Friday, August 1, 2008


Yeah! Friday night, party time right? Not if you're a teenager in Vero Beach. Miss Vero is certainly not a teenage, but we remember being one and we sure are glad that we 're not one now because we would die of boredom!

We were visiting our friend, Lawdy Mama who has two very tolerable medium sized children, who will inevitably become teenagers. Lawdy Mama was bemoanin the fact that soon they'll be drivin her crazy because there's nothing for teenagers to do here. "It's like the whole town has installed Mosquitos."

Because of our puzzled look, Lawdy Mama explained that there is a devise that can be installed, usually in places where teens gather, that emits a sound that only they can hear and drives them away. Huh?,2933,352410,00.html

Maybe Lawdy Mama is right. There's a group of Miss Vero's friends that are all going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and when they went to buy tickets, they asked if their was an age restriction. Sure enough no one under 18 is allowed. Although, good thing they asked because there is no mention of it in the event listing.

How could something as innocent as the Rocky Horror Picture Show be Adults Only?

There must be some kind of artistic, safe and fun event for teenagers to attend. We thought we had the answer, the Magical Mystery Tour at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. Surely at $50 a ticket we should be able to bring along a well mannered teen to an event celebratin the '60's?

Nope. No one under 18 allowed, for what we were told was a "liability issue", since alkeehol will be available.

Miss Vero wonders, how will we ever get our young adults to act properly, if we don't give them the skills and opportunities to act as adults?

We have been way too serious the last few days, time to get back to basics.

Have a good weekend kids and raise em up right (your martini glasses), be back on Monday!



BlessUrHeart said...

Having grown up here, I know what you are talking about. It was movies, the beach, or building treehouses in our yards. Smoking at the movies, drinking at the beach, and sneaking our parents likker into our treehouses.

There was a teen "nightspot" over on Oslo for awhile, wasn't there? And I remember one of the schools had an "after hours" kinda coffeehouse thing. Anybody know what happened to them?

I assume we're not looking for more theater classes or museum tours -- let's hear from teens, what do they want?? Other than likker.

BlessUrHeart said...

and BTW, Bombay Masala is wonderful, kids, please try it out. I can't be happier, so please try them out!! Kids welcome -- bring your own likker.

Shell said...

Rocky Horror was age restricted when I was growing up to.