Wednesday, July 16, 2008


If y'all are wondering, the map is referrin to a New York Times article in 2007, that marvels at the capacity of Florida to absorb our many visitors:

Which has nothing to do with the recent Time magazine article, describin the doom and gloom of the Sunshine State:

But is somewhat related to this article about how realtor's should market to Brits:

Who really like our beaches and post pictures that we should be seeing:

And get exclusives with Gubna Charlie, who is visitin (at our expense) with his Finance-cee (supposedly at her expense):

Which brings us, as they say, to the bit about Vero, which is that the place for all things British will be missin out because it closed last year:

There will be a test, Miss Vero hopes y'all were payin attention.


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