Tuesday, November 11, 2008


... that she was gonna live to be a hundred.

Of course we never did pay much attention to what that old woman babbled about and now she's gonna out live us all! Today Miss Vero has to cut into our cocktail hour, to retrieve her from some sort of medical facility where she's having some procedure and she's whining about how she's old and she won't be able to drive, cause her eyes will be all patched on account of the cataracts, whine, whine, whine. Honestly that old woman would drive us to drink, if we weren't already there!

And no, we are not in the least bit worried about her readin any of this. She thinks the internet is somethin y'all do with crochet hooks. One day we were driving along and she saw a sign that said SURVEY CREW and she asked us "Hmm, I wonder what kind of questions they're gonna ask?". Really, true stories, we could go on, but we have to go and pick up the old woman and let her stay with us till tomorrow! So if Miss Vero seems to have lost her mind y'all know why.




Anonymous said...

I have tried also to keep a civil tone in what I say in the comment section. I have also taken on some who do not. I think it is changing. My campaign for the candidate for President was to answer quite often, what I saw that was false and created the wrong tone.
In the last election, I felt that the Rove political operatives were free to say and do anything, never having to own it.
There was a group hired to do the same thing in the local area a number of years ago, attack, no basis in fact and gone. So this time I tried to respond to every attempt to "swift boat" a candidate. I felt we have a wonderful new tool in the internet, to create a town hall and community, and it will be interesting to see where this takes us.
I would think the future will have to include the ad business on the internet.
I don't even bother reading the Lemmon column anymore. The comment section has become the real news resource, and of far more interest then Mr. Lemmon.
I use a name other then my own, as I once thought I could speak freely in my community and found our freedom of speech, badly compromised. I now do not put my name out there, as it is not welcome.

Anonymous said...

Sorry post was meant for Max, got the wrong number, not good at this yet.
My Mother in law is 107 years old, happened two days ago.