Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Created by Jeremy Walworth of Vero Beach, this very groovy, useful and wonderful website is an amazing way to help people:


Miss Vero just luv, luv, luvs this idea! Ok kids here's how it works - If-in y'all have some frizzy head of hair and y'all are wondering what the weather is going be like. If y'all should be breakin out the hot comb or just pulling it up, this site will give y'all the forecast to make that decision. But hunneys that's not the best part, this is:

"Wanna help me dig wells in Africa? Your first response is probably "Um no?" Well it's easier than you think. All you have to do is get your Hair Forecast every day. Each day that you get a Hair Forecast means another day of clean water for an African. How? For every Hair Forecast served, I'm making a donation to Blood: Water Mission for the 1000 Wells Project. Visit Hair Forecast daily and help dig wells in Africa, it's just that easy! "

Don'tcha y'all just luv that?

Miss Vero just can't help, finally, bringing y'all some good news. But y'all knew that we're a glass-always-full kinda person didn't ya?



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