Friday, November 13, 2009


Well at least at the new GreenHouse Cafe. The crowd was estimated at over 500 folks and with an open bar and free fabulous food, y'all know Miss Vero was in attendance! One of the more interesting things on the American menu was the mashed potato pizza, a savory combination with onion and rosemary. We did manage to get a copy of the new menu and prices and we think y'all will be pleasantly pleased. Appetizers from $3.95 -Deep Fried Pickles! to $11.95 for Lobster Mac and Cheese. Entrees start out at $12.95 for old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie to $28.95 for a 16oz. Angus Rib eye. Looks good kids, plenty of open space, wonderful staff, full bar ( y'all know we like that) and beautiful courtyard. Oh, and gracious hosts and owners who obviously know how to throw a party. Congratulations Olske Forbes and partners, on a wonderful addition to downtown!

Miss Bea Gardner had the best quip of the evening when she observed that it would be nice to get this many people out to vote in local elections. Local politicians on the scene included the ever present County Commissioner and Mrs. Peter O'Bryan (who we now believe can give Miss Vero a run for the money in party attendance) and Mayor Kevin Sawnick. Y'all know Kevin Sawnick, right?

He's the mayor of Vero Beach. Perhaps we should call Mr. Sabe Abell and remind him of that fact. Here's his phone number - 772-978-4700 office, or 772-231-2258 at home. Miss Vero wants everyone to read "The Political Junkie" and then call Sabe Abell. Call Now, he would love to hear from y'all, call and tell him that Mr. Kevin Sawnick is the mayor because apparently he didn't get the memo and it's always good to help our elected officials, especially when they forget who they work for. Oh wait, who does he work for?


Newly elected City Councilman Wilson has been served with a time and money wasting, court cloggin', somebody got a burr in their britches, lawsuit. Why? Because good Ole Charlie Wilson has the potential to uncover some dirty deeds at City Hall and a few folks are just not havin' that. Notice how the City of Vero Beach ( has NOT updated their website with a new picture of the city council? Apparently the photos they took on swearin' in day were for posterity. Mr. Tom White and Mr. Sabe Abell need to stop their childish behavior now! This is about a transfer of power all right and not the power plant. And just so y'all know, Mr. Ken Daige has informed Miss Vero that he is in no way a part of this suit. Let's face it folks, the status quo has got to go!


The big guns were out and about Wednesday when State Road 60 was dedicated and renamed "The Stan Mayfield Memorial Highway". Y'all couldn't swing a cat and not hit a major Florida politician. Noticeably absent, Mr. Gary Wheeler, the lone dissenting vote on the proposal to rename the highway. Funniest faux pas? When big ole Bob Solari sat in Mrs. Mayfield's front row reserved seat. Musta been the glare of that mouth metal, blinded his sight for a minute. Are those braces or a jaw wirin' to lose weight? Just wonderin'. These are the thoughts that pass through our gin soaked brain, should we say them out loud? Let's face it hunnies, y'all wouldn't be here if we didn't.

In all seriousness, Mrs Mayfield was very dignified and lovely and it was heart wrenching to learn that it was her late husbands birthday that day. We can't tell y'all how much we actually do appreciate that road, every time we are driving to the turnpike, over to Tampa and especially comin' in to town late at night from one of our many road trips. Learning that the project came in five years ahead of schedule and the genuine emotions displayed at that ceremony melted Miss Vero's heart and we have cottoned to this issue, so let's give credit where credit is due and appreciate Mr. Mayfield for a job well done.

Did y'all see the video on and read the article of our Congressman, Mr. Bill Posey touring homes in Vero with Chinese Drywall?

"Rep. Posey said that not much has been done on the various government levels since complaints started pouring in regarding the material..."There's so much unknown," the congressman said....Rep. Posey said that President Barack Obama would be traveling to China soon and is expected to discuss the drywall issue with officials there.... What might come out of that discussion remains to be..."It leaves us with a lot of balls up in the air," the congressman said."

Let's just say if Miss Vero lived in a house with Chinese Drywall and Mr. Posey came a callin' and had so little to say about how to remedy this situation... Hunnies, y'all know we would have lured him into a closet with the promise of an Obama Kenyan birth certificate and kept him captive until he could come up with a decent answer. Pussyfootin' around award to you Mr. Posey, now get to work on a real issue and give these folks some peace of mind.

Who can turn a restaurant review into a political rant and make you laugh along the way? Only Miss Vero kids. Remember keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times and enjoy the ride!


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