Sunday, September 6, 2009


Let's agree to disagree, but first let's listen to what y'all have to say.

Do y'all know what we're talkin' about today? If y'all are reading this on the internet- and we know you are, you must be familiar with the film "Idiocracy". Well hunnies if y'all need to get up to speed, click here, to read a pretty good summin' up of this movie.

It takes place in the distant future, where we have all been systematically dumb downed by our own willingness not to think for ourselves. Problem is, this has already happened.

Miss Vero is heartbroken to think that there are so many folks calling themselves parents, who do not have enough faith in their so called parenting abilities to let their children hear and see things they might not agree with.

Time was, when Miss Vero had some children, (oh Lawd, yes, there was a time), we encouraged them to listen to every religious view, every political view and every personal view of folks they met. Then our little spawn, would came home to discuss these topics and we shared our own beliefs and had enough faith in our raising up abilities to let them make informed choices about what kind of people they would grow up to be. Now, because they are mere mortals, they made mistakes along the way, but in the end, they became fine people and were smart enough to get the h-e-double toothpicks away from here. The end.

Howevah, this whole business of the Indian River PUBLIC school system not sharing the Presidents back to school speech is a prime example of fear and ignorance. Since fear and ignorance are so much part of the Republican party (Hunnies, they have used this strategy for years) and the Republican party is so so much of Indian River County, well, there y'all are.

In fact, if any one knows anything about Florida politics, y'all would know that the Great State of Florida was, historically, a Democratic state and that included Indian River County for many years. We once heard a story about the Sheriff at the time, who came around to all the deputies and registered them to vote. They were also told to register Republican. "Ain't we Democrats?" one asked. "Nope, we's Republicans now" and that's the way it went.

Now before y'all get your panties in a bunch, Miss Vero is not saying that being a Democrat is the way to go, we actually like to refer to them as the lesser of the two evils. What we are saying is that just maybe we should listen to folks before we judge them and this would include, oh we don't know, maybe the President of the United States?

Ok, we know this is a big step for some of y'all. Especially our two conservative friends, Max Newport and Rhett Palmer. So let us just start with Max - There are many things that filter through Max's head that he feels compelled to post on the comments of Russ Lemmon's column. Y'all would think, now that Max has his own blog on Veronews, that he would have a good enough outlet, but no, he continues to dive into that snakepit week after week. While we don't often agree with Max and, Lawd knows he's a cheap date, we love him none the less and consider him a great friend. Y'all know the old sayin' a good friend bails you out of jail, while a great friend is the one sittin' next to you, wonderin' who the heck is gonna bail you both out? That could be Max.

Rhett Palmer, on the other hand, is just plain crazy. Like a fox. Don't believe Miss Vero? Then ask yourselves, who can make a decent living out of no market, AM radio show, the best part of which are the promo jingles? He's an entertainer, plain and simple. And guess what? We certainly don't agree with anything Rhett has to say either!

But here's the thing, on any given night y'all might find Miss Vero swigin' back a few with any number of our Republican friends, who we don't necessarily agree with. And here's the other thing, you will never find Miss Vero having coffee in Area 51 of Bob Evans with Russ Lemmon, with who we do agree with today! Yes, mark y'all's calendars, because we are in Mr. Lemmon's corner on this issue.

So, y'all don't have to necessarily like those you agree with and y'all don't necessarily have to agree with those you like, but being civil to one another sure would be nice.

Our point, and yes, thanks for paying attention, we do have one- is something we learned a million years ago back in civics class -
I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it*

*Though these words are regularly attributed to Voltaire, they were first used by Evelyn Beatrice Hall, writing under the pseudonym of Stephen G Tallentyre in "The Friends of Voltaire" (1906), as a summation of Voltaire's beliefs on freedom of thought and expression.

A woman, writing under a pseudonym? How clever.

And so much better than "Welcome to Costco, I love you." Don't y'all think?


Oh and a huge PS to the TCPalm comment censor - Deleting LDouglas' comment for providing a link to Miss Vero's Beach House? Fear and ignorance indeed.


Max Newport said...

Hi Miz V,

I am being gerrymandered here. I haven't posted on TCPalm in months. I posted a few months ago under another name (that only you know). Since I signed out as "maxnewport" it looks like someone else has taken the name. I am doing the Vero News blog, but it appears there is a phantom who logged in on TCPalm. Since that person is logged in, I couldn't post as "maxnewport" if I wanted to since I can't even sign in under that name.

I have pretty much avoided reading TCPalm and especially the comments since they pretty much highlight the thoughts of those who are not in the real world. I hope we have that cleared up.

maxnewport on TCPalm = not me

Max Newport on Vero News = me

I love that movie "Idiocracy". I bought the DVD if you ever want to have a Beach House screening. Even Rush Limbaugh commented on his show the other day what a great movie it is and how is was totally unpromoted. Now that you are agreeing with both Lemmon and Limbaugh, I have concerns.

Remember the brilliant Max Newport that you know and love, no longer posts on TCPalm.

Let's have a "cheap date" soon.

Anonymous said...

You have my apologies, as the MaxNewport post was attributed to you. I am relieved that you still have a brain, and look forward to your comments.
The same thing happened to me on TCPalm. Someone took my name also,since then I did notice,
I also have been removed a while ago from the site, without notice.

LDouglas said...

Miss Vero- great post. I was also one of those parents who let my kid see and hear views different from ours, bought him books like "My Friends' Beliefs" and enjoyed lively conversations over dinner.

Our minds are getting more and more closed and yes, it seems an Idiocracy is in our future.

Otherwise, I wracked my brain trying to figure out why they removed my comment.

I have posted links to the Beach House before and they weren't removed.

Then I remembered I said something like I was sure Van Jones had his prejudices like most of us.

I wonder now if that's what got it removed. There's a difference between being racist and prejudice. I don't know anybody who doesn't have prejudices. I think Van Jones is prejudiced against Republicans. I know someone prejudiced against Democrats. I'm prejudiced against polluters.

It's not necessarily a bad thing to be prejudice. So maybe the moderator didn't understand my comment and decided to err on the side of caution and remove it.

VeroMark said...

Idiocracy is great. I've seen it at least 6 times. (I know...get a life) The films vision of health care in the future is both hysterical and scary at the same time.