Monday, July 14, 2008


... and behold, the angel of pets came down to Vero Beach and proclaimed "There shall come to be in the western area known as the route 60 corridor within the square mile, a Petsupermarket, Petsmart and Petco and lo, the holy trinity of pet supplies is complete and henceforth Divine"...

Seriously, do we really need three cotton pickin pet supply stores in one place? Miss Vero also noticed a new mattress store being built just steps away from The Mattress Barn and Mattress Market. Nothing like mediocrity in triplicate.

Speakin of Mediocrity, we could talk about Russ Lemmon, but we won't. It seems that the commentors to his articles are doing a good enuf job pointing this out and Miss Vero's services may no longer be needed in this department:

The Press Journal once again fails to inform it's readers. Here's another example of Indian River County news that y'all won't find in the PJ, from the Palm Beach Post. A Vero Beach man gets a new trial when it's discovered that he was represented by an intern from the public defenders office:

Is there anything else to be in Vero besides mediocre or incompetent? Sure! there's always counterproductive:

The ongoing identity crisis continues in Vero Beach. Viewed as a "laid-back city by the sea" and according to Vero Beach mayor Tom White in his interview snippet with The Orlando Sentinel, "We're very protective of our little city.",0,3854193.story
So basically "Yeah, it's great here, now go away."

While the Hometown News reports that the Chamber of Commerce has a new marketing tool for economic growth:
"A location central to your success." And since this is an election year, maybe that should be the motto for the small town republican candidates who don't actually want to cultivate economic development but like having a marketing tool that gives the perception that they do.

Ok kids, we are way too serious and cranky for a Monday morning, so we're just gonna go and get a little attitude adjustment in the form of a bloody mary...



Anonymous said...

You might also tell your friend Russ, who clearly has never been in a helicopter, that you can't get from New York to Vero Beach in a helicopter in five hours unless you have one of them new-fangled rocket-copters.

Miss Vero said...

Hunney, Mr. Lemmon lives in his own world, bless his heart. We sincerely wish him no harm, just a sense of humor and a clue.