Friday, August 8, 2008


Look, if Russ Lemmon can fantasize about "healing" Vero Beach and luring Mrs. Estefan here to do that once promised "free" concert, then hunnies, Miss Vero can dream too...

Can y'all imagine? Mrs. Estefan eagerly devouring her dose of Lemmon droppings and saying - "Mira Emilio, Russito wants us to do that concert in Vero, hand me the phone, he's on speed dial!"

As if.

Please stop beating that horse, there's nothing left but bones. How many times must we beg for mercy? Leave the Estefans alone and stop pretending that you have an idea what it was like to go through those hurricanes!

A real investigative journalist would answer the contracting question. If y'all remember the comments that were posted to the hotel opening article, many subcontractors claimed there was some payment hankie pankie goin on.
Well kids, Miss Vero heard a rumor that all the subcontractors were paid by Proctor construction and now Proctor is owed many millions still. True? Y'all tell me 'cause I'm not the "real journalist" supposedly gettin paid to do that job.

Here it is Friday morning and we are still recovering from our wild Wednesday. Children remember, Miss Vero is a professional partier, so don't try to keep up. Here's how it went:

We started out at the crack of noon over at the M. T. Pockets Ranch discussing the treasure biz with our good friend Miss Taffi, who by the way would love our support in telling the State of Florida to stop harassing our Treasure Coast treasure people. So if y'all haven't had a chance, please read yesterdays post and send off a quick email saying "Leave the Treasure business as is".

We should have listened to our ole pal Miss B. Havior who very wisely told us:

"You've been busier than a boar bee in soft yella' pine. Just slow your azz down to a trot (it's hot outside) and spend a little more time with the cutest bartender in town. In case you're ready for a change, try the bar at the VB club and Resort. The Indigo Room's charmin'barman Tom, serves a mean martini and the burgers knocks the stuffin' outta of the burgers at Bobby's."

But no, we just had to go to Bobby's where we spotted school board candidate Charlie Wilson havin lunch. He musta worked up an appetite after being on the Rhett Palmer show that morning with the other candidates. Guy Barber was pining for the days when the paper was owned by the Schumann family and we loved that even Rhett voiced his disapproval of the Press Journal. After Rhett's Woodstock comment, (read June 4th post "Rhett Palmer's Hippie Claim) we've been randomly tuning in to see what other surprises the self proclaimed "mayor of the airwaves" has in store.

After some seriously needed afternoon spa time, Miss Vero hooked up with the Secret Squirrel, who for some reason had a hankerin for steak. We stupidly decided that we would try the Dockside Grill or "Bobby's II" at Royal Palm Point. As we arrived we were quick to notice the Barbara Sharp painting behind the desk (read May 15th post "Places to go, People to Annoy...") and Andre, formally of Carmel's, cheerfully greeted us but then broke the bad news that it would be an hour wait! Well waitin is just somethin that we don't take kindly to, especially in the midst of every local beachie poser with a bluetooth surgically implanted. Hunnies, if there's anything we can't stand, it's the vibe of the self important.

So what were our choices for steak? Outback or 14th Ave Steak House. We chose 14th Ave and guess what? We were treated like royalty! And it was so good, we hadn't been there in a long time and we're glad we went. We love to support local business and sure would love to see some life in downtown. The last restaurant critic at the PJ, Sheila O'Mera had this to say about 14th Ave back in 2006 and it was exactly the same on Wednesday:

Hmmmm, Maybe Miss Vero shouldn't be calling Miss Sheila "the last" restaurant critic at the PJ. Another big rumor that came our way, is that Miss Diana Foote has left. Could it be true? We haven't seen her opinion column or reviews in the past two weeks. Honestly, the person who tattled was sure that we'd be fiendishly delighted, but truth be told, Miss Vero doesn't have any ill will toward Miss Foote. Bless her heart, we just think she was not the right person for the job and her writing was/is a continual painful reminder of that. We sincerely hope that she is well and finding a place where she can wear that fur to lunch.

More Restaurant Hubbub - add it to the list, City Tavern is closed! No tidbits on that yet. And how 'bout Yannick and Valerie leaving Masion Martinique? We haven't been there in a while, but we wonder how the menu will change.

Of course we did take one piece of Miss B. Havior's advice and after dinner we mosied on down to visit with the Cutest Boy in Vero at the epicenter of Cool - Undertow. Miss Kitty always has it going on and most of the young Vero royalty makes it a destination. We chatted with the very beautiful Miss Tripson, who looked fabulous and had the cutest little outfit. She made us laugh when she told us that in the recent PJ story the reporter gave a blank stare when Addison Mizner was mentioned. Poor thing, if only they'd seen Miss Vero's post two weeks before (read July 24th,"Vero Treasure Chest"), they'd have known that Miss Vero made the Palm Beach Daily News story regarding Waldo and Mizner required reading for everyone in Indian River County.

Are we all caught up? Ohh, one more thing, here's a picture of ole Russ Lemmon gettin that call from Mrs. Estefan -

Have a great weekend kids, see y'all Monday!



BlessUrHeart said...

Ah ha! Y'all have been searchin' for comparisons that do credit to the Beach House level of wit, right? Not that anyone can really compare, of course, but this little tribute to Wisconsin's own Onion is a clue. How truly, truly FUN to see that Pee Urinal headline -- if only. Miss V., they don't have enough money for you, darlin'. I envision a trend, re-writin' the Urinal. I would certainly subscribe. Oh, I already do. Okay, I'd PAY to subscribe.

lemmon rhymes with venom, have you noticed? just a thought. russ needs to disconnect the car batteries from the corpse. it's a dead story, and this "closure" crap is a sorry excuse to torture people for whom he has some rather mysterious vendetta. I'm sure Gloria is just thrilled with his "original" idea. sheesh.

If we do hear Foote-steps leaving Vero, we hope Miss V. will continue to clue us into the hot spots and add more of her own restaurant reviews. She might even continue to visit places that don't happen to spend advertising money with the Urinal.

Good weekend to you, too, Miss V -- thx for helping us keep cool!

Miss B. Havior said...

Perhaps we should all pitch in and buy Mr Lemmon an automatic external defibrillator. It can tell him when sumthin's dead, like the Estafan story.
Anyhoo, how are the Vero blue tooths gonna really feel when they meet the many new guests staying at Costa d'Este? Why last weekend I was lounging around the pool and thought I was in Miama or maybe Cuba. The language was Latino, the music was Latino and the bathing suits, does one say "thong" in espanol! I closed my eyes and was transported to destinations elsewhere and it was a good thing.
The Count and Countess have left the country for their yearly "spa" sessions in Switzerland. I've got their liquor key.

Miss Vero said...

Ohh ladies, can y'all imagine 'ole Russ is so taken with all things Costa, it wouldn't surprise us if he showed up at the pool, tryin to blend in and lookin like "Borat" in that green speedo!

Ok, we're done laughin now.

Um, liquor key? we're sure the duRoselands would want us to enjoy their excellent taste in libations. Leaving now....

BlessUrHeart said...

We popped in Sat. when the sunset event done went, and Costa was very very chic, Miami Beach cool. God, a white lemmon in a green shoulder thong. I may be ill.