Tuesday, August 5, 2008


First of all, Miss Vero must give y'all an apology. We know that y'all have been looking for us and we have been late in posting this week. We have so much mail to sort through and a very serious request from a dear friend that must be posted accurately, so we are taking our time to do it right. We also have a new website launching this week, which has required a lot of our attention, but we're sure y'all will just love it when y'all see it!

And this whole Common Ground/IRNA can of worms that seems to be heatin up quickly. My, my. Did y'all see Mr. Lemmon's column today?

Here's what we have to say about that - Why would y'all treat your paying advertisers that way?

Miss Vero has stated before that we offer no safe haven to any politician, however, if we were accepting PAID advertising from a group who's opinion differs with ours, y'all can better believe we would have some good manners about the situation.


Since the PJ has set the bar on bad manners today let's play along, OK? Now we couldn't find this in their "shopping" section, where they list all of the advertisements that they post in the paper, but our actual copy of today's Press Journal ran this ad on page D3, right underneath "Dear Abby":

Tuesday August 5th
Anti-Doping Night

"The Vero Beach Devil Rays want to promote healthy living and a drug-free lifestyle with Anti-Doping Night in preparation for Olympic Night.

The Night will feature fun facts and trivia for fans in attendance and urine sample cups at the gates to the first 200 hundred fans in attendance."


Well, honestly we just don't want to attend that party.


Since one of the most e mailed articles in the PJ this week, is the story of Burt Reynold's real estate in Martin County: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/aug/02/30gt129m/

We thought y'all might like to take a peek inside. Just click on the the picture at the top and y'all will be able to see Burt's pad, up close, in all it's 1970's decorative glory! Miss Vero remembers Mr. Reynolds fondly (although, Mr. Reynolds will not remember Miss Vero ) and would like to take a groovy little trip down memory lane with y'all. Today we celebrate BAD MANNERS and post our first (and last) centerfold!



Oh shoot, now we've done it! We heard through the grapevine that someone did not open a email from us because they thought we were a porn site. Well at least we don't take money from y'all before we uh......tarnish your reputation.


MissIngthe70s said...

That Burt is (was?) a fine looking man as proven by the evidence you presented (I love hairy guys! I guess everybody knows now that I am no longer in my twenties.)

However, that is the silliest looking inside of a house I have ever seen!

BlessUrHeart said...

Burt, I had your picture -- THAT picture -- on my wall until someone stole it!! And all the chicks at work [where I volunteered as a kid, so I'm young enough to remember but wasn't old enough to buy my own copy] had copies, too. sigh . . . soooo pretty! classy, too. Remember the first Playgirl centerfold, Peter Lupus [Mission Impossible] Heavens!!!

But when you let Sally Field get away and married the Pamela Anderson of the 70's, Lonnie [also an Anderson? hmmmmmmm], the classless indicator started hitting the red zone. Men with that much [non-doping] testosterone just don't decorate well, neither.

Well, we still love ya, Burt, and hope you can sell off an acre just to afford the new decorator.

Miss B. Havior said...

There is only one home in this country more fabulous than Mr Reynolds abode in Jupiter; the Memphis mansion of the king, my personal jeebus, Elvis. No ordinary mansion, Graceland has an actual "name" and is a shrine to all that new money could buy in the 1960's. Southern style, hunny. Mr. Reynolds home is a homage to the 70's and ultimately the south. I would gladly kill a bug on a tulip to reside in it's splendor for time immortal. For the piddling price of 1.5 million, his home should be purchased and maintained as a national treasure......None the less, I am intrigued with the couple that appear in many of the exterior shots, do they come with the house?
Anyway hunny, it seems you've been busier than a boar bee in soft yella' pine. Just slow your ass down to a trot (it's hot outside) and spend a little more time with the cutest bartender in town. In case you're ready for a change, try the bar at the VB club and Resort. The Indigo Room's charmin'barman Tom, serves a mean martini and the burgers knocks the stuffin' outta of the burgers at Bobby's.

Miss Vero said...

Yesssss ladies, we have heard that Mr. Reynolds still lives at "Valhalla" and if we can find an extra 1.5 mil in our budget this month, we would insist he remained if he so desired, although the '70's couple would have to go.

Indigo Room for burgers? Nevah thought of that Sugar, perhaps we'll change our lunch date at Bobby's tomorrow....