Monday, July 7, 2008


Miss Vero will be the first to admit that we didn't know nothing about the PJ entertainment writer, Mr. Bill DeYoung. So last week, when he announced that he would be relocatin to Savannah, Georgia, we became curious about him. For one, he is the local entertainment writer and Miss Vero does happen to know a little bit about the business of show. And two, because kids, Savannah just happens to be one of Miss Vero's stompin grounds, y'all might even say it's one of our many second homes.

Now that picture above is of a younger Mr. DeYoung from his own website:
Miss Vero just loves that photo with Tiny Tim, we are not only old enough to remember Tiny Tim, but even remember him from the Uncle Floyd Show, which is as obscure of a show biz reference as y'all will ever get.

After writing about music for quite some time and many notable interviews later (loved the one with Yoko), It seems that Mr. DeYoung has him some unfinished music business of his own. Check out his myspace page that features the sample of his new CD:
Hunney, ya'll can't fool Miss Vero, hidin out behind them fake sunglasses.

In his pursuit of all things Savannah, we expect Mr. DeYoung will find a lot more to write about and participate in. We could never fault him for any lackluster columns in Vero, Lawd knows there's no big time show biz to report about round here.

Now we don't exactly know, Mr. DeYoung's relationship with Savannah, but since Miss Vero has a thing for the Sultry City, here's a few tips if y'all wanna go visitin;

#1 Stay away from anything that has the name "Paula Deen" attached to it. Y'all would just save yourself a lot of time, if you'd just find her house and slip the cash under the door. At least that way you wouldn't have to eat her food, listen to her cackle or watch her lick her fingers. eeew.
Hunnies puh-leese, she ain't even from Savannah.

#2 Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is the absolute best Southern meal y'all will ever get outsida somebody's home.

#3 Tybee Island? Seafood? Shrimp? There's a sign goin out to Tybee that reads somethin like "You didn't come all the way here to eat shrimp from China" and that's what Deposito's Seafood is all about. A favorite local restaurant of the Secret Squirrel, we found this review, oddly enough, by the "Squirrel Squad".

#4 What would a tip list from Miss Vero be like without alkeehol? Here's an idea - how bout a pub crawlin ghost tour! History, spooky stuff and bars, oh my! Let it be known that y'all can carry an alkeeholic libation all around town, just like N'Orleans. Gotta love Savannah.

#5 And if this isn't the best Southern town ever, we don't know what is. Once a month like a full moon, one of our favorite Drag Queens of all time performs! For anybody who didn't read "The Book" (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, children!) and especially for those that did, no trip would be complete without the Doll, the Queen of Savannah, the Lady Chablis!

So Miss Vero extends warm Savannah wishes to you, Mr. DeYoung! -and please, dip deep into the Artillery Punch for us!

All this talk about Savannah makes us just wanna jump in the car and get outa town, but then that's pretty much how we always feel. Maybe ah, we should fix up some of that there punch, let's see...


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