Tuesday, September 15, 2009


*with apologies to Stephen Sondheim and especially Elaine Stritch.

Have y'all heard? The Economy has recovered so says our Federal Reserve Chairman, Mr. Bernanke. Oh really? Asks Miss Vero, well, oh well and nevahmind, we were planning on doing some shopping and lunching anyhow. Now Hunnies go on and mix yourselves a nice cool libation and get all sitch-e-ated 'cause Miss Vero has a whole heap of goodies for y'all today. Go on, we'll wait.

Y'all back yet? Good, now pay attention there's a whole heap of good info here today.

Aw'right now, for starters we've decided to name names and give up some propers to all of our lady friends who we love to lunch with. If y'all may have thought that you've seen Miss Vero out and about these days y'all may be right, because instead of lollin' about feeling bad about our lack of current cabbage, we have decided that the best thing to do is to stay connected with our friends and get out even more!

Y'all may have seen us sipping bloody marys at the Patio Restaurant with our society pal and Veronews contributor, Miss Mary Schenkel. Also in attendance the evah stylish and young Vero royal, Miss Charlotte Tripson. As we ordered another round, Chef Chuck Lamm stopped by our table and told us about the new Patio Express. Located directly next door, the flash in the pan gift shop reopened last Friday as a brand spakin' new 30 seat cafe. They are specializing in flatbread pizzas and sandwiches, take out and delivery -wow, we love havin' things brought to us!

Or perhaps y'all may have caught a glimpse of Miss Vero having a happy hour cocktail at Riverside with the hottest realtor in town. Whom may that be, y'all ask? Well, Miss Vero is pleased as punch to say we know talent when we see it and way back in May of last year we predicted that Miss Barbara Martino-Sliva was destined for big things and well, hunnies, we are right! Just google her or friend her facebook page and treat yourselves to the most fabulous inside Vero info. Nobody works harder or blogs better than Miss Barbara! Nobody, not even Miss Vero. Miss Barbara's Blogs are mighty significant, mark our words, just wait and see...

Have y'all been to Vero Beach Hotel and Spa recently? We have. Nevahmind their enormous facebook fan campaign with over 4,000 fans -and what is it with all these facebook obsessions, anyway? The big news is that since Kimpton has taken over they have made a point of getting all of us, who were not too enamored with the Indigo Room and the sporadic service, back in the fold. Well, we must say that their devious plot to win our heart has worked! We lunched recently with our good friend Miss Kitty Wagner, owner and Chef of Undertow and our recently returned from Paris pal, "Muse of the World". Service, food and cocktails were perfect and a little table side chat with Chef Matthew Dewey put our mind to rest that COBALT will be right on target for season. And we are so pleased to report that they may even have the best happy hour in town! $3 appetizers and $5 martinis - Get Out! Miss Vero loves, loves, loves that!

We've also had some out of town guests that we have sequestered there and they were very pleased with the accommodations. Now, not havin' personally spent the night we can't say too much about it, but hearin' that they will accommodate our little pet pup-pup, Miss Vero is strongly feelin the urge of a Staycation comin' on. We'll let y'all know.

Our ole pal, Muse, loves to shop and always points us in the direction of fabulous finds. After our lunch, we found ourselves in the cutest little cupcake shop on Cardinal called Frosting. Honestly, we contracted Diabetes on the spot. It was so sugary sweet, but in oh, such a a good way. Muse bought us the most scrumptious delish red velvet cupcake and it was put in a special box with a pink ribbon and we all could have died, 'cause we all felt like kids in a candy store. The selection of gifts and retro candy was so fun and fabulous, the only thing missing was Anthony Newly singing Candyman and showering us with Wonka Bars. No foolin' it's a magically little happy place and (of course) they have a facebook page with almost 600 fans! Ohhh...and Krispy Kreeme doughnuts too!!!!

Did we mention they make specialty cakes too? For weddings and such. And speaking of Weddings and such, how nice is it that Miss Deb Daley decided to celebrate her wedding this weekend with a singles sale at Decorative Arts? All single lamps, prints, pillows, chairs, garden stools and side tables will be 40% off! Thanks Deb, Congratulations and big MWAH! to you Hunney.

And finally in our shopaholic roundup, what could be better than a sale on handmade in Florida, never go out of style shoes? We're talkin' Bonanno's Sandals, of course and Miss Cathy Riggs, proprietor of said fabulous sandals, has just sent us an e-mail that the sale will be extended one more week. $20 off any instock or custom shoe. Miss Vero stopped in and bought 3 pairs!!! We just couldn't resist.

We have saved the most fun for last. Our dear friend Miss Karen Mechling of Pointe West, is competing in the Co-Host Idol contest on WGYL93.7 The Breeze. She sounds fabulous and we all need to send her our votes on the WGYL website, so y'all just stop reading now and vote for Karen.

Well that's it for today y'all and we think that's quite a bit. We are feeling extra generous this week so since today was a "Ladies day" perhaps next time we'll talk about some men folk. There's an local election and some gossip floatin' around and well, we'll see y'all soon.

Did we mention we have a facebook page?



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