Monday, September 20, 2010


Ahhhhhh....... what could be better than to spend an afternoon at Mark's at the Pointe? Especially after dealin' with a few irksome issues that have been popin' up around town. So, Miss Vero decided to pay our favorite hair guy Mark Rodolico a visit, y'all may remember our incredible transformation from Frodo to fabulous feet on our last outing? Well hunnies, we just love the attention to detail at this local establishment. Everything from monogrammed towels, to massages while you wait, to wonderful refreshments and libations! Oh and, speaking of which, y'all need to enter to win a free cocktail party at Mark's.


So we scheduled an appointment and Mark agreed to clear the place out for us because we knew this was gonna take some time. We suppose that after they had to use the Black and Decker heavy duty sander for our pedicure that hedge clippers and hazmat chemicals would have to be employed to fix our mane. Well, we walked right in and apparently, from Mark's expression, we were a tad overdue...

Our coif was as frazzled as our nerves and needed to be documented...

But hunnies, the results just speak for themselves...

Our favorite hair guy preforms his magic once again!

So what are y'all waitin' for? Call 772-492-8200, after all, if he can help ole Miss Vero, he really is magic!

Just a little side note: Mark is embarkin' on a new weight loss program and we wish him luck, although Miss Vero has absolutely no advice to give in this regard. Well, sugah there is a first time for everything.


Saturday, September 18, 2010


According to the September 17th, Florida State Agency for workforce press release, Indian River county does indeed have the third highest unemployment rate...

Check out this map...

Is any one a bit perturbed yet?

Is it any wonder Miss Vero needs a good stiff martini right about now?


No, there is not a mistake in the TCPALM link in the following article. After we posted this yesterday, the article was removed as were the comments. We heard some one referenced Miss Vero and "POOF" the original article magically disappeared! Thanks to a wonderful secret admirer for pointing this out.


Friday, September 17, 2010


Hey y'all guess what? TCPalm has a big story today about Indian River County having the third highest unemployment in the state and it's such a big story that they had two (yes two!) reporters contribute to this amazing piece of investigative journalism.

With such stellar coverage y'all would think that a little more info would be provided like, hey! Why is our little ole county in such a mess? What about all that dang stimulus money, wasn't that supposed to help, how much did we get? Where'd it all go?

Well hunnies, Miss Vero is feeling particularly generous today and we know that those folks over at the PJ/Palm are so overwhelmed, we thought we'd take two measly minutes out of our day to help 'em out a bit, here goes....

Marine Bank and Trust received 3 MILLION of your tax dollars under the TARP program. Now, before y'all get riled, those nice Wisconsin Farmers did manage to return $235,713 of it.
Oh and huh, they are the only bank in Indian River County to receive funds.

The city of Vero Beach received $2,186,651.00 for....

or over 9 million dollars according to another source.

Indian River County received $87,352,878.oo, yes, 87 MILLION!!! in grants and loans!

What's really interesting
is to see the recipients of the loans. Where was Miss Vero the day that offer came out - "hey y'all, we got your stimulus money come on in for a small business loan!" Nope, don't remember hearin' that.

Ok, so now y'all have some ammunition. What y'all do with it is your choice.


Sunday, September 12, 2010


Forgive Miss Vero's gin soaked memory, we forgot to tell y'all that there is a moving SALE! going on at "Footprints" . Awright, proceed....

Thursday, September 9, 2010


...or, yes we have some Bonannos!

Y'all may remember these wonderful images of Miss Vero in Las Vegas, Hollywood and Savannah, wearin' our favorite sandals of all time, which we have purchased right here in Vero Beach.

Well hunnies, after getting properly pedicured at Mark's at the Pointe, we decided to stop in and visit with Miss Cathy over at "Footprints" formally known as Stephen Bonanno's Sandals and Resort Wear. It seems that Miss Cathy has gotten involved in some legal squabble over the sandals and folks just don't know what to believe when they hear rumors or read minimal coverage of situations in the anemic daily newspaper, so natch, we had to get it straight from the source.

This is what Miss Vero has been able to understand - There was a huge investment on the part of Miss Cathy and her adorable husband Rob to take over a lease of a store in Stuart, open another one in Vero and all manner of what it takes in this economy to run a business.

Everyone knows that customers in Vero can be demanding, especially when your husband thinks you're payin' $100 or more for a pair of dang flip flops. (Rob told us about some women who don't want the box or bag and just slip them in their purse so that so their spouse is none the wiser!).

Howevah, let's remember that these are no ordinary toe thongs but the coolest, most comfortable resort sandal y'all could possibly wear. So of course there is a high demand. Cathy and Rob know that customer service is the key and when custom orders were taking more than three or four months, they knew they had to remedy the situation. So they resourced their product from the other Bonanno sandal factory, so that they could deliver their orders as promised.

Now, of course there is a lawsuit involved and to be quite honest, Miss Vero tends to shy away from all the legal mumbo jumbo and prefers to see everyone involved have their day in court, not to mention we are not privy to all the exact details. So it would be unwise for us to comment, except that this sandal scandal seems to have a life of it's own. Let's just start with the other factory.

The other factory? Well yes hunnies, guess what? Stephen Bonanno is not the only Bonanno in the biz, there's also his ex wife Monica. Now when Mister and Misses B got dee-vorced back in 2008, Miss Monica got the original factory and continued to produce the sandals that she and her husband had previously and mutually manufactured in West Palm Beach, calling her creations "Original Bonanno Sandals".

And after the parties parted, Mr. Bonanno set up shop in Stuart with his parents and sister, also manufacturing the sandals, calling his "Stephen Bonanno Sandals". He and his family claim that they have the original and had a hand in the creation of the famous Palm Beach style that was favored by none other than Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. In fact they have a photo of her on their website with a caption, so it must be true!

But wait...

There's that famous photo again...

This time it's on the Jack Rogers website. Who is Jack Rogers? Oh, just someone else layin' claim to the famous style, only they call theirs the "navajo" and they're pretty popular too. Most fashion historians (yep, there is such a thing!) claim that Mrs. Kennedy did wear Jack Rogers.

In fact, we have nevah seen so much debate over a simple sandal. Would y'all believe there's even a third player in this pedi protest? Another person, Stephen Salario says that he is the rightful heir to the duplicated design!

Oh my, y'all could spend hours researchin' just who has the best, the most comfortable and the original and Lawd have mercy, we did just that. Interested in this hot debate? Check out some of the outrageous back and forth on this shameful shoe subject. Honestly, some of the accusations in the comment sections are scandalous!:

"Biscuits are Never Boring"

"Jen Fitch Style- Who made Jackie's Sandals?"

"Pink Preppy Party girl - Jack Rogers, Stephen Salario and Stephen Bonanno... Oh my!"

"Glamour Fashion Blogs"

Our favorite comment was on the blog "Millie Deel - all For a Picture of Jackie O"

"The sandals were originally made by my grandmother's brother, Luigi Pucillo. He used to display them in his brother, Gus Pucillo's famous Worth Ave., Palm Beach restaurant, The Petit Marmite. The Kennedy family frequented this restaurant and that is how Jackie O got to wearing them."

Because it seems, the only one thing that anyone can agree on is, that Mr. Luigi Pucillo was indeed the original maker of the sandal. Now, who else has legitimate claim to being a co-cobbler, we'll never know.

All we do know is that we love our sandals and we are happy to get them locally from Miss Cathy which brings us right back to where we started hunnies and that is Vero Beach.

Cathy and Rob Riggs will be opening "Footprints" at their new location on Ocean Drive, in just a few weeks and when they do, Miss Vero will be there to take some pictures of the new store and tell y'all about it.

The most important thing to remember is this - we are all about Vero and supporting local business. We understand how many folks are strugglin' with keepin' their small storefronts up and running and we're glad to have them, whether on the beach, downtown or in between!

Oh...and we could always use another pair of sandals, after all, it is Florida hunnies!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


...Miss Vero was pampered...really, really pampered.

And so we got to thinkin', should we share the secret of our special pamperin' place with y'all? Well yes, we think we should!

We have finally discovered the best place in Vero to have a pedicure - Mark's at the Pointe!

In a quiet corner, tucked in the back, is a delightful little place to have our -nevah in closed shoes toes- polished up just right...

It was so relaxin'to sit a spell and look out over the water, a libation in hand, while a big ole manatee lazily swam by...

And Miss Melanie is one of the nicest people who is willing to perform this arduous task...

...because honey our puppys were lookin' like we had just come from hobbit land...

And now they look and feel like angel feet!

We sure don't know how Mr. Mark did it, but he has created one of the hottest salons in Vero. Not on the beach and not in town, but a perfect location in just the right spot - Royal Palm Pointe. We can't wait to go back again next week for a major makeover in the hair department. Would y'all like to see some before and after photos? Of course y'all would!

We'll work on that, but in the mean time what don't y'all check out the contest on their web site, it's a deal right after our own heart -

Enter to WIN your very own
Mark's At The Pointe
"Cocktail Party"
Tell us about your group!
You could win
a girls night out!

There's no doubt in our mind that we will be spending a lot of time at Mark's, for one thing we need it - Bad. For another, it's fabulous hunnies and Miss Vero encourages y'all to find out for yourselves. Why do we like it so much? Well, we have been like the Goldy-locks of salons and spas around town, trying to find the perfect place. Some are just too uppity for our liking and then some are just too much of a revolvin' door, with folks coming and going. And the last place we had our coif cured, just one day was out of business! So, now we have Mark's and guess what? It's just right!