Sunday, July 27, 2008


OK, now any of y'all that have been a fan of Miss Vero know that we usually high tail it outa here any chance we get, but this weekend we decided to staycation in our own little town. Lots o'stuff was a happenin kids (y'all would never know it from readin the PJ) but yes, there were places to go and people to annoy!

First things first, New Channel 5 and their staff are the absolute best! Miss Vero loves, loves, loves them! They were super sweet, competent, professional and did a top notch job on covering all things Vero. The Channel 5 News was broadcast live from the Driftwood Inn Friday evening with a small but enthusiastic crowd. We spotted the Vero Chickys doing their chicky thing and snaging a promo with Channel 5. They have the best pics and videos for y'all to see. Check out the Vero Chickys!:

Not to mention that when one of our correspondents asked for an autograph for Miss Vero, Chandra Bill gasped "Miss Vero??!! We love Miss Vero! we read her blog!" Of course it helped kids, that Miss Vero sent them a welcome to Vero note before they arrived, which is only good manners.

Speaking of good manners, where was the Press Journal???!!!
As polite as the staff and crew were, every question concerning the where abouts of the Press Journal was met with downcast eyes and "I dunnos". One member of the production crew told us "It's like having a relationship with a step-sibling, even though we're family, sometimes we don't talk to each other" and he made us promise not to print his picture or tell his name, so we won't. Very strange indeed, considering that the PJ and WPTV are both owned by Scripps and are partnered with TCPalm.

Miss Vero thought that this kind of media hoopla would bring out a few local politicians. Now, we did spot a few people that had already served in office or had run for office (Don't quibble, vote for Bibble - and if y'all get that reference, check yourself off for being here way too long). But the only current running man in sight was our favorite, handsome Bill McMullen, and hunnies he is still as sweet as ever. Points to Bill for showing up!

After all the hub bub and heat, Miss Vero's posse made our way cross the bridge to the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow! We had the pleasure of being served by the Cutest Boy in Vero and Miss Kitty took a moment to tell us about Undertow website updates and the local Barack Obama campaign group meeting there on Saturday.

So y'all know we showed up. Miss Kitty said she only expected about forty people, but children that place was packed. We're talking standin room only and a lot of folks in Indian River County are excited about Mr. Obama. It was truly a news worthy event, so again we have to ask - where was the Press Journal??!!

We had saved up enough energy to keep going on Sunday, when we attended the fabulous soiree at the Count and Countess du Roseland's beach front estate. We are so happy when the Royal couple is in town because of the spectacular parties they host. And yes, we returned the silver spoons.

We did have to skedaddle early however, because the lush-ious boys at the Long Branch put us on the guest list for the male review Sunday night and well, Miss Vero doesn't like to disappoint.

Oh, my. If we tell y'all that it was hot, that would be an extreme understatement. DJ Silvio and his crew put on an ultra fabulous show and if y'all missed it, well.. let's just say everyone was havin so much fun that we probably shouldn't post any of the pictures. If y'all are lookin for a party the Long Branch is the only game in town. They have one more party coming up on August 3rd and kids if y'all have any life left in ya, get yourself there!

Miss Vero is now officially exhausted!

But doing it all for y'all...


P.S. A big shout out to the most wonderful Lee Dee who should not blame his headache this morning on Miss Vero!


BlessUrHeart said...

Oh, Miss Vero! You are everywhere, and I am exhausted just readin' about all your doins' in VB. I am so very pleased that you are showin' us all what fun there is here, if only we KNEW about it. Lawd a mercy, those hunks o' beef certainly look worthy of gettin' out on a Sunday night! mmmmmmm! I can only regret my being such a tired a** during the sultry sunday nights.

You are an inspiration to us all!

Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,
Howdy. Sounds like you had yourself more fun than rooster in a hen-house. The Count and Countess are always a pleasure, especially when they allow the commoners to bask in their glow (and forget to ask about the silver ladle.)
Those Channel 5 ladies sure are peppy. It's good to hear that they are REAL and not just "personalities".
Love and Hugs

People Like Us said...

Why Miss Vero I would never ever want to blame you for my headache. That sweetheart we know is my own . Although we do know it wouldn't be a far stretch to say you were certainly an instigator, and we both know @ PLU its our duty to indulge in life's rich pageantry. Innit now? Se Claro!
Besos !!! your pal EL Dee `

Miss Vero said...

Once again y'all make me so proud!