Monday, October 4, 2010


Just when y'all think that ole Charlie Wilson has floated away...

"It's official. We are on the air starting Monday 5 to 6pm on WAXE 1370am.

The Indian River Report is live and up to the minute. A full hour of news from Indian River and North St. Lucie Counties. News every 7 minutes for your drive home plus interviews with todays newsmakers. Find out what happened while you were at work.

The Indian River Report will be hosted by a number of different people and will be immediately popular because of its content not its personalities. The first host will be Charlie Wilson. Stay tuned for a roster of hosts and co-hosts to be announced."

Here's a pic of Mr. Wilson congratulating Mr. Flescher on primary night in the county commish race. We recently met with Charlie and he told Miss Vero that even though he's staying out of politics, he will still be in the public eye - or ear! We wish Charlie all the best in his new endeavor!

Don't have a radio? Who does? y'all can listen online! WAXE1370AM



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