Monday, August 18, 2008


Our peace lovin Secret Squirrel got a taste of the catty beachies.

So much for peace, love and groovey things. Miss Vero and our favorite companion, the Secret Squirrel attended the festivities at the Vero Beach Museum of Art Saturday night. A very lovely production, put together very well, by the very much appreciated museum staff and hosted by the very professional and congenial, Dr. Lucinda H. Gedeon. Yes, we love the Vero Beach Museum of Art.

Now watch out children, cause here's the part where Miss Vero gets cranky. If the level of snobbery and the attitude of self importance and the rude and down right obnoxious behavior of some of the party goers are any indication of the beachie barometer of the up comin season, well then, we will gladly keep ourselves at home, thank y'all very much.

Miss Vero was so embarrassed for our guest, the Secret Squirrel, who we've already mentioned is not from around these parts and when the Squirrel tried to make conversation or be friendly, was not well received. This was not in keeping with the brotherly love of the '60's, it was more like a high school dance where everybody was gathered in cliques and heaven help y'all if you didn't belong. Pathetic.

Miss Vero has said this before and hunnies we will say it again, what is it with the attitudes? Pluh-leeze, y'all need to get over yourselves.

After snappin some photos and chatting with friends, we rescued the Squirrel and repaired what damage had been done with extra attention and extra cocktails. Lawd knows we don't want to lose the services of our beloved Secret Squirrel!

What was lacking in manners by some, was made up for in creativity by others, not everybody had their snooty pants on.

Miss Cathy Hart, she was havin a good ole time, partying like she'd won something. We believe it was the go-go contest.

And we were so glad to see that Kurt Wallach finally got a make over.

Now if every one can remember why it is that we attend these charity functions, that would be a start.

Peace, Love and MWAH!

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Anonymous said...

Well , I for one am not a bit surprised to hear that you (or your secret friend) encountered a chilly reception at the museum. They are far from warm & fuzzy. And have turned off many , and turned down gifts as well.