Thursday, July 24, 2008


Miss Vero has been busy lately with not enough hours in the day and while we've been driving around town, doing our errands, we have passed the Patio and noticed the yellow tape and orange mesh fence, makin the whole thing look like an unfortunate crime scene.

The Patio was not only a restaurant that Miss Vero frequented, but it is also a treasure chest of our county, thanks to the vision of Waldo Sexton. Here's a fabulous article, that everyone who lives here should read, documenting his love of the artifacts of Addison Mizner and how Palm Beach's trash became Vero Beach's treasure:

We were concerned for the beautiful antiques, stained glass and wrought iron inside, so we called Miss Hildie Tripson, of the Sexton family to put our fears at rest.

Miss Hildie was especially gracious and took the time to assure us that nothing in the interior is being removed and the original decor will remain with all of the wonderful quirkiness that Waldo intended.

"We're just remodeling the kitchen" she promised. "and the restaurant will be opening again in November with a new tenant."

Thanks Miss Hildie, now we can breath a big sigh of relief. So there y'all have it, something to look forward to.

Oh and by the way, today's Press Journal restaurant review is about the Ocean Grill. Now y'all know we have something to say about that, but we promised someone that we would mind our manners and not say anything nasty today. Don't worry kids, we'll be back to our ole vinegar veined self tomorrow!


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