Thursday, May 8, 2008


A few weeks ago a sweet little birdie, who is well connected in the medical community, whispered in Miss Vero's ear about an increase in ER visits one night due to some bad crab. Now, Miss Vero well knows that anyone can have a bad reaction to shellfish, but when a double digit number of people find themselves too closely associated with the porcelain god, sumthins up. We wonder, did the crab arrive putrid from the purveyor or are the ingredients being stretched to justify the menu prices? Because this is a complex combination of rumor, gossip and documented fact, we will not reveal the name of the establishment, let's just say it was once St. Tropez or Saint Tropei or whatever we're just too damn hungover to look it up. Anyhoo, Miss Vero has dined there and knows some of the folks that work there - in the kitchen even! So we are chalking this up to a one time unfortunate incident.

Now here's something for y'all that should be provided as a public service by the PJ instead of those silly Diana Foote reviews:
A detailed health code violation report courtesy of The Orlando Sun Sentinal, so much more informative than trip advisor don'tcha think?

Miss Vero is still amused and somewhat perplexed over the Olive Garden's popularity. Yes, more service industry jobs for the community, blah, blah, blah. But that is not our angle, Miss Vero is more interested in cuisine and believes that one would find a more authentic Italian meal at Stella's. Miss Vero has enjoyed dining there on a few occasions including one time while seated next to the table of baseball god Mr. Sandy Koufax! (Vero celebrity name dropping officially completed for today).

Here's a useless yet interesting story: One time a neighbor of Mr. Koufax who was friends with Miss Vero, gave a decorative item to Miss Vero that once belonged to Mr. Koufax. In this six degree of separation way, Miss Vero came to know of Mr. Koufax (It certainly wasn't from baseball). Miss Vero heard many tidbits from this neighbor including the amount of taxes that poor Mr. Koufax had to pay (Lawhdy how we hates that taxman), but at least it was all insignificant and not horrible shizz like this:

Children! Pull today's PJ out of the cat box and read Mr. Lemmon's column!
He begins:

"An assortment of Lemmon Drops while waiting for Miss Vero's next blog entry"

Miss Vero will admit that we were a little cranky today, waking up at the crack of noon with alkeehol leaching out of our pores. But this, boys and girls, has made Miss Vero's day, we are officially a Lemmon dropping! Miss Vero will not be so rude as to deny Mr Lemmon's goodwill gesture.

Mr. Lemmon might actually turn out to be some one who we may like, if indeed the accusations by today's letter writer are true.
Miss Vero does not know or care what in the H. E. double toothpicks this man is talking about only that he called
Mr. Lemmon -

"Press Journal’s leftist paranoid pundit, Russ Lemmon, who also hates the IRNA and urges everyone to run see Michael Moore movies."

If this is indeed true kiddies then it would be Miss Vero who has the crush on Mr. Lemmon. Keep that to yourselves it may just be that all the alkeehol hasn't left Miss Vero's brain yet.

Must go, find aspirin bottle.

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Miss B. Havior said...

Oh Miss Vero, you make me slide off my seat with laughter!

While I applaud your effort to educate our sheltered and refined citizens with the health code violation report furnished by the Sun Sentinel (hello PJ! Is there anybody home?), my advice is to only consume “alkeehol” while out and about on the town. I find if you tip your bartender generously, then she/he will without fail, wash and shine your martini glass till it positively glistens Also, “alkeehol” is a natural disinfectant, further killing any unnatural germ that may try to wreck havoc on such a delicate system as yours.

Your humble admirer, but still suspicious of that Mr. Lemmon………..