Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Or, as Mickey Roarke in the movie Barfly would say " A drink for all my friends!" - which of course is based on one of Miss Vero's favorite writers, Charles Bukowski and would certainly be somethin that we'd say!

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that there are a few features of the Beach House that need to be clarified. We've had many questions and frustrations so we thought we would just give y'all a few tips.

If y'all are looking to see if Miss Vero wrote about a place or person, at the top on the left, y'all can type in what you're lookin for in the white space next to "Search Blog". Most of the topics now appear on the right side and if y'all click on one of them, it will bring up all of the posts related to that topic.

  • Look way down at the bottom of today's post. Do y'all see the little envelope? Well, if y'all click that it will show y'all how to email a post to other folks.

  • Now just to the left of that it says COMMENTS and if y'all click that, y'all can post a comment. Some folks have given themselves google accounts with cute names and we like that, but if y'all don't want to open another account, we completely understand, so just post anonymous. If y'all want to sign a name at the bottom of the anonymous post y'all can.

  • When y'all click COMMENT, a box will appear and it will say "Leave your comment". Write what y'all want then the next step is to squint your eyes and figure out what the squiggly letters are. Type the squiggly letters into the box that says "word verification"

  • Then click on the little circle next to anonymous and then click the orange bar that says "publish your comment" Wha-la y'all did it!

There will soon be some changes to the Beach House, a little redecorating as it were and some new features in store, so thanks so much kids for checking in and remember Miss Vero is only one damn person. We are so weary to the bone children, what with our social schedule and all, that we are seriously considering asking some friends to help out. Now it's really time for your two cents, see that poll up in the right hand corner? Miss Vero doesn't believe y'all need instructions for that, but this is Florida innit?

Good things are a-comin!



Anonymous said...

You are awesome Miss Vero. If you want to add stringers for additional content I say do it. But, and it is a big but, you must supervise and maintain integrity and attitude. As long as you are in charge, shine a light.

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