Thursday, July 17, 2008



Imagine y'all - the Press Journal is lookin for some one to do the following:

"You've heard the term over and over by now. Staycations - what to do when you choose to spend your vacation at home but still want that time to be special. We are looking for a Treasure Coast Staycation expert who will report on all the treasures found in our backyard. We want the tried and true - stories on the Elliot Museum (Who is Elliot anyway?), the Manatee Center and McKee Gardens. We also want stories on off-the-beaten- track activities and attractions - a stick swamp tour, a frog leg festival. We're looking for an experienced freelance writer and reporter who can seek out special places and write about them with a fresh perspective in a clear and engaging style. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, send your resume and cover letter explaining your qualifications to: Marilyn Bauer, Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers, 1939 S. Federal Hwy. Stuart, FL 34994. No calls please ";_ylt=AosDDZVoYAeSbEuQxQoLgM_6Q6IX?search_url=%2Fjob-search-l-Stuart-FL-k-Scripps-m-1-h-Scripps

Oh really. How original, wished we 'd thought of that.

Go ahead Miss Marilyn Bauer, throw us another cat toy, we sure are gettin tired of those ole Lemmon droppings and stinky Foote reviews. Miss Vero is lookin forward to a new plaything.

What do y'all think children? Is it time to kick it into high gear? The Beach House has become very popular and we have some statistics to share. Everyday we have over a 120 visitors. Since we started countin in June there have been over 5,800 "hits" to our little blog. We think this is pretty darn good, considerin that we are only one damn person with our only goal being to inform and entertain y'all.

We have received many e mails and correspondence from local politicians, media people and folks who are just as fed up with the PJ. Even Mr. Milton R. Benjamin from Vero Beach 32963, was a gentleman and sent his kind regards and encouragement. Miss Vero admires his good manners and sincerely thanks him.

So now we must ask, what would y'all like to see? Should we continue to pick up where the PJ leaves off? Do y'all like to hear more about political parties or cocktail parties? Restaurants or remote waterin holes? And most important, do y'all just like being entertained or would y'all like to contribute? Miss Vero needs to know - Beach House Guests! Is it time for battle?

Miss Vero looks forward to your response, don't make a lady wait.


P. S. If y'all are the lazy type, and we perfectly understand, just do one thing for us, share the luv with your friends. E mail the Beach House to someone y'all know, just click the little envelope below and it'll tell y'all what to do. Spread the word kids!


BlessUrHeart said...

Oh, Miss Vero, how very keen of the PJ to suddenly decide they want somethin' special that very coincidentally is just like YOU for their team of semi-amateur interns [and a few old pros like Mr. Kirley who should not be tarred, even gently, by association with mackerel coverings]. I am sure they pay right at the top of the bottom of "I can't even feed my cat on this money!" pay scale. sigh.

After readin' up on what is happenin' to the Chicago Tribune Co., and hopin' the same ain't doin' at the Grey Lady, we all better get out the word, get your fingers tappin' friends, this is the PLACE for real news and entertainment.

I vote yes! as Sharon osbourne would say. She gets "cool," and we can only hope to deserve such cool right here in River City, with a capital "V," that rhymes with "B," that . . . well, I digress.

Praise god and pass the peas, we got ourselves a real gosh darn news source, and entertainin'? You da bomb, sugar.

MissingVB said...

I used to live in VB but now I live near a big northern city named after a president. I just found your blog and I'm already addicted. I linked up a VB native friend who also lives up here so he, too, can stay connected in the only really sensible way to what's going on down there in citrus country.

If they had any sense at the PJ they would just link their readers up to Miss Vero's Beach House for up-to-the-minute reports on what to do in IRC. Then they would send you a monthly check to cover expenses.

I'm waiting for Miss Vero's Beach House to do a review of Coppertops so that Judy can recoup some of the customers Diane Foote lost for her.

Keep up the good work MVBH, your readership is growing like a happy palm tree in the sun!

Miss B. Havior said...

In the immortal words of the Beasty Boys;



Vero is about the party! One can't have a cocktail party without falling over a politician in this town and Miss Vero, you're on the scene like a stump-tailed cow in fly time, girl!

I agree with missingvb - the PJ should just link to Miss Vero and send 'da check. Until then, there are a million stories out there in the nekkid city, oops I mean Vero Beach and you should find them, mix yourself up a libation and write em up.

After all, If you can't say anything nice about someone, then sit next to me!

Ps The Countess du Roseland was mortified that her personal guru, John Waters, was the focus of you musings while she traveled thru the land of mud baths and wine. Due to the Countess' and Mr Waters shared love for Saint Catherine of Sienna and Donn Knotts-the du Roseland's wholeheartedly endorse John Waters night at Holeman Stadium. An official decree is forthcoming.

Pss As soon as I can teach the ole' bat show to use the computer, the Countess can answer herself.

Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,

Your faithful, lovin' readers have known since you started postin that you were on to somethin. Now our "friends" at the Depress Urinal have come up with a great idea! They couldn't come up with their own great idea if it sat down with 'em for sausage and bizkits.

As they are an also-ran to every paper I have ever read (including the Booger Holler Times), so will their blogger be an also-ran.

New kitty toys are always fun.

Your lovin' minion.

Miss B. Havior said...

Jethro shoogardumplins,

How very descriptive! The Depressed Urinal. lol.
I must put a copy in my chair, 'cause when I laugh out loud, I pee in my seat. Nothing makes panty lines like Depends.

Miss Vero said...

Oh My Goodness!

We just love it when y'all get riled up like that! Thanks for all the kind words kids, Miss Vero will just work our fingers raw to keep y'all happy.

And BTW, we did see that review of Coppertops, we think we shall review it ourselves. Oh, do they serve alkeehol?

BlessUrHeart said...

The count and countess have the lead on the Holman stadium night -- Don Knotts, too! Y'all are just too much fun!

Miss Vero is right, the less linx to depress urinal [locals know that is our FAVORITE alternate name, and local cats know it's their favorite box liner] the better. Jethro "the Bull" Bovine [are you related to the Bodines of Clampett lineage?] must tell us more about Booger Holler. Is it like Mayberry? Speaking of Don Knotts, somehow the politicians there must have much in common with the Mayberry-like crowd we have here -- who reminds you of Mayor Pike? lol!

Amused Reader said...

It's not rocket science, Miss Vero.

Your readers, myself included, are enjoying your random observations. Don't worry about following a specific format.

Just keep doing what you're doing.