Monday, July 27, 2009


Posted on July 20th

Here we are in our new Bonanno sandals riding around in the Hollywood Hills, looking for the home of one of our famous friends! We sure did have fun in the Hills of Beverly and Tinseltown. Suppose we'll have to send this picture to the folks at Bonanno's, they like to show their shoes on vacation.

Well, we know y'all have probably forgotten about Miss Vero by now and it's our own dang fault. We just haven't been around much this summer, but we told y'all that was gonna happen. Miss Vero is back now for a bit and trying to catch up on the goings on around town.

Let's see... There's ole Rhett Palmer sitting in a fountain with all his fool clothes on...Electric bills are high...anything else? Not really. Maybe y'all would be kind enough to send a few update emails our way. You know, help us get back into the ole swing o' things? We sure would appreciate it. A few party invites wouldn't hurt none. Hint, hint.

Now, it's not just Miss Vero who's been gone for the summer. Our good friend "Muse of the World" is off with a whole houseful of Veroites, livin' the high life in gay Paree! Paris, France, y'all. We've been updated regularly with emails and photos of their adventures, most of which we can't show y'all. But what we can share is a fashion preview for fall. Just remember, y'all heard it here first, so don't be shocked when y'all see it for real.

Somehow we think we'll see more Bonanno's walking down Ocean Drive than this little outfit. Just a guess.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


Miss Vero – Beyond the Beach House

Posted on July 10th

Well, we’ve only had about a week in town in between our summer travels and y’all know we haven’t been sittin’ still. Miss Vero has a dear friend Elton, also known as “Dr. Brown”, who has been kind enough to send us invitations to “Splash” for the past month and due to our travelin’, hangovers and pure forgetfulness, we’ve been unable to attend. We thought we should stop being such a horrible friend and find out what this “Splash” party was all about, so off we went on a rainy Thursday night to the Costa D’Este to check it out.

Miss Vero arrived fashionably late to what was billed as part Salsa lessons, fashion show and the music mixology of Dr. Brown. This worked our well for us, although we did miss out on the dancing, the rain had finally let up and the party was relocated to the pool area. We thought we’d grab a little dinner, it couldn’t possible be that busy, but we were pleasantly surprised by the full dining room. We did manage to get a table and chat with Chef David Rodriguez, who told us that Splash was quite a draw every Thursday. In fact, this week was even a little slower than usual, probably due to the rainy weather. Chef Rodriquez also let us in on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday prix fixe menu deal, $70 dinner for two including a bottle of wine! Between that offer and the incredible Florida Resident hotel deals -$89 for a week night, sounds like “DUI insurance” for Miss Vero – and a great night out.

Did y’all know that the Costa D’Este has a blog? Well hunnies, we suppose just about everyone has one these days! Here’s the link for y’all, with details about the rates:

And it just might be a good idea to call for dining reservations – 772-410-0100

Proud Papa John, was taking pictures of his daughter Marlena Roman, one of the fabulous models walking the pool runway. The Romans own Aphrodite Style, which featured fashions for the show, with one store in Stuart (772-781-8190) and another in City Place, West Palm (561-659-9357).

The models finished with a group shot in front of the fountain and the Salsa music continued on the pool deck.

Did we mention that there were drink specials? Now anyone that knows Miss Vero well (and a few of y’all were there), knows that it’s probably not the best idea to let us mix al-kee-haul and a pool. Some how, we get to thinkin’ that it’d be real fun for everybody to just jump on in! Fortunately, we kept our wits about us and did not have anything to either brag about or regret the next day and the only “Splash” was the real thing. If y’all are lookin’ for something fun on a Thursday night, this would be the party.

Now y’all know we’d join in this week but we’re headed out of town again. So next time we check in it’ll be from the Hills of Beverly! Please let us know if we miss anything, while we’re gone and we’re always looking for new party invitations when we return.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

LET'S TAKE A MINUTE OUT OF OUR BUSY SCHEDULE... tell y'all what's going on.

First of all, all of y'all are asking about and what exactly is happening with the launch. Honestly children, Miss Vero just does not know. Thank you, "SandCrab" for the additional link in the comment section. What we do know, is that it takes tremendous time and effort to start up any kind of new endeavor and so we are just being as patient as y'all. Miss Vero was asked to write a weekly contribution that will be called "BEYOND THE BEACH HOUSE" for and we did submit our article last week, but for whatever reason (and hunnies, we are dang sure they are good reasons), the launch did not go off as planned. Heck, even NASA has these problems. Not to worry, since our little contribution was a bit "time sensitive", we've decided to post an excerpt here for y'all. We'll send another article tomorrow and hope that the launch is soon.

Now y'all have probably noticed that Miss Vero hasn't been around much this summer, but hunnies we have been a travelin fool. Monday we have to go all the way out to Californy for a sad event - a dear friend passed away and we must attend a funeral. Perhaps you may have seen it in the news?

Anyhoo, as y'all probably know by now, we are not one to dwell on sad affairs and so before we skidaddle off to the Hills of Beverly, y'all need to know that as of September 1st, we will be back on a regular basis. Yessiree, the Beach House will be in full swing again, with special surprises and more fun! So keep that in mind and enjoy the summer!

Miss Vero – Beyond the Beach House!
- A little Preview for y'all...

Miss Vero is so honored that we were asked by the lovely folks at to write a little something for y’all. Now we know that everyone thinks that nothing goes on here in the summer, but y’all just have to look in the right places.

On Friday evening (June 27th), we attended the grand opening party of the new Café Mojo, located in the sometimes seemingly vibrant downtown. Y’all would not have known it’s a slow summer judging by the standing room only party and the crowd directly next door at Undertow, otherwise known as “the epicenter of cool”. We didn’t know that the owner of Café Mojo, Caroline Collins, was a big fan of Miss Vero, so when we introduced ourselves she shrieked with recognition and delight! Caroline and her husband Billy have been open a few weeks but the party Friday night was so jammed packed, that the crowd was spilling into the street. We hear Friday night music and fun will be a regular thing, but y’all can give them a call for details -772-567-6900 (no web site just yet).

Caroline and Billy Collins
Cafe Mojo Proprietors

Miss Vero spotted good ole Charlie Wilson of The Indian River County Report (and Rhett Palmer show regular), with a very attractive date that he met at the recount of his run for school board. Charlie lost that election to Claudia Jimenez but things have apparently worked out to his liking, never the less. And speaking of political locals, Mr. Ken Daige and his lovely wife Deborah were also in attendance. Mr. Daige is very vigilant about the goings on at the City Council, even though he also lost his bid in the last election. However, we do expect Mr. Daige to make a come back. Also out and about, young Mr. Kevin Sawnick, freshman City Council member was spotted. We love to see our city council members actually out in the city! Everyone seemed to enjoy the festivities and we were all impressed by the talent of Jesse Kahle, singin’ and a strumming his six string. What!!??Another local boy, singing sensation like Jake Owens? Only time will tell…

Here's a a few snapshots of downtown fun and folks we expect big things from:

Vero's next Singin sensation, the adorable Jesse Kahle!

Fabulous, young and fun, she always makes us laugh - Miss Mallory Matesic!

Mr.Ken Daige and his lovely wife, Deborah.

The weekend went way too fast, like a single bowl of ambrosia at a church social. Before we knew it, it was Sunday afternoon and we decide to pass the time visiting folks and seeing what was going on in the daylight. We stopped by the Undertow to wish Miss Kitty Wagner a Bon Voyage, as she is closing the restaurant for six weeks and she is off to gay Paris to visit our good friend “Muse of the World”, who just happens to have a little summer apartment there. Are we jealous? Y’all can bet we are!

What better way to cure our summer time blues than with a little shopping. We had heard that the little shop next to the new Patio Restaurant had some cute and artsy things so we took ourselves over there only to find that it had closed! Closed for good last week and completely cleaned out and we heard a rumor that it will be turned into a barbershop! That didn’t brighten our mood any.

Could there possible be anything on the Beach on a Sunday afternoon? Well it seems that the retail gods smiled on us, because as we headed toward Ocean Drive we just happened to see that the Stephen Bonanno Sandal shop was open!

For those of y’all that read our blog, we had mentioned about a month ago that we were just dying to get some shoes. Not just any shoes, but these particular shoes. The original Stephen Bonanno Sandals. The last pair we had, we wore right into the ground. Hunnies, Miss Vero just loves, loves, loves, these shoes! These are the original hand crafted sandals that were made in Palm Beach for Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy.
While some of y’all may care about that sort of thing, Miss Vero just loves these shoes because they are the most comfortable things we’ve ever had on our feet and they last forever. Fore-ev-ahh. If y’all do happen to wear them into the ground, they can be repaired. When we found the store unexpectedly open, we got to meet the owner Rob. He said he was just plum bored out of his mind, sitting at home on a Sunday while his wife Cathy was up north, doing a trunk show, so he decide to open up. Lucky us.

Now y’all know we walked out of there pleased as punch with our sandal purchase and y’all can bet we’ll be going back real soon. If y’all need any more info check out their website: - but go visit Rob, any man that’s willing to open up his shop on a Sunday and talk shoes, is our hero.

Here's a picture of Rob at the factory in Stuart, taken from Miss Vivian's Blog -

We suppose we’ve taken enough of y’all’s time by now. We’ll be checking back soon and of course we’d love to hear from everyone. Don’t forget to check out our myspace page for, umm, how shall we say it? …interesting and fun events! Miss Vero especially loves invitations to cocktail parties or any other form of fabulocity that y’all might have. Just let us know!