Tuesday, July 8, 2008


What ever happened to her?...

The Saint Petersburg Times ran a story in May 2007 about Gubna Charlie's romance with former beauty queen, fear factor contestant, divorcee and mother of two:

But last week, we hear that Gubna Charlie is engaged to another recently divorced mother of two, who in December 2007, denied any romantic involvement with Crist to the Saint Petersburg Times:

Lisssen Charley, Imma gonna haffa haff a
few more of feese to go fru wiffit...

OK children, according to The New York Daily News,
this woman is a spendaholic socialite, who we predict,

But wait! There just might be another single mom with two kids on the horizon-

Miss Vero senses we should keep on eye on her,
it's like a day at the race track and this political pony
is the dark horse chompin at the bit.

But the big question is -

who is it that Gubna Charlie's really interested in?...

Damn it! Why doesn't he call, why?!


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