Friday, September 17, 2010


Hey y'all guess what? TCPalm has a big story today about Indian River County having the third highest unemployment in the state and it's such a big story that they had two (yes two!) reporters contribute to this amazing piece of investigative journalism.

With such stellar coverage y'all would think that a little more info would be provided like, hey! Why is our little ole county in such a mess? What about all that dang stimulus money, wasn't that supposed to help, how much did we get? Where'd it all go?

Well hunnies, Miss Vero is feeling particularly generous today and we know that those folks over at the PJ/Palm are so overwhelmed, we thought we'd take two measly minutes out of our day to help 'em out a bit, here goes....

Marine Bank and Trust received 3 MILLION of your tax dollars under the TARP program. Now, before y'all get riled, those nice Wisconsin Farmers did manage to return $235,713 of it.
Oh and huh, they are the only bank in Indian River County to receive funds.

The city of Vero Beach received $2,186,651.00 for....

or over 9 million dollars according to another source.

Indian River County received $87,352,878.oo, yes, 87 MILLION!!! in grants and loans!

What's really interesting
is to see the recipients of the loans. Where was Miss Vero the day that offer came out - "hey y'all, we got your stimulus money come on in for a small business loan!" Nope, don't remember hearin' that.

Ok, so now y'all have some ammunition. What y'all do with it is your choice.


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