Thursday, July 31, 2008


Can y'all guess where this is? We'll give y'all a hint there's a beautiful Walgreen's there now. Look familiar yet? It's the corner of 58th Ave and State Road 60. Really, take a look:

The idea that growth won't happen in Vero, Indian River County or Florida is ridiculous. Y'all can put your head in the sand, but what we're experiencing is history repeating itself.

"It was a time when almost anyone could get rich, and Florida land was one of the ways. If one didn’t have cash, credit was easy to obtain. Many who bought land in Florida never visited the state, but purchased property through ads. Forbes Magazine warned that Florida land prices were not based on anything solid such as the value of the land. All that was needed to price a parcel was someone willing to buy it. And in 1925, the inevitable began to happen. Land prices had soared to such heights that people stopped buying and those who held land wanted to sell."

Read that again kids, this was not in 2006, but in 1925.

"On the heels of the land bust, the hurricanes, and the collapse of the stock market in 1929, many of the large cities in Florida were devastated. Vero Beach and Indian River County were not as affected by the 1928 hurricane as areas to the south. And while the land bust reversed the fortunes of many residents and businesses, the area was still a haven for many from the misery in other parts of the state."

Land bust? Hurricanes? Stock market crash? Why does this sound familiar?

Miss Vero wishes we could just put the no growth, slow growth, whoa growth, joe growth, all in separate corners for a time out. Today's editorial in the PJ by Kenric Ward is like a rolled up, wet towel snap in the locker room instigatin a fight.

So another spitball has been lobbed. Now we expect to see many more letters, back and fourth, regarding Common Ground, IRNA and charter. Enough! While y'all are arguing about who's bricks are better to build the dam, we're already drowning!

Quick Test - Match the mission to the group:

A. "We acknowledge that growth is desirable within the constraints of character and infrastructure. We believe it can be fairly and sensibly managed to preserve the low density and low-rise tradition of our county. We advocate a vibrant, business friendly environment and encourage light industry and wise commercial growth to support both economic viability and job creation."

B. "We support active cooperation between all citizens, community leaders and government on issues that affect our economic welfare. We stand for carefully managed growth protecting both the environment and the unique character of our area. "

Hmm, not so easy to tell the difference is it ? Ok, we think we have a solution, how 'bout a contest and here's the prize - A date with Miss Vero! That's right! Miss Vero will personally treat y'all to lunch in person (we purposely buried this offer deep in the article to see if y'all are paying attention, but we sincerely mean it).

OK, here's the rules.

The Florida Bar issues a pamphlet tittled "Legal Guide for New Adults" which answers legal questions and outlines adult responsibilities for kids turning 18 who are now, well, new adults.

Let's say y'all have to explain your mission to an 18 year old who plans to live in Indian River County permanently and is voting for the first time. In 50 words or less explain - really explain, no marketing goop or legalise - why they should favor your organization.

We'll publish both responses and have a vote. For the record, Miss Vero is honestly on the fence about these two groups, we have reason to like and dislike both sides.

Contest is open to everyone. Sunday, August 10th, 2008 deadline.

Here's the answer to above quiz:

A. IRNA -Indian River Neighborhood Association
(Not to be confused with IRNA - The Islamic Republic News Agency or, good thing we're not a conspiracy theorist, huh?)

B. Common Ground

Write soon, can't wait to hear from y'all!



BlessUrHeart said...

Well, now, you didn't ask, as part of the quiz, who it is we think is lyin' about what they really stand for, did ya? You're right, they do sound alike, that's what spin is all about, sugar. What did our daddy say, actions speak louder than words?

BTW, I first lived in Vero about 10 blocks east from that picture, and it was just about the same as that picture in 1960! I could smell the orange blossoms in spring and pick the citrus in our backyard much of the year, and only living things to our west were gators and trees. Now it's a WalMart with hardly a tree to speak of. Couldn't you have saved plenty of them silly old trees? No? How come? Did you have to put the new houses near the mall so close together they squeak when the wind blows? Yes? How come?

Tell ya what, that's fine in places, but it's everywhere whether it's low-cost or Orchid Island. If you want that to be how the your entire county [and the city] looks, fine, choose Miam-ah or West Palm. But people are moving here cuz we got somethin' a little different, at least for now.

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Lola_L_O_L_A_Lola said...

I also have a reason to like/dislike both groups but for the sake of your contest, I'm going to choose the side of the IRNA. (Because they have nothing to gain monetarily.)
Growth has provided us with great opportunities and we've done well with it. But there are limits to growth. We still have some wiggle room and I know it's hard to believe or think about, but we're reaching those limits. This is our chance to shift from growth and its resultant bubble economies as a driving force to one of sustainability.

Sustainability means “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

There will not be a way for everyone to earn a living here, no matter what we do if we continue to base our economy on growth. But there are plenty of opportunities for those who love IRC enough to make some trade- offs (and find a niche).

Right now, I know your concerned about yourself and you should be. But I guarantee there will come a day when you are worried about your childrens future. As it is now, your children will not grow up in the same environment you did. And if we don't carefully measure our actions with sustainability at its core, they'll be even less opportunities for them and it'll be even less recognizable as the wonderful place that it is.

Ok, you can disqualify me for being over 50 words. I can't help that I'm long winded- especially when I've got a teenagers ear. Lol.