Friday, September 25, 2009


Who will be Vero's Heros? Who will save us from the villains of high electric, water and sewer rates? Who will rescue us from the threat of losing our beloved Royal Palm Pointe fountain? Who will dare mention the astronomical unemployment rate and the incredible increase in food stamp requests? Who will leap to meetings, but more importantly listen to the people of Vero Beach? Who will do it? Who will it be???!!!!!

Well Hunnies, so glad y'all asked ' cause Miss Vero is about to tell y'all.

For those that aren't payin' attention, let us be the first to remind y'all that there is a little ole city council election goin' be happening real soon. Now we know, y'all haven't had much time to get well acquainted with the candidates, so we're here to give y'all the run down.

There are two seats on the city council that seven people are hoping to get themselves situated in. We have a few words to say about that.

Regarding incumbent Debra Fromang and incumbent Bill Fish;
With the education and qualifications they both have, we expected some results. Lot's of "let's study this and Let's talk about that" and not enough action. Well, party's over, time's up, had a turn, can't recall a dang thing good y'all did, NEXT!

Regarding newcomer Jack Schupe and newcomer Susan Viviano;
Y'all seem like real nice folks, bless your hearts and we're sure you mean well and all, but politics in this town and especially in this county, will eat you alive! Run away now, while y'all still have a chance. The current issues in town are too urgent to provide y'all a learning curve.

To 14 times a charm, Brian Heady;
Run Brian, run! Again. And Again. Jack and Susan take note.

To good ole Charlie Wilson;
They keep knockin' him down and he still keeps getting up. Charlie's good for this town, good attitude, cares about the city and has the political chops to get things done. We just love it when he riles up the county commissioners, especial big ole Gary Wheeler - who happens to scare the beejeebees out of us. We can just imagine the steam coming out of Mr. Wheeler's head as he's talking to Charlie. It can only mean that Charlies hitting a nerve and getting to close to Mr. Wheeler's comfort zone. We also like the way Charlie deals with adversity, like pesky dinosaur newspaper men that write slanted opinions and folks who are just plain irritated with Charlie and call the State's Attorney to find out where he lives. Charlie's the kind of guy who likes a good challenge and the City of Vero Beach is exactly that.

To the perfectly qualified Ken Daige;
Y'all just have to respect a man that lost his seat at the city council, but remains loyal to the process and business of the city. Mr. Daige has attended every city council meeting and has paid close attention. As a former military man, we can see that he may have lost a battle but he is not willing to lose this war. He deeply cares about his home, Vero Beach. Ken and Deborah Daige are exemplary citizens of this community, have a wonderful family and are both dedicated to the local process of government. If there's any thing we can complain about, it's that he cares too much. No joking around here.

Oh, but don't take Miss Vero's word for any of this. Just sit through the wonderful videos provided by and we're sure y'all will come to the same conclusions. We'd love to hear what y'all think.



Anonymous said...

I happen to be involved with a group taking up the issue of the danger of flight training and it's unregulated impact on the communities in the county. Ken Daige was very impressive and if I were a voter in Vero, I would be a big supporter. You would be very fortunate as a citizen to have someone like that representing your interests, as a citizen who should count. Not enough of those candidates are out there. said...

Miss Vero, allow me the privilege to humbly thank you for your endorsement. It has truly been a 'fantastic journey' and I'm sure the adventure will only be even more interesting.

The City of Vero Beach faces many critical-life changing issues. It is extremely important that taxpayers and ratepayers pay (no pun intended) close attention to how their local government plans for the future and how that government will propose to spend tax dollars. And more importantly how that government will reduce the citizens tax burden and shrink government spending.

It will take foresight, insight and resolve to do the right thing for the taxpayer and ratepayer.

Thank you,

Ken Daige candidate for Vero Beach City Council