Monday, July 21, 2008


Guess what? It's a day of celebration! As y'all know, Miss Vero usually high tails it outa town on the weekends. Last weekend we were in Savannah and yesterday we just got back from a little jaunt up in Cocoa Beach. Imagine our surprise when we read our emails and found this comment:

Anonymous said...
"Miss Vero - what a joker! Blogs are places where people who cannot get legitimate journalist jobs go to play at being journalists. Your comments just reinforce that point. Write on honey. Hope you have a real job to fall back on. Meanwhile those of us who love the PJ columnists--the 'real deals' in the world of local journalism--will go there for better copy."
July 20, 2008 3:05 PM

That's right kids - our very first negative comment! Y'all know, when it comes to blogging, if you're not annoying someone, you're not doin it right. Apparently we are successful!

We just howled with laughter about the "real job" part. Don't you worry nothin about that sugar, y'all can keep that all for youself. Miss Vero is just too busy travelin, partyin, cocktailin and being all around happy, we could never figure out how to fit a "real job" into our schedule.

Hmmm..., which "real deal" journalist do y'all think posted? we joked about it being Russ Lemmon, but it was prolly Miss Diana Foote herself, since it was posted after an intense search for all things labeled Diana Foote and then attached to an older post about her. (A Connecticut Yankee in Miss Vero's Court, June 26th).

In case y'all haven't noticed newspapers are not having such a good time.
So we certainly understand the "real journalist" running like a scared rabbit from big bad ole Miss Vero.

Listen, it's nothing personal, we are just tired of being insulted by the level of "real journalism" that the PJ continues to defend. They are severely behind the times and out of touch. Most newspapers have several online bloggers. The PJ has three kids at the watercooler that talk about pop culture. Chris Arnold is quite good and has a fresh take on entertainment, but that just isn't enough.

On the other side of the bridge, VeroBeach32963 gets better all the time! They just broke a story about Monte's and Rip's closing:
It will be interesting to see that publication pick up steam when season starts and all the beachies return to the island...

Can't wait to mix a martini and sit back and watch the fireworks!



Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

Sounds like our "friends" at the Depress Urinal have "stopped preachin' and gone to meddlin'". Why is it that they are taking the approach of "our pig ain't winnin' no awards, so we gonna' ugly-up your pig"?

Do ya think they know they can't put lipstick on their pig and call her Bessie? Well..."real" journalism should be relevant, timely, and grammatically correct. You are "aces" on all three.

Love ya,

BlessUrHeart said...

Oooo, did someone get their foote caught in the spyware door? Time for a pig roast, hey Jethro!

Miss Vero said...

Well Jethro hunny, we ain't too sure 'bout that there grammar thang, but bless your pea-pickin heart, fo sayin so.


Ralphie said...

Infamous 'Anonymous' here!

Sorry, not much of a computer guy...couldn't quite figure out how to get my handle on your site, maybe I got it right this time?

For the record I'm not Ms Foote or Mr. Lemmon but Ralph of VB and y'all can hammer me all you want here or send me a note at if you like.

Never met Foote or Lemmon, probably never will. Just one of their legions of fans who got wind of your not-so-clever put downs of our favorite PJ columnists! I've searched 'em all on your site. You really let 'em have it don't you?

Blog away, we don't care. We'll gladly pay to read Lemmon, Foote, et. al. in our daily PJs any day . They have more readers then you'll probably ever have Miss Vero. But that's not the point is it really?

I kinda like your slant on all things Vero Beach and you're a hoot to read. Hey it's free country as well as a free site! Won't change my mind about the PJ and it's columnists. Love 'em. Love your ramblins' too. Love it all.

Let's keep it REAL...for, against, neutral, whatever. If you got something to say to PJ columnists (and not just the editors), they probably don't know this site exists. Send 'em an email, keep 'em in the mix.

Miss Vero said...

Well thank you Ralphie,

Miss Vero is never too fabulous to admit error, so here it is -
Miss Vero apologizes to the "real journalists", Mr. Lemmon and Miss Foote for the case of mistaken identity.

And just for the record, we have sent emails to the editor and have never received a response.

If y'all noticed in last Thursday's post (Miss Vero Will Not Surrender), the PJ is looking for someone to do exactly what Miss Vero is doing, therefore, we musta be doin one heck of job Brownie!

The PJ and their staff,are more than welcome to the Beach House.
we look forward to hearing from them.



BlessUrHeart said...

Well, bless your heart, Ralph. To be fair, I think the tiny darts being thrown by the more than genteel Miss V for the sake of a good laugh are hardly "letting them have it," but then it's only my opinion. I think lemmon himself dishes out a whole lot more trash talkin' gossip that attacks people and things about which he knows nothing, from his high pedestal, than anybody in VB, and quite clearly can't take it when someone takes a jab at him. But good on ya for enjoyin' the fun at the beach house.

People are forced to the depress urinal, people choose to come to the beach house.

Amused Reader said...

All in fun, I say.

Miss Vero is a welcome breath of fresh air to the otherwise stale, stagnant ramblings of the (de)Press(ing) Journal's rag.

I suspect, based on what I have read here, that Miss Vero is quite content with her current "day job".