Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yes, the Absinthe flowed last night at the Epicenter of Cool - Undertow. The Cutest Boy in Vero was on hand (It wouldn't be a party without Ziggy), to carefully place the sugar cubes and drip the ice water into the green liquid.

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful friends, old and new, who attended our little soiree last night and celebrated Miss Vero's hundred days of bloggin and co-inky-dinkly our birthday.
Secret Squirrel, Palm Beach Playboy, Count and Countess du Roseland, Miss B. Havior, Bless Ur Heart, Dr. John, Lady Diane, Lord Albert and Lawdy Mama all were in attendance, in addition to Miss Barbara, Jeremy and Darcy, Rita, Sylvia, Ken - again, thank y'all so much!

And of course Miss Kitty! The appetizers were more than generous and soooo extra yummy. We wanted to eat the entire party size plate of shrimp all by our selves! We can't even tell you exactly how they were prepared, because they are not on the menu and Miss Kitty made them special for us, but kids honestly, the shrimp were tropically seasoned perfectly and the dipping sauce was so fabulous that we could have eaten it with a spoon!

A special thank you to Mr. Rhett Palmer for letting us post his he-lar-ious video yesterday and for wishing us a happy b-day! What a good sport.

Now if y'all were paying attention, y'all know that Miss Vero will be shutting down the blog today and relaunching on October 1st with the new -

Miss Vero's Beach House .com!

So put it on y'all's calendar and be prepared cause we have a lot of new, fun, gossipy things that we know y'all are gonna love. Now, we still need y'all's help, so if there's anything you'd like to send us please do it NOW. and if you have something you'd like to advertise, let us know NOW. And if you would like a political endorsement, please ask us NOW.

Speaking of political endorsements, we have just made out a check to the campaign of Mr. Colman Stewart. We don't believe that the office of Supervisor of Elections has anything to do with being Republican or Democrat, but we do believe that the dignified way in which Mr. Stewart is conducting himself, is to be commended and we sure would like to see him bring that style of management to the office.
So there y'all have it.

Remember, new site launches two weeks from today, see y'all there!



Anonymous said...


I need my daily dose of Miss Vero!

BlessUrHeart said...

If only absinthe made the heart grow fonder . . . just makes the brain a little fuzzier! We shall all celebrate again, I'm sure, and can't wait.

This also may be the kind of thing being taught in Alaska these days, you know? Aren't they teaching absinthe? That's surely led to other pregnancies, not just those in Alaska. Maybe some palin-etology -- teaching old, old, old ideas. ;-)

Oh, we can keep blogging until Miss Vero gets her own site going, don't you think?? :-)

Miss B. Havior said...

Miz Vero, you might think I’ma selfish bee-auch, but this town is as tasty as death on a cracker, without ya! Come-on soogar, could ya just give us a little bit of lovin’ at the beach house? Purdy please?
We know ya’ll are tired and needin’ some rejew-venation and pamperin time. ‘Specailly if ya’ll are intending to launch it big on the new web site but seriously….this towns’ gonna’ explode like sourkraut in a hot shed with out some relief.
Just a little Mwah, for us?

BlessUrHeart said...

Yes Miss B speaks for all of us -- we hate to pressure our lovely Miss Vero, but maybe we can help fill in. Let's each take a look around, whether in the depress urinal or in the bee-ach-ee publication with all the numbers in the title.

I mean, nobody can compete with Miss V, but let's just hang out here and share some fun. We need to get our Miss Vero her time away.

Like having a sitting judge write a defense of his fellow judge for sentencing a woman 30 years for consensual sex with a young man considered at the age of consent in 38 other states, while Mark Foley, serial pedophile, goes free. Guess you just gotta have some political friends -- or big money lawyers. How nice to see the good ole boys stickin' together. Did they offer a decent plea deal for the woman like they did in the other Florida cases? No! 11 years plea deal is no small vacation.

C'mon, take a peak and see if we can't fill in for a few days and let our hostess get organized for her re-launch. whaddya say?

GAYCHRIS said...