Friday, July 25, 2008



Is this man...

  1. Shredding paper
  2. Voting
  3. Both

Answer: #2 Voting! - although #3 could possibly be true.

A couple of weeks ago, Miss Vero was flippin through the channels and saw Indian River County Elections Supervisor, Kay Clem, doing a demonstration with the new voting machines that we'll be using in the up coming elections. We wondered if the demonstration would be on the Election web site or TCPalm, but try as do, we cannot find it. We thought maybe TV 10, but getting information from there is like collectin hen's teeth. The TV 10 website has been "under construction" since before we started blogging:

The Vote Indian River County website does not show a demonstration, but tells us that it is a voters responsibility to "Familiarize himself or herself with the operation of the voting equipment in his or her precinct ."

Now, we don't know about y'all, but Miss Vero is mighty skeptical about these types of things and sure 'nuf after a little checkin, some other folks with the same Sequoia voting machine are not convinced either:

Another blogger in Connecticut, even suggested that the similarity to a paper shredder was all too obvious:

Even the PJ ran an article about our voting machines that was met with overwhelming apathy:

What do y'all think? Should we be concerned about the candidates, the charter issue or just plain concerned that our little ole vote is even counted? Miss Vero sure do wish Gubna Charlie would stop gallivantin around and provide us with that paper receipt he promised:

Oh my goodness is right! This election year has got our head spinnin! Now y'all know that the only party that Miss Vero subscribes to is the cocktail party, that being said we believe it's time for a little party action of our own!

Have a good weekend kids, we hear WPTV will be broadcasting the news from the Driftwood at 5 o'clock today, maybe we'll see y'all there...



BlessUrHeart said...

My father was filling out his vote-by-mail ballot and asked if anyone thought Clem would actually count any votes for her opponent Hart. "One word," my mom said. "Shredder." We all laughed. But then we looked at each other and realized it ain't all that funny. We vote "no confidence" in any of those machines that don't give us a countable receipt.

There's been too much money thrown into downright dirty dealings here in Fla. and even here in IRC to think that we can assume anybody is clear of the slime. There are a whole lotta candidates out there trying to keep the people from having a stronger voice in order that their apple cart of corruption not be upset by the intrusion of we the people -- whether its the Hometown Democracy Amendment or charter gov't [which is simply our own ability to write the laws on how we run our county gov't rather than the State telling us how we do it] these ideas get popular simply because we the people have lost confidence that our elected officials will do for us rather than just for themselves.

ok, was that too serious for Miss V? goodness, just throw some tequila at me, will ya??

Miss Vero said...

That's all right hunney, tell it like it is! But y'all know we would never risk throwing good tequila, so just calm down sugar and let Miss Vero fix y'all a refreshing Margarita!


BlessUrHeart said...

Such a level head -- and such a good host! It's why we love you, Miss V!

Countess du Roseland said...

Greetings to all the little people out there on the interweb! Especially to you Miss Vero, precious Miss Vero, you know that it's not the size of your beach house, but how you use your beach house. Doesn't anyone respect old money anymore?

In regards to the disreputable state of our election process; I do not now and have never, had finacial relations with Sequoia Voting System. They are an upstart and vulgar company.
Vulgar I tell you.

In a 2007 investigative report by Dan Rather, Sequoia Voting Systems was implicated, by former employees, in a plot to push electronic voting machines by intentionally manufacturing poor quality paper ballots destined for West Palm Beach, FL in the 2000 presidential election. Former employees stated that the paper and manufacturing process for just the ballots destined for West Palm Beach were outside of normal specifications which caused all of the hanging chads and recount problems. The companies pressmen and quality control departments refused to sign off on the defective ballots forcing the plant manager to personally force the ballots through the manufacturing process.[7]

The New York Times, my favorite mulch, reports that Florida is scheduled to replace all of its touch-screen-based voting machines by July 1, 2008, and that Sequoia has offered to buy them back for $1. However this offer has been refused.

Futhermore, in violation of an agreement with the U.S. Treasury Department's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) who had been reviewing Venezuela's ties to Smartmatic/Sequoia. Mr Chevez indeed!

Nonetheless I expect you for tea my dear, at the usual hour. Also could you be so kind as to return the silver spoons borrowed for last weeks charity event.

Miss Vero said...


We are humbled by your presence at the Beach House, the red carpet is always covering the sand for your Royal feet. We are honored!