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Miss Vero – Beyond the Beach House

Posted on July 10th

Well, we’ve only had about a week in town in between our summer travels and y’all know we haven’t been sittin’ still. Miss Vero has a dear friend Elton, also known as “Dr. Brown”, who has been kind enough to send us invitations to “Splash” for the past month and due to our travelin’, hangovers and pure forgetfulness, we’ve been unable to attend. We thought we should stop being such a horrible friend and find out what this “Splash” party was all about, so off we went on a rainy Thursday night to the Costa D’Este to check it out.

Miss Vero arrived fashionably late to what was billed as part Salsa lessons, fashion show and the music mixology of Dr. Brown. This worked our well for us, although we did miss out on the dancing, the rain had finally let up and the party was relocated to the pool area. We thought we’d grab a little dinner, it couldn’t possible be that busy, but we were pleasantly surprised by the full dining room. We did manage to get a table and chat with Chef David Rodriguez, who told us that Splash was quite a draw every Thursday. In fact, this week was even a little slower than usual, probably due to the rainy weather. Chef Rodriquez also let us in on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday prix fixe menu deal, $70 dinner for two including a bottle of wine! Between that offer and the incredible Florida Resident hotel deals -$89 for a week night, sounds like “DUI insurance” for Miss Vero – and a great night out.

Did y’all know that the Costa D’Este has a blog? Well hunnies, we suppose just about everyone has one these days! Here’s the link for y’all, with details about the rates:

And it just might be a good idea to call for dining reservations – 772-410-0100

Proud Papa John, was taking pictures of his daughter Marlena Roman, one of the fabulous models walking the pool runway. The Romans own Aphrodite Style, which featured fashions for the show, with one store in Stuart (772-781-8190) and another in City Place, West Palm (561-659-9357).

The models finished with a group shot in front of the fountain and the Salsa music continued on the pool deck.

Did we mention that there were drink specials? Now anyone that knows Miss Vero well (and a few of y’all were there), knows that it’s probably not the best idea to let us mix al-kee-haul and a pool. Some how, we get to thinkin’ that it’d be real fun for everybody to just jump on in! Fortunately, we kept our wits about us and did not have anything to either brag about or regret the next day and the only “Splash” was the real thing. If y’all are lookin’ for something fun on a Thursday night, this would be the party.

Now y’all know we’d join in this week but we’re headed out of town again. So next time we check in it’ll be from the Hills of Beverly! Please let us know if we miss anything, while we’re gone and we’re always looking for new party invitations when we return.


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