Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hey y'all, can you help a doggie out? Click on this pictures to get all the details. We all need to be at Ti Amo Sempre Sunday afternoon to help our good friend (and groomer to the stars), Mr. Martin Lavender of Blue Ribbon Boarding and Grooming.

Now here's the important part - Miss Vero has last minute tickets for the unbelievable raffle for sale! That's right, here's y'all's chance to win a fabulous weekend getaway at Vero Beach Hotel and Spa with dinner at Cobalt or the Epic Hotel in Miami, courtesy of Kimpton Hotels. $10 for 1, $20 for 3 and $50 for 10! Just e mail us and Miss Vero will deliver them personally. That's right hunnies,we will bring the tickets to you!

We just love the Vero Beach hotel and Spa and so did our little Pup-pup, y'all may have seen his post "Dog Days..."

So please e mail us immediately! Do it now! Doggies need vests!


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