Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is a book.

A real honest to goodness book you can buy on Amazon, In fact y'all can just click over on the right side of the Beach House here and there's a little box to make it all easier. Now why would Miss Vero advertise a book? Well, if y'all know anything about us at all, y'all know we love our Florida collectible what-nots and dew-hickeys and touristy pre-disney memorabilia. We love to remember Florida in the days of old and this book cover just caught our eye. Just look at those happy folks frolickin' on the pristine beach!

Now, we know that Florida will never be the same as it was in that time and things sure do have to change and progress and keep up, but one thing that has NEVAH changed is that somebody's always willin' to do sumthin STOOPID just to make a little money. Only, maybe these days it's not a just a little money, maybe it's a whole pile o'money.

With that in mind, let's play a little game we like to call "Connect the internet dots"!

For those of y'all that don't want to play, just skip to the summary at the end, but seriously, unless y'all have a party goin' on, what's more important than gettin' a little education?

Now, why are we havin' to read about Florida things in the Chicago Tribune? They posted this story about potential oil drilling offa Florida's coasts:

And why is our little munchkin, happy-birthday-post-card-sendin', State Senator Mike Harridopoulus (District 26, that's west of the barrier island, so some of y'all can go head and stop reading now) wanting to support this drillin' business?:

Even that-guy-who-used-to-be-funny-but-lost-his-fool-mind-when-he-started-playin-golf-at-Quail-Valley noticed:

But wait! Let's not let those of us on the barrier island be forgotten. Please congratulate our new State Senator, Joe Negon, he got his first assignment!:

"Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, R-Miami, will take King's place leading the communications, energy and public utilities committee. His wife Claudia Diaz de la Portilla lobbies for many clients including the telecommunications industry and Florida Energy Associates, the group pushing for oil drilling. Negron, who won the seat formerly held by Ken Pruitt, also will serve on the energy committee."

Ah yes, Florida Energy Associates, who they y'all ask?:

And why didn't we hear more about the reason President Obama was in, of all places, Arcadia, Florida this week?:

"Florida Power & Light, the state's largest electric utility, won a $200 million grant and will install 2.6 million smart meters in homes across the state. The units enable homeowners to monitor their electricity use online by the hour, day, week or month."

"The [Obama] administration's announcement of 100 projects across the country that won federal money to help modernize the power grid comes at a pivotal time for Florida. The state's 11 percent unemployment rate is the highest since 1975, and it has lost nearly 170,000 jobs since February."

"This is what the stimulus money was intended to do: Create jobs and improve the nation's infrastructure."

"As the nation focuses on renewable energy, an army of lobbyists and consultants hired by a secretive oil-drilling group are joining with incoming legislative leaders to push for lifting the ban on drilling in state waters in the gulf."

Read the full article from "The Best Newspaper in Florida" and we tend to agree:


And Gubna Charlie didn't have a clue?

Y'all know this is the Sunshine State right? So, why oh Lawd, why are we even talkin' about drillin' for oil off the Florida Coast? Who's puttin' money in who's pockets, hunnies?

And don't that just get y'all to start thinkin' about our local energy sit-che-ation? Honestly kids, why hasn't anyone asked the big question in our own back yard? If a big contract was made quickly with a utilities provider, that would not be in the best interest of the City of Vero Beach, who do y'all think benefited the most?

Would it be ?

A. The City Manager who presented the deal
B. The Ex-Mayor currently on City Council who OK'd the deal
C. Or...?

Cause y'all know this deal like any other energy/politician deal has one thing in common - somebody benefits, and it ain't us kids.

Miss Vero has been interested in this issue and we decide to take a look at the redacted (that means parts that they don't want y'all to read are blacked out) contract. We find it interesting that there's a part that says that a committee should be formed with the OUC at a later date and that perhaps someone like, oh, we don't know, a person involved in the contract negotiation could get a position on that committee, for a yet to be determined sum. A pile o'money sum that might be a whole heck of lot more than a City Council or City Managers salary.

Now, of course, Miss Vero don't know nuthin from nuthin and is pure speculating before our morning bloody mary, which can be dangerous. Perhaps we are some sort of alkehaul savant and can see things picture perfect before the first round, y'all decide, OK?

As we promised - THE SUMMARY:

Florida is the Sunshine State, we should harvest our obvious sunshine and not our perhaps oil underwater.

Gubna Charlie hugged Mr. Obama when he received his "Stimulus Package" but was no where to be found when Mr. Obama came around for a second date.

Politicians take y'all's money when ya ain't lookin (and anybody else that'll give 'em any).

The City of Vero Beach City Council, or maybe just a few specific individuals, are up to some serious shenanigans

Vote the incumbents out of office and start askin' questions.

Fix a martini and order a book to soothe our nerves, been thinkin' too much lately.

OK, that last suggestion was for us.




Anonymous said...


LDouglas said...

Miss Vero,
Everybody seems to have a price. There's even a solar group backing offshore drilling for a piece of the revenue. (Which is better than using the money on non essentials and leaving our kids with absolutely nothing.)

"Senator Mike's" new website if you want to give him a piece of your mind:

And to counter anonymous's contribution above, here are several sites where you can sign a petition or letter against drilling offshore.

The Petition Site:

Environment Florida:

Progress Florida:

Surfrider Foundation:

Here's Progress Florida's page of links to lots of articles on drilling. If you scroll down under the red box where I picked up the link to their petition above, there are other actions you can take through more websites. Along with more resources.

LDouglas said...

BTW, I really like this line:
"Politicians take y'all's money when ya ain't lookin (and anybody else that'll give 'em any)."

Ain't that the truth...

Anonymous said...

Your buddy Ken Daige also voted for the OUC contract: This is electricity from COAL, the worst choice we could have made. Any deal with FPL is also a deal with the devil. We should stick to natural gas (there are now 2 pipelines to Vero Beach) and our own power plant, and form a non-profit, like the electric utility in the Keys, one who actually gives away native trees for free to reduce energy consumption.

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