Monday, July 27, 2009


Posted on July 20th

Here we are in our new Bonanno sandals riding around in the Hollywood Hills, looking for the home of one of our famous friends! We sure did have fun in the Hills of Beverly and Tinseltown. Suppose we'll have to send this picture to the folks at Bonanno's, they like to show their shoes on vacation.

Well, we know y'all have probably forgotten about Miss Vero by now and it's our own dang fault. We just haven't been around much this summer, but we told y'all that was gonna happen. Miss Vero is back now for a bit and trying to catch up on the goings on around town.

Let's see... There's ole Rhett Palmer sitting in a fountain with all his fool clothes on...Electric bills are high...anything else? Not really. Maybe y'all would be kind enough to send a few update emails our way. You know, help us get back into the ole swing o' things? We sure would appreciate it. A few party invites wouldn't hurt none. Hint, hint.

Now, it's not just Miss Vero who's been gone for the summer. Our good friend "Muse of the World" is off with a whole houseful of Veroites, livin' the high life in gay Paree! Paris, France, y'all. We've been updated regularly with emails and photos of their adventures, most of which we can't show y'all. But what we can share is a fashion preview for fall. Just remember, y'all heard it here first, so don't be shocked when y'all see it for real.

Somehow we think we'll see more Bonanno's walking down Ocean Drive than this little outfit. Just a guess.


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