Wednesday, September 1, 2010


...Miss Vero was pampered...really, really pampered.

And so we got to thinkin', should we share the secret of our special pamperin' place with y'all? Well yes, we think we should!

We have finally discovered the best place in Vero to have a pedicure - Mark's at the Pointe!

In a quiet corner, tucked in the back, is a delightful little place to have our -nevah in closed shoes toes- polished up just right...

It was so relaxin'to sit a spell and look out over the water, a libation in hand, while a big ole manatee lazily swam by...

And Miss Melanie is one of the nicest people who is willing to perform this arduous task...

...because honey our puppys were lookin' like we had just come from hobbit land...

And now they look and feel like angel feet!

We sure don't know how Mr. Mark did it, but he has created one of the hottest salons in Vero. Not on the beach and not in town, but a perfect location in just the right spot - Royal Palm Pointe. We can't wait to go back again next week for a major makeover in the hair department. Would y'all like to see some before and after photos? Of course y'all would!

We'll work on that, but in the mean time what don't y'all check out the contest on their web site, it's a deal right after our own heart -

Enter to WIN your very own
Mark's At The Pointe
"Cocktail Party"
Tell us about your group!
You could win
a girls night out!

There's no doubt in our mind that we will be spending a lot of time at Mark's, for one thing we need it - Bad. For another, it's fabulous hunnies and Miss Vero encourages y'all to find out for yourselves. Why do we like it so much? Well, we have been like the Goldy-locks of salons and spas around town, trying to find the perfect place. Some are just too uppity for our liking and then some are just too much of a revolvin' door, with folks coming and going. And the last place we had our coif cured, just one day was out of business! So, now we have Mark's and guess what? It's just right!


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