of great importance to the public will bear that out.

Hope you will consider that the options for us in voting for council and county commission seats are not great, we never get a "perfect" choice, and many of the good people who run lose because the newspapers don't run all the facts or even part of the truth.

virtual vero said...

Could it be that Mr. Ward was canoodling with his wife? If it were not she, is he of the Mormon persuasion that subscribes to Big Love? And if so, how many wives does Mr. Ward actually have? Ms. V., we do have to buy you a hidden camera with a very strong zoom lens.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ward is now divorced, so one can ONLY imagine WHO the woman was.