Thursday, October 15, 2009


...just another day in Vero.

It's official, the heat has melted our brain and no amount of any cool libation is makin' us any happier. Miss Vero did beat the heat at the fabulous Majestic theater this week. What did we see? Zombieland with Woody Harrelson and Mr. Michael Moore's, Capitalism, a Love Story. One made us laugh hysterically and the other one scared the beejeebees out of us!
Now here's what we want all of y'all nayayers to do. Before we hear one word of criticism concerning Mr. Moore's movie, please have the gumption to actually see it first before you make any snide remarks. Miss Vero promises, that if you pay attention, you will come out of that film a little wiser.

Now on to local politics, yesterday was the big day for City Council candidates. Miss Vero has already told y'all what we think about these folks in our "Vero's Hero's" blog (Sept. 25th). The only thing that's changed is that Brian Heady is actually picking up some steam in the race. No matter, we stick to our original prediction and wonder, how anyone can think that Mrs. Fromang should be reelected. Especially anyone who comes in late and leaves early, as some other bloggers do. Does that mean he only gets half the story?

And speaking of coming in late and leaving early, doesn't this election deserve the attention of our County Commissioners and the seated City Council members? Musta been an all y'all can eat early bird special, cause ole Wesley Davis headed out the door with an hour to go. Mr. Gary Wheeler attended the taxpayers luncheon, but also headed out early and Mr. Flescher was not seen at either event. Perhaps he attended, we just didn't see him. Anybody catch a glimpse of Vice Mayor Tom White? Mr. Solari and Mr. O'Bryan get a check mark for attendance. We don't know about y'all, but we like our elected officials to be present at these type of events, takin' notes and at least pretendin' to be interested. Call us crazy, but we think it's their job.

Funny, but with all the local media hype about stormin' City Hall over utilities, we thought there would be a heck of a lot more folks at both events. Have we all turned into political zombies? Yesirree, Mr. Moore's movie makes a whole lot a sense.

Perhaps the weather will cool off just a little bit for the 90th anniversary festivities tomorrow. We'll be looking for y'all downtown, there's a new place ironically named "Snowballs" where we plan to try out some Cajun food (and perhaps a snowball, if they have martini flavored).

The party starts tomorrow evening at 5:30, click HERE for all the details.


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Jethro Bovine said...

Miz V,
If that "other blogger" gets 50% of the story from the candidate forum, that is a huge increase over his normal accuracy rate. Maybe he left early to get to the dessert special at Bob Evans.