Wednesday, July 9, 2008


While everyone around here is still fussin and fightin about charter gov and bemoanin the lack of economic development, privatizing waste transfer and pointing fingers at dirty developer deals, a big green monster will be rising from the swamp and cattle pastures in the west. Just 30 minutes on the newly refurbished state road 60, as soon as y'all get to Yeehaw Junction, 41,300 acres were acquired in 2006. The largest single parcel of land purchased in Florida since Mr. Disney's deal. Call it Destiny.

If that real estate bubble hadn't burst we woulda seen some signs of it already. And being that it professes to be a green sustainable community, we're sure that there will be all kinds of incentives and grants to help this project along. Besides, it sounds like the developers have a coupla pairs of egos about the size of the acreage.

Let's also not forget the major land acquisitions of Fellsmere:

So Miss Vero asks those who profess to know what's right for Indian River County (our local gov) - when are y'all gonna wake up and stop the ridiculous infightin and wrap your heads around the fact that inevitably things are changin, it's up to y'all to make sure they go in the right direction. Oh wait, since this is an election year maybe it's up to us.


Time and time again when we read the comments posted on the TCPalm, one reader puts everything into focus for us and we'd just like to know, who is LDouglas?

Posted by LDouglas on July 8, 2008 at 12:59 p.m.
"You don't need growth to have good jobs and businesses. Growth the way we know it can be a vicious circle. You only need to look at Orlando and other cities to see that. Look at all the growth Orlando has experienced and yet their still crying for more and crying for more jobs- to the tune of trying to hit up the taxpayers for over a billion dollars to "attract" them. While they're still paying off debt from other job attracting schemes.
All "growth" for the sake of growth has accomplished is over crowded or huge outlays for new schools, constant road construction, minimum wage retail jobs, higher cost of living and higher property taxes. There are ways to have growth economically without attracting people growth. (That's not to say that there wouldn't ever be any people growth- that's just to say you aren't attracting them unnecessarily.) The trick is finding the balance.
BTW, Charter does NOT make or allow people to vote on everything. It only allows them to initiate a citizens petition. If they get the proper amount of signatures then EVERYBODY who is registered to vote can decide yea or nay. There's no way 20% of the people can have things their way unless the other 80% gives it to them.
Read the charter draft for yourself here:
On the left hand side click on the PDF file."

Posted by LDouglas on July 6, 2008 at 6:54 a.m.
"As far as the rich and poor in Indian River County, it's no different than anywhere else. The best you can do IMO, is work to make sure that we have the best educational system and that the poor of all people make best use of it. All the other good programs to help are like building a house without a foundation. It's only so long that it will remain standing."

Miss Vero will assert that this is the wisest thing ever uttered in Indian River County.

It's a bloody mary morning kids, with extra Tabasco...


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There are no jobs on a dead planet