Wednesday, November 4, 2009


At the City of Vero Beach 90th anniversary celebration, back in October, Miss Vero took a total of two pictures before our little camera conked out. The first photo, which y'all have already seen, was of a man and his possum. And the other photo? Well, take a look, it's Brian and his magic shirt!

We had all but forgotten about this picture until we saw Mr. Heady's smiling, winning photo in the today and there he is, wearing another magic shirt! Those patriotic polos have apparently done wonders for his political career. Congratulations, Mr. Heady and don't change your wardrobe.

Now, Miss Vero has to ask - "Ya kin afford to buy her, but kin ya afford to keep her?" That was a question put to us by our uncle Bubba, when as a youngin, we saved up some money and purchased a pony that was destined for the glue factory. That was a very valuable lesson. Sometimes we can afford to buy something, but don't understand what the real cost is over time. So our question is - Did Mr. Heady work all his magic on gettin' elected and does he have enough magic left for the work ahead? I guess we'll find out.

Of course, y'all may have seen the first photo of City Councilman elect Mr. Charlie Wilson and his proud mama at What-A-Tavern last night. Mr. Wilson had a gathering of supporters, including County Commissioner, Mr. Wesley Davis and Vero paparazzi!

Mr. Wilson was genuinely concerned the entire evening, he never once felt that there was a sure outcome until the results were finally revealed (sarcasm alert!) by the magnificently efficient Kay Clem. As a testament to his good manners, Mr. Wilson's first comment to Miss Vero was "My heart goes out to Ken [Daige] right now". Indeed, that topic of conversation circled the room, as most of us had assumed that Mr. Daige would also be congratulated.

It is so unfortunate that the City of Vero Beach has not recognized the dedication and hard work that Mr. Daige would have brought to the city council. We know that Mr. Daige's time away from the council (and new perspective from the outside lookin' in, attending all those meetings as a concerned citizen) gave him a unique understanding that would have been quite a change from his previous position. We are convinced that Mr. Daige learned quite a lot in the past year and could have made the city the beneficiary of his learnin' had he been given the opportunity to serve again. We also know that we will continue to see the Daige's out and about and caring passionately about Vero Beach. Ken and Deborah Daige will continue to be involved in the issues of the city, Downtown, Osceola Park and the historic elements of the community, and for that, we thank them.

Now y'all will have to excuse us. Miss Vero must concentrate on more important issues, like beauty, fashion and liquid libations.


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