Friday, June 20, 2008


As we told y'all yesterday, we are tryin very hard to keep up with y'all from a distance. Since it's Friday and we've got a lot going on, Miss Vero is offering a few little tidbits to keep y'all happy till Monday.

Gloria Estefan Hoopla
Being that Miss Vero is in New York and we are so fabulously well connected, we got a chance to speak with Mrs. Estefan's literary publicist yesterday. Just in case you thought Mrs. Estefan was all about hotels and Latin rhythms, let Miss Vero be the first one to tell you that she has written two best selling children's books and her next one will be published in 2009. The stories are all about Mrs. Estefan's favorite bulldog Noelle:

A Tale of Two Beaches
Wow. check out his letter on the VeroBeach32963 web site:
Miss Vero gives them a lot of credit for printing that.

Real Estate Rumblings
On the lips and minds of all of Miss Vero's real estate buddies, the invasion of a Palm Beach based reality group on the beach. Now we hafta ask, why are y'all so surprised? Miss Vero can't believe that the Corcoran group isn't here yet, probably just a matter of time:

Thank You Dr. John
For lettin us know the where abouts of Trilogy. For all of y'all that was wonderin like Miss Vero, the band is playin at Squid Lip's in Sebastian:

How The Heck?
We hear that Rhett Palmer has Charlie Wilson (played by Tom Hanks in the film "Charlie Wilson's War"?) on his show. We wondered to a friend if there is some kind of secret initiation for the Bill O'Reilly fan club that requires a session with ole Rhett?

Have a good weekend kids, keep Miss Vero posted and we'll get back to y'all just as soon as we can. Now let's see - where's that recipe for Long Island Ice Tea?


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