Thursday, August 27, 2009


...and why do we think we can do them on a Tuesday night?

Miss Vero will answer that in a minute y'all, just give us one second here, while we put Bobby Guttridge's phone number in our speed dial.....

Aw right, as we were sayin'...Out and about on a Tuesday night and well, y'all never saw so many dang local celebrities in one place. We're talkin' about What-A-Tavern and good ole Charlie Wilson was having his regular Tuesday night Karaoke party. On Stage, Charlie and Rhett Palmer singing "I dunno where I'ma gonna go when the volcano blows!". It was scary. Must be something in the water over at WAXE 1370AM.

Charlie recently updated his blog to show that he is exercising his freedom of speech and printin' his opinion, rather than appear as some sort of journalist. We don't know if y'all have been listening to Rhett Palmer's show on Mondays, but the tension between Charlie and big ole Gary Wheeler is getting stick marsh thick. Commissioner Wheeler seems to be getting pretty agitated by Charlie, which means that Charlie must be onto something.

Rhett, on the other hand, is crazier than ever. Mid life crisis? Recent breakup? Hmmm...

Lisa and Leo Desmond have the new afternoon show from 5 to 6 pm and have asked Miss Vero to be a guest. We are still considering this invitation and perhaps if y'all listen in Thursday afternoon, we will have made up our mind by then. Why are we cautious? Well, Mr. Desmond, an attorney, spent the last several days sitting next to a certain Bob Evans fan during Mr. Joe Baird's trial. Y'all know by now that Miss Vero does not like to share the fabulocity with just anyone.

And speakin' of fabulocity - and this is where those Jello shots came in, we left those fools singin' their Karaoke to get on over to Cosmic Charlies just in time for the 11 o'clock Drag show! Miss Kelli Randell was performing and if y'all have never seen her, go 'head kick yourself. She is the hottest Drag Queen in the sunshine state!

We ran into one of our new best friends Mr. Curt from Culinary Capers, where we had dinner not too long ago. Now if y'all were payin' attention, we had mentioned that we were looking forward to another dinner there soon and guess what? Not only are we going to have a fabulous dinner but we will also be treated to a special show, with none other than Miss Kelli Randell!! We are just so excited. If y'all are interested, call Culinary Capers right away for all the details 772-562-9191. We believe it will be September 19th, a Saturday night.

Let's see what else, oh yes...if y'all are wondering why we don't have any pictures this week, it's because we dropped our camera in excitement (or drunkenness, we really don't recall) while we were backstage at the B-52's concert last week in Fort Pierce! There is however, a picture of Miss Vero talking to Miss Kate Pierson at the aftershow party and y'all can see it on our Facebook page. So become our fan and give it a look. There, shameless self promotion accomplished.

And while we are on the subject of shameless self promotion (it's not necessarily a bad thing), there's a video that we want y'all to see - what a hoot! One of our fans from the Vero Chickys sent us a clip that she made for the Conan O'Brian show. Want to see it? It's on our Facebook page. Go 'head over there y'all. There, at least we can offer something other than the mindless and endless comments concerning Mr. Joe Baird's legal quagmire.

Your welcome.


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