Monday, September 20, 2010


Ahhhhhh....... what could be better than to spend an afternoon at Mark's at the Pointe? Especially after dealin' with a few irksome issues that have been popin' up around town. So, Miss Vero decided to pay our favorite hair guy Mark Rodolico a visit, y'all may remember our incredible transformation from Frodo to fabulous feet on our last outing? Well hunnies, we just love the attention to detail at this local establishment. Everything from monogrammed towels, to massages while you wait, to wonderful refreshments and libations! Oh and, speaking of which, y'all need to enter to win a free cocktail party at Mark's.


So we scheduled an appointment and Mark agreed to clear the place out for us because we knew this was gonna take some time. We suppose that after they had to use the Black and Decker heavy duty sander for our pedicure that hedge clippers and hazmat chemicals would have to be employed to fix our mane. Well, we walked right in and apparently, from Mark's expression, we were a tad overdue...

Our coif was as frazzled as our nerves and needed to be documented...

But hunnies, the results just speak for themselves...

Our favorite hair guy preforms his magic once again!

So what are y'all waitin' for? Call 772-492-8200, after all, if he can help ole Miss Vero, he really is magic!

Just a little side note: Mark is embarkin' on a new weight loss program and we wish him luck, although Miss Vero has absolutely no advice to give in this regard. Well, sugah there is a first time for everything.



Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Vero. Glad to see you back at it. I read about Mark and his weight loss/health improvement endeavor in the Your News section of today's PJ.

I'm sure he's in good hands but still have a few thoughts for him. I thought I'd share them here as I figure he'll check in, and it may be helpful to others.

First, I would suggest some detoxing, especially through detox baths in order to rid his body of excess radiation and chemo drugs.
Here's a website with overall advice:
(There are scores of others if you look.)

I would prefer a sea salt (or epsom salt) and baking soda bath as a start.

Second, diet soda is just no good for anybody who wants to be healthy. (Donald Rumsfeld got aspartame approved- that alone should tell you something). It's not only considered as a neurotoxin, studies have found it is no good for diabetics- and it leads to weight gain!
Check out wikipedia on it- scroll down to 'Controversy over Health':

Also, if the soda (or protein powder drink) has acesulfame in it, that has shown in studies to cause tumors. But it was approved for use because they were non cancerous. I would also avoid that because who knows what too much would do if you've had cancer.

Like with any advice, it wouldn't hurt to do your own research.

Good luck!

TTFN, LDouglas

Yep, I can't remember my Google Acct. info and had to sign in as anonymous.

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