Monday, August 4, 2008


Well, there's not much to add to that picture, is there? Miss Vero snapped this photo ourselves while we, once again, spent the weekend in town. Not one to wallow in mediocrity children, of course we were on a mission for fun.

Friday night after an incredible dinner at the Red Rooster Cafe, (read the July 1st post "We've Seen All Good People") we made our way to the Riverside Theater to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The confusion regarding the over 18 admission policy was still ongoing, as we were told by a box office attendant that children were allowed as long as they were with a parent and sure 'nuf we did see a little girl in costume with her parents. However, the website of the theater group performing did state "This will be a "no holds barred" show and will be strictly 18 years old or older to attend." No matter, both shows were completely sold out and it was the most fun that Vero has seen in a month o'Sundays!

While Miss Vero was taking a few photos of the incredible cast, somebody rudely slapped us hard on the behind and when we turned around, a photographer winked and snapped our picture! So y'all might just see Miss Vero on the group's website:


A lot of letters have come in over the weekend and Miss Vero is tying our best hunnies, to keep up. If we haven't responded to y'all, be patient! We promise we'll get back to y'all soon.

One person wrote that Miss Vero was slipping because we didn't take the bait from Russ Lemmon and comment on the Kay Clem, Kathy Hart shopping trip. We'll just let the fur settle in that catfight. What we're more concerned about is seeing the demo of the new voting machines that we told y'all about (read July 25th post "The Counting Question"). Here's the response that we got, the same day, from Miss Clem's office addressing our concern:

Re: Voting machines‏
Fri 7/25/08 4:11 PM
We will get it on there -- we were trying to alter one we got from the vendor to no avail. We can at least put the commercial on the web -- very sorry.
Kay Clem772-778-8257 Home772-226-3440 x. 3435 Work772-633-4647 Cell-----Original Message-----
From: Miss Vero
Hello Miss Clem! We make it a point to let anyone we write about have the opportunity to respond to our postings. Even though we are considered a humor blog, we take voting issues very seriously. We respectfully ask that you might put the video demonstration of the voting machines on the Supervisor of Elections website. If this is not possible, perhaps TCPalm can post it. It would really put our mind at ease to see the demonstration before we vote. Thank you so much. Sincerely,Miss Vero PS. There's also a really good picture of you from the parade on our July 4th post, if you haven't seen it!

As of this morning, still no demo on the site. Maybe they're out shopping?


What is it with him? That man is just like a dog digging up and chewing on the same old bone over and over again. And he threatens to trot it out again on Thursday! Now y'all know we hafta pick apart a few things in Mr. Lemmon's Sunday column, right?

First he says-

"What did I learn last week? Well, among other things, the 2004 post-hurricane concert flap — Vero Beach City Council's snub, real or perceived, of singer Gloria Estefan — is a deep wound in Indian River County's psyche"

Really? Ya think? But it's all good for feedback and high reader numbers isn't it, Oh Master of the Obvious.

He continues with:

"On Wednesday, I revisited the incident because Estefan spoke on the record about it for the first time."

Well that's one way a-puttin it. Miss Vero received word from a very reliable source that Mr. Lemmon was present at a well attended PR media day on June 17th, where Mrs. Estefan gave several interviews. That ole Russ! He was so kind to wait six weeks after the opening hoopla to fade, then write that for us on a slow news week!


Miss Vero has e mailed (read July 31st post "Grow Up") asking for a comment from both groups. No official word yet, but lots of stuff from interested parties. One letter from John's Island caught our attention. The writer is extremely opposed to charter and IRNA and urges their fellow JIer's to vote for specific candidates. Along those lines there's an editorial by Joel Tyson from Fellsmere that y'all might find interesting:


A reader asked Miss Vero if we've heard any more news about Rip's and Monte's. Sorry hunney, but not any more than VeroBeach32963 first reported on July 13th:

Here's a better question - When do y'all think the PJ will notice they're closed?

And yes, from all the mail, comments and votes, Miss Vero will - for the time being, be the only contributor to the Beach House. Now that doesn't mean y'all are off the hook. Miss Vero still needs your comments, emails and tasty tidbits that y'all send our way. Thanks kids!



BlessUrHeart said...

Well, even though it was a great weekend for me, I didn't get no slap on the rear, so very sorry I missed the fun with the midnight crowd at Rocky Horror.

And though I should NOT even dignify any sour lemon droppings, what is this crap about "the first time Estefan spoke on the record?" Jimminy, the Estefans had a couple of their own columns in their own words all about it at the time. They said plenty. The only reason it's come up again is the election, and only 'cause the PJ and lemmon are supporting Bowden's opponent. Makes the PJ look like the enquirer -- worse, really, since PJ/Lemmon pretend to deal in facts, enquirer goes with alien babies of Elvis. I suppose if the alien babies and Elvis hung out at Bob Evans, we'd get that, too.

BlessUrHeart said...

OH, and btw, Joel Tyson is reportedly a member of Common Ground, if you look at the tcpalm comments -- perhaps you should just take the Tyson letter and put that up against the claims of Common Ground until somebody gives an "official" answer.