Monday, November 2, 2009


Since tomorrow is our local election day, let's catch up with the candidates for Vero Beach City Council, shall we kids? Now y'all know that Miss Vero is just bein' generous with an opinion and in no way assumes to "Power Rank" those running for office. We like to think that with all the brouhaha about the utilities issues, that a certain blogger used the term "power" to be clever, but we've nevah seen any previous signs of cleverness to indicate that. Oh, and by the way, thank y'all very much, if that writer was not being clever, then who in the heck gave y'all the power to bestow on anyone, huh? So there, glad we've straightened that out.

Once again, Miss Vero will state the obvious, as our opinion hasn't changed since our post of September 25th, when we asked - Who will be "Vero's Hero's"?

Mr. Bill Fish and Miss Debra Fromang - Unfortunate incumbents that have had their opportunity to lead, follow, or get out of the way. Seems like they chose to follow and now, it's time to get out of the way. Sorry, but listening to both of them at many gatherings over the last few months, only reinforced our thinkin' that they were just coasting along on the Tom White/Jim Gabbard Circus Train.

Ya'll see that's the problem right? See Miss Vero has a hunch - a very unsubstantiated, we don't know nuthin from nuthin hunch, so let's be clear on that-that there's somebody drivin' the train and mostly the City Council goes along for the ride.

That is why Mr. Charlie Wilson has been challenged. He would be a very pesky thorn in Mr. White's and Mr. Gabbard's side. He has the dangerous combination of competency and tenacity to change the direction of the council and confront the powers that be.

As for Mr. Ken Daige, he brings a tremendous amount of sincerity to the job. He's focused on the historic value and small business concerns of the community. Say whatever y'all want about Mr. Daige, but we do know this - Mr. Daige and his family genuinely love Vero Beach and his commitment should never be in question. We admire the way he has taken the time to answer every comment and criticism. With his military background, Mr. Daige would be the perfect army of one to back up an forceful leader and lovable loudmouth like Wilson.

As for Mr. Shupe and Miss Viviano, we don't like to repeat ourselves, but we must. The issues facing the city are too severe and historic to allow for time to catch up. They both seem like real nice folks, bless their hearts, but we do not have the luxury of more time to study things or form committees for review. And to be real honest, we think Miss Viviano is too sweet and will be chewed up and spit out faster than y'all can say "Good Ole Boys".

And finally Mr. Brian Heady. What can we say?, we really like Mr. Heady. It's unfortunate that he isn't able to affect the change he desires. Perhaps City Council is not the place for Mr. Heady, perhaps Mr. Heady would be better off forming some sort of citizens concern group and challenge City Hall that way. Mr. Heady can form the "sandbag party" or sumthin, Lawd knows he has his own group of followers. Heck, it works for Mr. Toby Hill and those teabag folks, it can work for Mr. Heady.

Miss Vero endorses Mr. Wilson and Mr. Daige for Vero Beach City Council. Now y'all go make up your own mind and vote, cause that's the important thing really, we all have a choice.



Miss B. Havior said...

OMG and out of the way!
Mizz V, do they still close all the bars on election day?

kendaige said...

Miss Vero, thank you for the endorsement!

I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and work for Vero!

Much has to be done quickly!

Let's get out the vote!!!

Ken Daige
Candidate for Vero Beach City Council