Thursday, July 10, 2008


Don't worry kids, Miss Vero is just fine (and no that doesn't mean F.I.N.E. -F'd up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional), we're just tryin to get our alkeehol soaked brain to contemplate a few things. Sometimes it's better to let things set a while before we comment on them.

It's nice that y'all are looking for us and y'all know Miss Vero never likes to disappoint, so we'll tell y'all now, just set tight cause we're workin on a little somethin and trying not to focus on ridiculous politics and boring local not- goings- on.

We really love it when y'all send emails, so don't stop, but a few comments would be nice. Hint, hint.

Oh and by the way, we sure do miss the Count and Countess du Roseland and wish that they would stop havin so much fun on the other side of the world and come on home and cheer Miss Vero up! And Uber-fabulous friend in Europe hasn't sent us a post card and Secret Squirrel is too busy workin that cute furry tail off and we're just gonna hafta call the Avon lady to paint some red on our pouty lips:

But Wait!!!
Oh, here's our problem:

Lemme go put on my glad pants and fix a up a cocktail and wait for the Avon Lady...



GAYCHRIS said...


What a wonderful surprise. Thank you for mentioning me and :) Love the BLOG.. your doing a great job.

Let me be the first to invite you to lunch at one of Vero's Greatest Restaurants for Lunch. THE SOUTHERN COMFORT GRILL, next to Youngs Produce on 43rd and 60. You will be my guest cause you are the bomb diggity.



Miss B. Havior said...

Dear Miss Vero,

Fear not! The Count, Countess and I are sampling the finest grapes that the Napa Valley has to offer after checking on the du Roselands property in the presently hot, hot, hot town of Big Sur.

Tonight we dine with the Queen of Primal Therapy on the 65th floor of the Bank of America building, in gay ol' San Fran.

I'm tellin' all my friends out here 'bout your amusing ramblings and marveelous mixin' skills. You know, anything to make Vero Beach sound interesting!

You keep on writing and I'll keep on reading!

The Count and Countess send thier mwahs!

Miss Vero said...

Y'all are the best group evvah, I mean it! Y'all truly are!

BlessUrHeart said...

What a pleasure to know about AvonChris -- I will return to wearing makeup just for him!

GAYCHRIS said...

Well I love to hear that... Hey btw.. u have to check out the new rejuventate being marketed on TV right now.. I have some free samples if ur interested.. Its works in 24 hours. :)

Amazing stuff.. Im using it..