Wednesday, September 10, 2008



Republican VP Nominee Sarah Palin Attends Fashion Week in NY

Miss Diana Foote makes it waaaayyyy too easy for us:

And little ole Miss Vero politely addresses those who think we are "playing nice"

Did y'all notice today's story in the PJ that reports that the One Stop Career Center will close in Vero?:

Yeah, and didn't Mr. Lemmon's story yesterday revolve around the One Stop Career Center?:

All we can do is shake our head.

So here's the thing, we would love to see our local
newspaper give us something other than the ramblins of people who are not in tune with our community. We would love to see a columnist with a sense of humor or a food critic who has the insight to offer us new ways to enjoy places we've all been to.

Our local "news" paper has no concept of the term "objective reporting" as it cherry picks and slants it 's coverage. And in it's effort to keep the public polarized, it presents us with a paper version of the show "Cops".

And how 'bout a local television station (TV10) that can get a website up and running? And give us more than 15 freakin years of freaky Marcia Littlejohn?

Hey y'all wake up! There are over 130,000 people in the Vero/Sebastian metro area, according to the 2006 census and Miss Vero is betting that they're not all Republican beachie retirees. What we're sayin is that there should be an outlet for for those that do not conform. Well wha-la and la-te-da, y'all are welcome at the Beach House!

Miss Vero could never be part of the mainstream Vero media (which is all of the Vero media). As our Granmamie used to say "Why the very idea!" So thank y'all very much but we prefer our little corner of the blog sphere and our own schedule and nobody tellin us what to say. It's a little thing we love called artistic freedom.



Anonymous said...

Did I read Miss Footzies correctly or was it just a bad dream.Its hard to believe that all I needed to get through Frances and Jeanne was lipstick. And they? pay her for those articles???????????

BlessUrHeart said...

Yes, darlins', I had to go read that article to believe it. Tried to read it twice, since I didn't believe my eyes the first time, but my brain was about to blow up.

HOW can anyone be so out in space as to print this for readers who've been through the real thing? LIPstick??? What on earth does this even have to do with food or lunch or . . . . reality? Lipstick and Palin, okay, and the connection to food . . . I'm lost.

Well, again, we thank whatever powers we silly mortals believe in for this little corner of Vero called the Beach House.

And yeah, the BIG story yesterday was the dress code at the unemployment office [or whatever fancy name they have now, who can remember]. Not that the place was closing. Doh!

Miss V, if you didn't make me rofl about all this, my head would explode.

Correct, Miss V - you are NOT the media, and you don't play one on tv or the computer screen. We all just wonder who IS real media 'round here, 'cause those who aspire to that title sure don't act like it. I, ahem, take credit for the land crab correction that the PJ missed, and that some other paper "borrowed," but that doesn't make me a reporter, either.

Just makes me darn glad to share the fun here.

Speaking of fun, gun-totin' beauty queens for President! OR Darth Vader with "Hello Kitty" disguise [where DO you find these pictures!]. yeah, baby, supporting "pit bull" Palin sure is different than supporting that bitchy woman in pant suits with all that experience, right on. Can you spell "hip-oh-krit?" Burn the books and ban the pill, she's NOTHING like our little shrubbery, bush jr. And I'm the Queen of Sheba.

This is more something from Michael Palin, not Sarah. Attack bunnies and shrubberies.

Anonymous said...

ha! you are a hoot, miss v!

a big "MWAH!" back at ya'! why, everyone knows it's always more fun at the beach house!

lil' miss sunshine

Jethro Bovine said...

Miss V,

Here's a quiz for your loyal minions: Which is the more appropriate; Sequoia's logo, or Footesie's column being named "Out to Lunch"?

Why are y'all pickin' on "The Lovely Mz Palin"'s female-ity? Is it just 'cause she a'int in the National Clinton-cratic Party? It was the Clinton-cratic party that rejected the smart lady in the pants-suit. (Kind of like KFC firin' the Colonel.) It only took the Party of Lincoln 24 years longer than the Clinton-crats to get a female on a presidential ticket. We may be slow, but we get there.


BlessUrHeart said...

LOL, Jethro! I ain't picking on Palin's female attributes, honey, I'm just joshing the GOP for loving one barracuda while having regularly trashed Clinton for the same attributes!! Nothing to do with what the Dems did, I'm just sayin'! ;-)

And that whole "I turned down that bridge to nowhere!" Yeah, honey, when the Congress took it away from ya. Love to see the pit bull with her pants on fire -- even with lipstick it ain't pretty. ;-)

The GOP femmes have been running that party from the back room for a long time -- don't ya think they coulda come up with someone with a longer resume than running Cicely, Alaska.


Countess du Roseland said...

Quickly Miss Vero!
I have noticed one of those dreadful Roombas sweeping through the guest rooms. I certainly did not put it there, or, in fact, introduce it to my home in the first place. I don’t know how it got in! However, I intend to dispatch the thing as soon as I locate a suitable firearm.


I can't believe the PJ didn't print any info on the arrest of "Tater Salad"! If that's not news, what is?

Count du Roseland said...

Now Dahlink, killing the Rhumba is not a nessesity. Did you misplace your glasses dear? It was I sweeping through our guest rooms dancing to our favourite beat! Did you not recognize the sarong?

BlessUrHeart said...

I don't know, those roombas have now adapted to pools and live under water. Creeps me out, too, Countess. Not the Count doing the Rhumba, of course, have no idea what that looks like, although I assume difficult with the crown on, sarong or not.

Has the help been shirking their duties? Next thing you know R2D2 will be answering the door. Slippery slope.